IOS implements a cryptographic input box (Uikeyinput protocol) similar to the micro-letter and Alipay _ios

At present in the project needs to achieve the function of red envelopes, they wrote a password input box control, mainly used to the Uikeyinput protocol and Coregraphics framework, the effect of similar micro-letter payment, feeling still line on

Summarizing several methods of jump between IOS interface _ios

Attention: The following Firstviewcontroller (FVC) button buttons Click to jump to Secondviewcontroller (SVC) as an example to illustrate: Mode one: The segues way of storyboard Mouse click button and then hold control key drag to the SVC page,

IOS animation to the right pull drawer 3D effect _ios

First of all we ignore the 3D effect, the first thing to do is a right pull drawer effect. General ideas: 1. Create a Containerviewcontroller container controller, then the left side of the selection menu Sidemenuviewcontroller, and the right

Learn IOS switch button Uiswitch control _ios

Switch button UiswitchInside the ViewController.h. #import @interface viewcontroller:uiviewcontroller{ //define a switch control /function can be changed in state //On, off: both states can be switched// all controls in the Uikit

Manual Layout Sub-view of IOS development _ios

manually layout the child view;Let's look at the effect chart below, the effect we are going to achieve today: Here we default to start with storyboard:First we're going to create a parent view on the white screen Superview (blue background),

IOS animation effects Cube Flip _ios

First look at the effect: Now it's time to show the real technology: First add a scrollviewto the controller, then add the imageview(Cube View group) to the corresponding position on the ScrollView , and of course, you can put the other sub

IOS feature implementation of the list of horizontal refresh loading _ios

Library named Psrefresh, support Uiscrollview and all Uiscrollview subclass controls,UITableView(horizontal TableView) and Uicollectionview , etc. are available. Supports custom text, supports custom GIF, and can be set to the last page. This

IOS animation to achieve Yuhua and cherry special effects _ios

Let's take a look at the effect chart: The following direct code: Particle effects I only take the apple system, CAEmitter particle effects provide a very rich property to achieve a variety of effects (raindrops, snowflakes, meteors), the use of

IOS implementation of the _ios Owl login Interface Animation

The effect is shown below. Animation to achieve the core: The core of the animation is the use of the properties in iOS UIView transform , and then based on the size of the coordinates of the four pictures to pan and zoom.The specific layer

Detailed IOS image compression processing _ios

Objective 1, the concept of accurate image compression: "Pressure" refers to the size of the file is smaller, but the number of pixels unchanged, the long width of the same size, then the quality may fall. "Shrink" refers to the size of the file

Tips and ideas for improving the efficiency of IOS development _ios

Start with a picture of the knowledge system you should learn about iOS development: 1. Full picture As a background, you may encounter problems. , sliding back, the picture stopped for a while before slipping back. Reason: This kind of

One way to do it. IOS pull down zoom and push shrink _ios

The following effects are common in iOS applications: Realize the idea: 1、 to create a head view and TableView, It is necessary to note that TableView to set contentinset,contentinsent The top is the same as the height of the background image of

iOS 10 is about to hit! Upgrade your iOS Development Kit _ios

WWDC (Apple Developer Conference) just in the past, iOS 10 will soon hit, it is time to upgrade your iOS development equipment! Small series of 10 necessary development tools, so that your development process with less effort. Sourcetree

Summarizing the breakpoint continuation and practice _ios in the development of IOS

Objective Summary of Breakpoint Continuation The continuation of a breakpoint is the downloading or uploading of data from the place where the file was last interrupted, rather than starting with the file. (The text of the breakpoint is only

Two ways to send SMS to IOS call system _ios

One, the program outward use system text message This method is actually very simple, direct call OpenURL can: Nsurl *url = [Nsurl urlwithstring:@ "sms://15888888888"]; [[UIApplication Sharedapplication]openurl:url]; Second, the

IOS app shows details of an application in the App Store _ios

Objective Application to jump to the App Store, a lot of articles are generally used skstoreproductviewcontroller to achieve, do not know whether there is no care about a problem: Open very slowly!! How to endure?! Body Code for articles in

IOS solution UIButton Click on the Cotton/latency issue _ios

Objective At first also thought that the code wrote a problem, click on the event there are more time-consuming card main thread code, one by one of the deletion code found not so. Body Not exactly the same as in the reference article, UIButton

IOS solves the problem of Uicollectionview computing Cell size _ios

Objective API not familiar with the cause of the problem, take it for granted to understand that there will be problems, here to record the use of Uicollectionview. Body   Trap One: minimumlinespacing, minimuminteritemspacing It's easy to set

IOS asynchronous Download Picture Instance code _ios

It's written in front. In iOS development, whether in UITableView or Uicollectionview, it is a more common requirement to get pictures from the network and set them to the cell. Although there are a lot of existing third-party libraries can be

IOS about large Web sites snapped up, away from the end of the event, the remaining time countdown to the implementation code _ios

2016 Tanabata straight down, full 268 and then minus 50! 468 minus 100! Meet the Tanabata Valentine's Day! Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea makeup perfume, 49 seconds to kill the money! Absolutely authentic! I love my heart!

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