IOS solves the problem of Uicollectionview computing Cell size _ios

Objective API not familiar with the cause of the problem, take it for granted to understand that there will be problems, here to record the use of Uicollectionview. Body   Trap One: minimumlinespacing, minimuminteritemspacing It's easy to set

IOS 9 Core Spotlight Search Instance Code _ios

Objective Feel Spotlight This function is quite useful, can enhance the user active, increase the application content exposure probability. Body I. Implementation (IOS 9.0) 1.1 Adding indexes var searchableitems = [Cssearchableitem] ()

IOS solves the problem of pushing local internationalization Loc-key localization failure _ios

Body First, prepare Push Local International official documents: {"APS": {"alert": {"title": "Shou", "Loc-key": "Notification_push_live", "Loc-args": ["over140", "Broadcast test"] }, "badge": 0, "sound": "Default", "Content-available": 1}}

IOS Development by ID number to extract the implementation code of gender _ios

One, code. -(void) viewdidload { [super viewdidload]; Do no additional setup after loading the view. NSString *sex=[self sexstrfromidentitycard:@ "139876456767892345"]; NSLog (@ "--sex--%@", Sex); } Returned by the ID number to

IOS development realizes the basic function of the downloader (1) _ios

Today, we do a demo of the Downloader, which is to download the specified file from the locally configured Apache server. This time, we download the Html.mp4 file under the server root directory. By convention, we first create a URL object and a

IOS Coretelephony realizes listening to the call status _ios

In the program if you need to monitor the status of the phone, you can introduce the Coretelephony framework, this framework contains the telephone-related APIs, can monitor incoming calls, look at operator information and other functions. The

Explain the Catransform3d graphics transformation in the core animation framework of IOS _ios

One, matrix coordinatesCatransform3d defines a change matrix, through the setting of the matrix parameter, we can change some properties of layer, this property changes, can produce the effect of animation.CATransform3D CATransform3DMakeTranslation (

IOS hidden Tabbar Code detailed _ios

-(void) Viewwillappear: (BOOL) animated { Nsarray *array=self.tabbarcontroller.view.subviews; UIView *view=array[2]; View.frame=cgrectmake (0, [UIScreen mainscreen].bounds.size.height, [UIScreen mainscreen,].bounds.size.width,); [UIView

Uistackview Stacked View Usage Tutorial in IOS app development _ios

First, the introductionwith AutoLayout, more apps are starting to use automatic layout to build their own UI systems, AutoLayout with storyboard and a few third-party frameworks that are already handy for creating constraints, But for some dynamic

IOS Code notes Imitation E-book Bookshelf effect _ios

This example for you to share the iOS bookshelf effect of the specific implementation code for your reference, the specific contents are as follows One, the effect chart Second, engineering drawing Third, the Code RootViewController.h

A simple example of how to play sound and music functions in IOS app _ios

Play soundthe ability to play sound effects may be encountered during iOS developmentIn fact very simple, iOS has provided a framework for directly responsible for playing sound audiotoolbox.frameworkNew Project Testwechatsounds Import

Explain the use of mediator Mediator mode in the design pattern development of IOS application _ios

What is an intermediary pattern? Object-oriented design encourages the spread of behavior across different objects, which can lead to the correlation of objects. In the worst-case scenario, all objects understand each other and manipulate each

An example analysis of applying the combinatorial pattern in the design pattern in IOS application development _ios

What is a combination mode?combined mode lets you combine objects of the same base type into a tree structure where the parent node contains the same type of child nodes. In other words, this tree structure forms a "partial-whole" hierarchy. What is

Explain the use of abstract factory patterns in design patterns in IOS application development _ios

Overview We know that the advantage of the simple factory model is to remove reliance on the client and the specific product, which is a violation of the "open-close principle"; The factory method pattern overcomes the drawbacks of the simple

Application of the appearance pattern in the example analytic design pattern in the development of IOS app _ios

Appearance mode (façade) provides a consistent interface for a set of interfaces in a subsystem that defines a high-level interface that makes this subsystem easier to use. Here to show you the structure of the class diagram, we must see that we

Application example of Memo mode in design pattern development in IOS applications development _ios

What is Memo mode? In response to certain events, the application needs to save its state, such as when the user saves the document or the program exits. For example, before the game exits, you may need to save the status of the current session,

The implementation example of the strategy mode in the development of IOS app design mode _ios

This is an introduction to the Strategy Model (strategy pattern), which is a relatively simple pattern. It is also called the policy model (Policy pattern). The strategy pattern uses the object-oriented inheritance and polymorphism mechanism, and

For example, the use of strategy patterns in design patterns in IOS application development _ios

The strategy pattern is a common software design pattern, here is a simple introduction to the strategy model and the simple implementation of iOS.The so-called strategy model, as the name implies is to adopt a different strategy. In general, in

The IOS app uses the template method pattern in design mode to develop sample _ios

The core idea of the template method pattern is to move the invariant behavior to the superclass and remove the duplicated code in the subclass to reflect its advantages. In fact, the template method pattern is to provide a good code reuse platform.

IOS Multi-threaded implementation of multiple picture download (i) _ios

Before entering the body of the text to show you the effect of the picture, if we feel very satisfied please continue to read the full text. We can see that this interface is very simple, in fact, is the layout of the UITableView, but the

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