The gesture recognition _ios of IOS development

First, Uigesturerecognizer simple introduction We have learned to touch event processing, but touch event processing is cumbersome, each touch event processing needs to implement 3 touches methods, more cumbersome, in fact, we can use a more simple

Explain the Layoutsubviews layout method of UIView in IOS using _ios

Conceptin UIView there is a method layoutsubviews: Copy Code code as follows: -(void) layoutsubviews; Override Point. Called by layoutifneeded automatically. As of IOS 6.0, when constraints-based layout is used the base implementation

HTTP/2 protocol for IOS push reminder service (APNS) _ios

Apple recently updated their push reminder service agreement, APNs. This new version of the protocol is based on HTTP/2 and JSON, and the new protocol has improved dramatically compared to the old binary protocol. The new APNS protocol is based on

Detailed explanation of how to create a custom Uibarbuttonitem navigation button in IOS application _ios

There are Leftbarbuttonitem and Rightbarbuttonitem in the iOS navigation bar, and we can customize these two uibarbuttonitem according to our requirements. Four methods of creating The system provides four ways to create: Copy Code code as

IOS custom Keyboard Switching effect _ios

This example for you to share the iOS custom keyboard switching code, for your reference, the specific content as follows The specific code is as follows -(void) viewdidload {[Super viewdidload]; Do no additional setup after loading the

Detailed description of UITableView creation and content refresh in IOS app _ios

UITableView is almost the most useful control in iOS development and, of course, a control that has quite a few things to remember. Createfirst create a new project and add a Mainviewcontroller class file Open MainViewController.h File

A detailed approach to intercepting and scaling uiimage in IOS application development _ios

Intercepting uiimage specified size arearecently encountered the need: from the server to get a photo, only need to display his left half, or the middle part, and so on. That is, intercepting uiimage the specified size area. UIImage Extensions: My

IOS Imitation side drawer effect implementation code _ios

The effect chart is as follows Code implementation and the following analysis of ideas:Code to create a navigation controllerIn APPDELEGATE.M #import "AppDelegate.h" #import "ViewController.h" @interface appdelegate

Uisearchbar search box components in IOS Basic use guide _ios

Uisearchbar is also one of the most common controls for iOS development, and click inside to see the properties Barstyle, text, placeholder, and so on. But these attributes are clearly inadequate to meet our development needs. For example: Modify

Methods for controlling thread execution through dispatch queues in IOS applications _ios

The core of GCD programming is the dispatch queue, where the execution of the dispatch block is eventually put into a queue, similar to Nsoperationqueue but more complex and powerful, and can be nested. So, combining the GCD of block implementation,

A talk on IOS single case mode _ios

Single case mode is a common software design pattern. In its core structure, there is only one special class called a single example. A single example mode can guarantee that a class in a system has only one instance and that the instance is easy to

An example of the use of a single case pattern in design patterns in IOS app development _ios

I. The role of a single caseas the name suggests, a single example, that is, the object of this class can only be initialized once in the entire project. Its characteristics can be widely used in some resources that need to be shared globally, such

An analysis of the basic methods of geographic location in IOS app _ios

The iOS system's own positioning service can achieve a lot of requirements. For example: Get the current latitude and longitude, get the current position information and so on.There are 3 different ways to locate it:1,gps, the most accurate way to

An analysis of IOS multithread development--nsthread _ios


In the development of IOS , multithreading is mainly implemented in three kinds of ways, Nsthread, Nsoperation and GCD, in my previous blog to Nsoperation and GCD have a more detailed implementation, in order to learn the integrity, Today, we mainly

IOS slide unlock, slide to obtain the implementation code effect of the verification codes _ios

SMS Service providers recently asked the company's app in the acquisition of SMS verification code, the current more popular is the use of a similar way to the sliding unlock, our company is taking this way, the design diagram as follows: Here

A method of customizing Uitextfield for IOS Development _ios

Uitextfield is an important control in iOS development for user interaction, often used to do account password boxes, input information boxes and so on. Observation Effect Chart Uitextfield has the following characteristics: 1. The default

An example tutorial for using Uidatepicker to make time selectors in IOS _ios

Creation of UidatepickerUidatepicker is a control that can be used to select or set a date, but it is a control that is like a runner and is an apple-made control for the calendar, as shown in the following illustration: In addition to the

The text on the IOS button adds an underline method _ios

Question: Implement the button text effect to the right of the following figure Method: [MyTools Createmyimageview:topeditview Frame:cgrectmake (widthAll-90, a) imagename:@ "offline Course _ download more. png"]; UIButton *downmorebutton =

Use the Nslocale class in IOS application development to localize the object information _ios

How to format time correctly This is also our two days encountered problems, after several communication with the user, finally caught log, found that the problem is the format caused. How to solve it? The importance of Nslocale at this time is

IOS Picture Stretching tips _ios

Looking at the mobile market, a mobile app, to long-term in the mobile market foothold, at least to include the following elements: Practical features, a strong user experience, gorgeous and concise appearance. Behind the gorgeous appearance, the

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