[IOS] arc rules

The background and concepts of the Arc are not described in detail. In short, when using the arc, programmers do not need to care about the object's lifecycle. the compiler will cleverly Add the code during compilation. Use arc rules: 1. You

[IOS] cllocationmanager and China shift)

The cllocationmanager class monitors GPS location messages. When the user's coordinates change, the following method is called for notification: -(Void) locationmanager :( cllocationmanager *) manager didupdatetolocation :( cllocation *) newlocation

[IOS] using map nails in mapview

To use map nails, we first need to create an annotation class for map nails. The Code is as follows: @ Interface myannotation: nsobject // implements the mkannotation method. This method is called when the map nail is dragged or actively called to

[IOS] nsdateformatter

Nsdateformatter is used to convert between nsdate and nsstring: Nsdate to nsstring: Nsdate * Date = [nsdate date]; nsdateformatter * dateformatter = [[nsdateformatter alloc] init]; [dateformatter setdateformat: @ "yyyy-mm-dd hh: mm: SS"]; // set

IOS mini-app stock update

Usage: 1. Timer nstimer 2. uiwebview Control 3. nsurlrequest request data  -(Void) refreshstock { Nsstring * url = [[nsstring alloc] initwithstring: @ "http://g.foolcdn.com/charts/advanced/caps_advanced.chart? Time_span = 1y & resolution = D &

Ios api: send emails

1.// Homeviewcontroller. h // Maildemo # Import # Import @ Interface homeviewcontroller: uiviewcontroller -(Ibaction) displaycomposersheet; @ End   2.// // Homeviewcontroller. m // Maildemo // # Import "homeviewcontroller. H" @ Interface

Ios ui design and development function bar

1. Status Bar The one on the top of the mobile phone mainly displays the signal strength, operator, Wi-Fi, current time, and battery power of the mobile phone. When playing music in the background, a playing icon is displayed on the right. If you

IOS text, keyboard, and button exercises

1. Fast texture Ii. knowledge points 1. Text 2. keyboard 1> automatic hiding. Method 1: did end on exit event. Add the hidekeyboard method and call resignfirstresponder to give up the input object's right to obtain the input; Method 2: Touch the

IOS touch and event classes and Methods

1. uitouch The phase property returns a constant of the touch phase, indicating that the touch starts, continues, ends, or is canceled. (Constant returned by phase:

Simple File Processing for iOS Data Processing

1. Obtain the file path-(Void) viewdidload { [Super viewdidload]; Nsstring * homedirectory = nshomedirectory (); // obtain the home path, full application path Nsstring * filedirectory = [homedirectory stringbyappendingpathcomponent: @

IOS animation and 2D and 3D drawing

There are three main methods: Core animation, core graphic, and OpenGL ES. Ease of operation: Ca> CG> OpenGL Performance and functionality: OpenGL> CG> Ca   1. Core Animation Non-entertainment software uses animations, which is easy to operate. 2.

Synchronous download and asynchronous download for iOS Network Development

1. synchronous download (poor interaction, prone to freezing, usually used only when downloading data is small or has specific requirements ). After a synchronous request is sent, the program stops user interaction until the server returns

IOS File Processing (2)

Use plist files to access files   In IOS File Processing (1), modify the viewdidload method of homeviewcontroller. M.   -(Void) viewdidload{/* Nsstring * filename = [[self documentspath] stringbyappendingpathcomponent: @ "content.txt"]; // nsstring *

IOS: tableview usage

You can achieve this in two ways: 1. Use the data in the dynamic array nsmutablearray to display the data   1. Create an empty application project, create viewcontroller and homeviewcontroller, and import the file in appdelegate. M, And add the

XML and JSON parsing for iOS development

I. xml: an open-source parsing class, gdataxmlnode (add it to the project), and add the libxml2.dylib framework Frequently used methods: 1.-(ID) initwithxmlstring :( nsstring *) STR options :( unsigned INT) mask error :( nserror *) Error 2.-(ID)

Common IOS errors and warnings

I. common error messages 1.Error: 'xxx' undeclared (first use in this function) Not Defined yet (used for the first time in this function ). Note: If a variable is not defined before use, this error occurs. In OC and C, you must define the variable

IOS File Processing (1)

1. store files in documents, TMP, and library Documents: used to store regular files that are frequently read or written by applications. TMP: used to store files generated when the application is running. (The value of exploitation is lost when the

IOS network development network status check

Classes used in network connections: 1. reachability 1. Add the. h and. m Files of Reachability, and then add systemconfiguration. framework. 2. Three Network statuses are defined in reachability: Typedef num { Notreachable = 0, // No

Uilabel of ios ui control

  The above is implemented through code: Nsstring * STR = @ "string Size String size ";Uifont * font = [uifont fontwithname: @ "Arial" Size: 50366f];Cgsize size = cgsizemake (320,200 0 ); Uilabel * label = [[uilabel alloc] initwithframe:

Oc_4 IOS Memory Management

The main content of Memory Management in IOS is to solve the crash problem !!! Crash In iOS, 100% of the reason for crash is memory problems. 1. Memory leakage (open up space, no recycling; keep opening up without releasing) 30 m (a program 3gs, 3

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