Common iOS game development tools and sdks

[Reproduced from Camp David education: Workshop /] Common iOS game development tools and sdks 2d game development framework Cocos2d-iPhone, iOS platform's most popular open source 2D game engine, contains two major versions: 0.9x

After reading iOS 7 and xcode 5

Last night, Apple released iOS 7 and the new Mac, although there is no passion for watching at night. In the morning, you can't help but try again. In fact, as long as the mobile phone can be used, the UI is not too big a problem. However, when I

In the dark, Google was stabbed gently by the IOS 4.0 system.

This is an interesting little item found by the search engine land editor Barry Schwartz. When he queued up to receive a brand new iPhone 4 carrying the IOS 4.0 system, a miracle occurred while searching for Bing, A prompt is displayed on the screen

IOS design pattern-1. Observer Pattern

What is the observer mode? Let's talk about small examples in our daily life. When we are still young, We need to drink milk. In order to drink fresh milk, we often go to a store dedicated to ordering milk and put our residential address, the brand

IOS development note _ 3. uinavigationcontroller hierarchy

Generally, the navigation controller contains four objects: uinavigationcontroller, uinavigationbar, uiviewcontroller, and uinavigationitem; Navigationitem is stored on uinavigationbar. We can know that a navigation controller controls multiple

IOS development note _ 1. Introduction to the basic system of uiwindow and uiview

Uiview is the base class of the view. A window is a base class of a view. The main function of a window is to provide a certain area to display the view. 2. Distribute events to the view.   The window itself does not have any content. For

IOS Memory Management

IPhone memory management and attributes   I. Preface For most people who have switched from C ++ or Java to learn object-C (hereinafter referred to as OC), the language OC looks strange and troublesome to use. OC does not have the same garbage

IOS archive: serialization and deserialization

The younger brother hasn't updated it for a long time. Archiving in IOS is what we know about serialization and deserialization. We can use plist to store simple data types. But what if I want to persist the Data Types I have defined? This requires

IOS sqlite3 Basic Application

In iOS, persistence makes good use of several methods. We have already introduced two methods: simple file writing and serialization and file writing, now we will introduce the basic application of the embedded database sqlite3 in IOS. Before using

IOS persistent core data Primary Application

Today I learned how to use core data for persistence in IOS. First of all, I want to understand this. Core data is a stable and comprehensive persistence tool. Compared with some previous persistence tools, it does not need to archive objects, that

The first tear in iOS development for cainiao

"It's a blessing, not a curse, but a curse." You can only use this sentence to describe the mood of this afternoon, and leave the first tear in the dormitory to go to college ...... The road to technology is hard to walk, along the way is bumpy,

Gesture of iOS development -- Coexistence of uigesturerecognizer

Gesture of iOS development -- Coexistence of uigesturerecognizer In the development of iPhone or iPad, in addition to using the touchesbegan/touchesmoved/touchesended method to control users' finger touch, you can also use the uigesturerecognizer

IOS drawing Summary

0 cgcontextref context = uigraphicsgetcurrentcont EXT (); Set Context 1 cgcontextmovetopoint 2 cgcontextaddlinetopoint draw a straight line 4 cgcontextaddellipseinrecT draws an elliptical shape.4 cgcontextsetlinecap4 cgcontextsetlinedash draw the

Drawing in view by IOS

1. Create a viewbasedapplication 2. Add a new objective-C class and set it as a subclass of uiview. you can name it myview. 3. Rewrite the myview method.-(Void) drawrect :( cgrect) rect This method is defined in myview. You can override this method

Compile ffmpeg0.11.1 for iOS

./Configure \ -- Cc =/applications/xcode. APP/contents/developer/platforms/iphoneos. Platform/developer/usr/bin/GCC \ -- As = 'Gas-Preprocessor. pl/applications/xcode. APP/contents/developer/platforms/iPhone OS. Platform/developer/usr/bin/GCC '\ -

Compile OpenSSL for iOS

IOS: 5.1 OS: Lion 10.7.4 1) Compile arm6 Makedir arm6lib ./Configure BSD-generic32 -- prefix =/libs/OpenSSL -- openssldir =/libs/OpenSSL Change the makefile Cc =/applications/xcode. APP/contents/developer/platforms/iphoneos.

How to restore and upgrade a Cisco router IOS image

Due to historical reasons, Cisco's vro products are rich and complex. Cisco vro's dedicated OS IOS image also has multiple versions at the same time, the following sections discuss two types of Cisco routers that load different versions of IOS image

Implementation of IOS push function (javapns)

Document directory (3) hybrid mode IOS push is implemented in the following steps: Create push SSL Certification Register the push function on the IOS client and obtain the devicetoken Use provider to send push messages to apns The IOS

IOS Resource Management

Specified device Resource The file name format is as follows: . indicates the original name of the resource file and the name of the file accessed by the Code; is the standard file extension; indicates the modifier specified by the device:~ IPad:

IOS application configuration information

Typical application bundle Executable files in which MyApp contains application codeInfo. plist: an attribute list file containing the application configuration data. The system uses this file to determine how to interact with the

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