Front-end development for iPhone 5/iOS 6

Detect iPhone 5/iOS 6   It's easy to detect iOS 6. Use UA: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 6_0 like Mac OS X) applewebkit/536.26 (khtml, like gecko) version/6.0 mobile/10a403 Safari/8536.25 However, if the UA of all iPhone iOS 6 is used for

How to Use Lua as a module adhesive in IOS applications

Application Changes in IOS are mainly concentrated in three aspects: interface, business logic, and data source. The following is a self-developed technical experiment that can be used to handle changes in the business logic. For more information,

Directly enable "Settings" of the system in the iOS app"

Note: It is valid in IOS 5.1. Prefs: Root = General & Path = about Prefs: Root = General & Path = accessibility Prefs: Root = airplane_mode Prefs: Root = General & Path = autolock Prefs: Root = General & Path = usage/cellular_usage

Unit Testing and continuous integration in IOS

Unit Test Tool 1. ocunit: it is easy to integrate from xcode 2.1 into the development environment and requires no additional libraries. You can also configure xcodebuild to test in the command line, so as to test and report in CI. 2. unit test

Nsoperationqueue and nsoperation problems in iOS 5

Recently, xcode was upgraded to 4.2, And the SDK is ios5. In iOS 5, nsoperation that previously worked normally will crash. The cause of the crash is that the operation in the queue is canceled, but the operation has not started yet. The solution

Identification of the next one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code in IOS

One-dimensional code: Barcode QR code: Two-dimen1_barcode In iOS, there are mainly two open-source libraries that can be used to process bar codes: 1. zxing: 2, zbar: Both

Automatically compile IOS apps

A simple web application was developed some time ago. It is mainly used to automatically compile IOS applications and simplify the release difficulty of IOS applications. Since the intensive computing part of the compilation task is mainly

IOS-based uiviewcontroller

Uiviewcontroller, as its name implies, should be inMVCPlay the role of the control layer in the design mode, similar to the activity in Android. The view corresponding to uiviewcontroller. You can customize the XIB or dynamically generate the

Notes for iOS client WeChat SDK session and circle of friends

Getting started with the official website: /; In fact, it is already very detailed. The following are my notes: 1. if "URL scheme" is not added to the Application id you have registered, "Return (

IOS Autorotation and Autosizing

UIInterfaceOrientationPortrait: normal UIInterfaceOrientationPortraitUpsideDown: Convert to 180 degrees UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeLeft: Turn left 90 degrees UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeRight: Right turn 90 degrees 1. After creating an

Create a framework for iOS in xcode 4

Preface: The Framework can be physically used to modularize iOS programs. Benefits: 1. If the interface between modules is well defined, modular programs have good scalability and cohesion; 2. Physical modularization facilitates management and

A working GNU Debugger on iOS> = 4.3

People know that the gdb package coming from Cydia is broken since 4.3.But here is a simple way to have a working gdb running on your iOS device: use the one from the Apple SDK! Prerequisites:-A jailbroken iOS> = 4.3 device-OpenSSH shoshould be

How to directly jump to the AppStore In the iOS app

Find the description link for the application, such as: Mt = 8 Then, replace http: // With itms: // or itms-apps ://:Itms: // Mt = 8

Check whether your iOS program is being debugged

The following C function can be used to check whether your program is being debugged:   static bool debuggerRunning(void){ int junk; int mib[4]; struct kinfo_proc info; size_t size; 

PNG compression and iOS apps

Ref: At face value, running your images through a tool like ImageOptim seems like a great idea. it grinds away, shaving kilobytes or bytes off each file, hopefully helping your app download and launch

Thoughts on batch production of iOS applications

Purpose: compile, package and generate IPA through code, modify IPA, and then sign and package to generate more IPA. Premise: iOS applications are configurable, whether through configuration files or exposed sdks (for example, exposed in Lua mode ).

How to send text messages in iOS

IOS MFMessageComposeViewController can be used to send text messages. Usage: MFMessageComposeViewController *picker = [[MFMessageComposeViewController alloc] init];picker.messageComposeDelegate = self;picker.recipients = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"

Debugserver patch on iOS devices

DebugserverIs a console app that as server for remote gdb debugging. It is installed when a device is marked for development. It can be found in/Developer/usr/bin/debugserver. This is also the process invoked by Xcode to debug applications on the

@ Synchronize (self) in iOS)

The Objective-C language level synchronization uses the mutex, just likeNSLockDoes. Semantically there are some small technical differences, but it is basically correct to think of them as two seperate interface implemented on top of a common (more

IOS & Max_ OS _X Debugging Magic

IOS: Mac OS X: ========================================================== ======================================

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