Orientation for iOS Processing

After ios6, orientation can be set in the plist file. The setting item is "supported interface orientations ". If you use ios5 or the following versionBy default, the uiviewcontroller class supports portrait only. To support other orientation, You

Implement pull-down refresh effects. All IOS versions can be used.

First, no picture, no truth Use third-party class libraries for pull-down refresh results Odrefreshcontrol Example directory structure: Resources resource folder Thirdpartlib third-party class library folder Direct core

Prompt message when custom location is accessed in IOS

In iOS, you must pass the user's consent to access the user's location (cllocationmanager). This process is controlled by the system and automatically asks the user at the first request, if you can show users the reason for using coordinates, rather

IOS: uialertview automatically disappears

Tyle = "margin-top: 20px; margin-Right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; font-family: 'courier new', console, verdana,; Font: normal 14px/26px Arial "> Before writingProgramA lot of prompt information is used in the process, so it is

Ida disassembly/decompilation static analysis IOS simulator program (3) function expression and search function

When IDA is opened, it is generally used to search for functions. It can be said that functions are the basic unit of IDA engineering, and data structures are nothing more than function services. Function list in functions window on the left side of

Coreaudio for iOS audio Development

  Those who have been familiar with IOS audio development know that core audio is the basis for digital audio processing on iOS and Mac. It provides applications.ProgramA set of software frameworks used to process audio. All IOS audio development

IOS Rich Text library rtlabel

This section provides a basic introduction to rtlable, from https://github.com/honcheng/RTLabel Rtlabel Based on Rich Text Format, applicable to iOS, HTML-like markup. Rtlabel is based on the extension of the uilabel class and supports

Upgrade iOS app

Upgrade iosapp 1. Go to https://itunesconnect.apple.com/webobjects/itunesconnect.woa. 2. Select the manageyour app and select the application you want to upgrade. The information page of the application is displayed. 3. on this page, your

Use Xcode and Instruments to debug iOS Memory leakage)

Although the ARC mechanism is added to iOS 5.0 and later versions, memory leakage may still exist due to the complicated mutual reference relationship. Therefore, it is important to understand the principles. This article describes how to use

NSString for iOS Study Notes

Various NSString initialization and retainCount int main(int argc, const char * argv[]){ @autoreleasepool { NSString *s1 = @"Constant string"; NSLog(@"%lx", [s1 retainCount]); // ffffffffffffffff NSString *s2 =

Mobile development: Precautions for migrating flash to IOS

1. The text on the UI is no less than 24 # the button is no less than 50X50 2. The Dynamically Loaded swf file cannot obtain the class definition and code. Even a stop file cannot be loaded. 3. Do not rely on mc for animation implementation. 4. High

Mobile Devices: Typical steps for ios development using air

AIR for iOS The following are typical steps to develop an AIR application for iOS: Install iTunes. Generate the required developer file and ID on the Apple iOS Provisioning Portal. These projects include: Developer Certificate

Encrypted AES communication with IOS

To complete communication with the IOS client, you must set the mode and padding attributes of the RijndaelManaged class instance in the AES-side encryption program. The former needs to be set to CipherMode. ECB, and the latter needs to communicate

The simplest method for marking point correction in iOS MapView

Because of China's national conditions, when marking and adding Annotation on MapView, there will always be a few hundred meters deviation from the actual GPS coordinates. Similarly, the address is also offset when reverse resolution is performed

IOS-like Launch welcome page

Activity interface: Welcome_layout.xml Activity Code: Package com. activity; import android. annotation. suppressLint; import android. app. activity; import android. content. intent; import android. OS. bundle; import android. OS. handler;

Apply pull-down refresh only to IOS 6.0

A new control in iOS6.0, UIRefreshControl Example     I saw a post posted by someone else on the forum today, saying that this control can only be used in UITableViewController. If it is used in other viewcontrollers, the following error message

Questions about new IOS developers to be added

  1. What is Prefix. pch used? Is a tool to speed up compilation. Only header files that never change or rarely change can be added to prefix files. This allows the Framework Code to be compiled in advance and visible to all classes. However, if the

IOS converts an image to a rounded corner

UIImage + wiRoundedRectImage. h #import @interface UIImage (wiRoundedRectImage)+ (id)createRoundedRectImage:(UIImage*)image size:(CGSize)size radius:(NSInteger)r;@end   UIImage + wiRoundedRectImage. m #import

IOS determines the device screen size and resolution

According to the screen size and resolution, ios currently has six versions. The existing resolutions of iOS devices are as follows:IPhone/iPod TouchIPhone 1, 3G, 3 GS, iPod Touch 1, 2, and 3Retina screen 640 pixels x 960 pixels iPhone 4, 4 S, iPod

Search and query IOS NSPredicate

Brief description: NSPredicate in the Cocoa framework is used for queries. Its principles and usage are similar to where in SQL, and its function is equivalent to database filtering. The most common functions + (NSPredicate

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