IOS learning xcode IPA installation package everywhere

1. Link to a real machine 2. Change the compilation form to release.   3. Select archive in product on the taskbar. 4. jump out of the page and select your own application. Here is the first one (highlighted one) 5. Select the

IOS growth path-detecting earphone insertion/removal

Importing Apple's two frameworks is essential... CodePart + minor solution:   -(Void) viewdidload {[Super viewdidload]; // do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. audiosessioninitialize (null, null);/*

Add IOS Dynamic State Library

In the build phases settings of the xcode project, you can add the framework and dylib that the project depends on in the "link binary with libraries" section. There is no problem with the former, and the latter will find that there are multiple

Capture, click, and screen draw gestures for iOS development (68)

  1 Preface Gestures are actually a combination of touch events. gesture event recognition must be added to a uiview class. Multiple gesture identifiers can be added to a single view. Once some gesture actions are captured on this interface,

Low-memory processing for iOS 5 and iOS 6

Low-memory processing for iOS 5 and iOS 6     Mobile devices have extremely limited memory and applications.ProgramDo a Good Job of Low-memory processing to avoid program crash due to memory usage. How to handle low-memory An application

IOS enterprise certificate publishing app Process

The process of publishing APPs by enterprises is much simpler than that of publishing app store. However, the requirements for the entire project are the same, such as the icon and naming rules of various pixels. The specific process is as

Xcode disassembly debugging IOS simulator program (8) disassembly of your own code to grasp the rules

After mastering the basic skills, it is basically difficult to understand all the disassembly results. It is better to teach fish to fish: Observe what you writeCodeTo master the disassembly results of various codes, so as to reverse guess the

IOS: uialertview automatically disappears

Tyle = "margin-top: 20px; margin-Right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; font-family: 'courier new', console, verdana,; Font: normal 14px/26px Arial "> Before writingProgramA lot of prompt information is used in the process, so it is

IOS dynamic listening keyboard input method and height

//Listen for keyboard height changes [[NsnotificationcenterDefacenter Center]Addobserver:SelfSelector:@ Selector(Keyboardwaschange :)Name:UikeyboarddidchangeframenotificationObject:Nil]; -(Void) Keyboardwaschange :(Nsnotification*)

Coreaudio for iOS audio Development

  Those who have been familiar with IOS audio development know that core audio is the basis for digital audio processing on iOS and Mac. It provides applications.ProgramA set of software frameworks used to process audio. All IOS audio development

IOS Rich Text library rtlabel

This section provides a basic introduction to rtlable, from Rtlabel Based on Rich Text Format, applicable to iOS, HTML-like markup. Rtlabel is based on the extension of the uilabel class and supports

Upgrade iOS app

Upgrade iosapp 1. Go to 2. Select the manageyour app and select the application you want to upgrade. The information page of the application is displayed. 3. on this page, your

Use xcode to package and upload IOS apps

(The premise is that applicationloader has been installed) 1. Open xcode, choose product> scheme> editscheme, find archive, select iosdevice as the top device, and select release in buildconfiguration. 2. Select iosdevice and clean for the project. 3

IOS open-source project (3): dareloadactivity reload button Learning

1 Preface The button can also achieve a similar loading effect. Today we will learn a button control similar to the reload effect.2. Details This control uses the cabasicanimation and caanimation classes in the quartzcore framework for animation

IOS: avaudioplayer

To use avaudioplayer, you must first import: avfoundation. Framework Initialization:   _Player = [[AVAudioPlayer alloc] initWithContentsOfURL:[NSURL fileURLWithPath:backgroundMusicPath] error:&error]; Attribute:     1. Volume   Player.

[IOS] extended uiimageviewex implementation: gesture movement, rotation, scaling (with a shrinking text tag function)

  # Import # import typedef Enum { uiimageexnormal = 0, uiimageexfull } uiimageexstate; @ interface uiimageviewex: uiimageview { uiview * parentview; // parent window, that is, use the uiview added by uiimageex bool ispanenable; //

Upload images on iOS

The following describes how to upload images: -(Void) LoadImage :( nsstring *) aurl{Nsdata * imagedata;Nsmutabledata * postbody;Nsstring * stringboundary, * contenttype;Nsurl * url = [nsurl urlwithstring: aurl]; // convert the string to nsurl

IOS development: use of system sound services in audio

When developing an application, you sometimes want to add a sound to the application, such as a key tone or a drop-down menu sound, or increase the vibration. It is most convenient to use system sound services to play these short-term sounds. Enter

GCD for iOS development (63) performs delayed operations

1 Preface   With dispatch_after, you can use GCD to execute code after you want to specify a certain number of latencies. Let's take a look at it today.  2. code example Demo1: Zyappdelegate. m   -(Void) printstring :( nsstring *) paramstring {nslog

The GCD task of iOS development (64) can be executed only once at most.

1 Preface   Use the dispatch_once function in the app's lifecycle to ensure that each segment of code is executed only once, even if it is called multiple times in different places of the Code (such as single-instance initialization ).  2. code

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