Detects apps installed on iOS

Method 1: Method 2: Method 3:

IOS obtains all subclasses of the class.

  # Include   + (Nsarray*) Findallof :(Class) Defaultclass { IntCount =Objc_getclasslist(Null,0); If(Count 0) { @ Throw@ "Couldn't retrieve obj-C Class-list"; Return[Nsarray Arraywithobject: Defaultclass]; }   Nsmutablearray*

Xmppframework for iOS client (4) registering a new account

  Too lazy to typeFrom: 1. In-band RegistryIn-band registration means that users who have not activated an account on your server can register a new account through the xmpp protocol. The

Use of iOS UIAlertView and UIActionSheet

UIAlertView is similar to MessageBox on Windows. A small record, ah! I want to write down everything that I want to write down, even though it is simple and the related technical documents of Apple are also described. The initial stages of obsessive-

Get GUID for iOS

- (NSString *)getUniqueStrByUUID{ CFUUIDRef uuidObj = CFUUIDCreate (nil); // create a new UUID // Get the string representation of the UUID NSString * uuidString = (_ bridge_transfer NSString *) CFUUIDCreateString (nil, uuidObj ); CFRelease

IOS network SDK ASIHTTPRequest AFNetworking MKNetworkKit comparison

ASIHTTPRequest The update has been stopped for a long time and iOS5 is not supported. Therefore, this SDK will not be used in the future. Official Address:   AFNetworking There are two stable owners, which can

IOS network status detection

Download from Git Library Https:// Add two files, Reachability. h and Reachability. m, to the project. Added support for SystemConfiguration. framework. Add header file declaration: @class Reachability;@interface

IOS: KVO overview and usage

I. Overview KVO, that is, Key-Value Observing, provides a mechanism. When the attribute of a specified object is modified, the object will receive a notification. In short, KVO automatically notifies the corresponding observer after the attribute of

Xmppframework for iOS client (1) XMPPFramework environment Configuration

  First download the xmppframework address: point ZIP that button to download.     Specific Operation Method reference: Here is

IOS program Internationalization

1.1 create a Single View app template project named Localization. 1.2 after the creation, you can see the following working directory structure file. Click InfoPlist. strings to view the properties on the right and add a language in the

Xmppframework for iOS client (2) connecting to the server

The first step is to generate an xmppstream object and set the delegate _ XmppStream = [[XMPPStreamalloc] init]; [_ XmppStreamaddDelegate: selfdelegateQueue: dispatch_get_main_queue ()]; Step 2: Set the login account name and server name NSString *

Xmppframework for iOS client (5) add AutoPing

To monitor whether the server is valid, increase the heartbeat listener. With the XEP-0199 protocol, under the XMPPFrameWork framework, the XMPPAutoPing and XMPPPing classes can be used, because XMPPAutoPing has been combined into the XMPPPing class,

IOS obtains system information

Float systemVersion = [[[UIDevice currentDevice] systemVersion] floatValue]; // iOS SystemVersion [[UIDevice currentDevice] name]); // Name of the phone as named by user [[UIDevice currentDevice] uniqueIdentifier]); // iOS5.0 and later this method

IOS Google Maps SDK environment setup

Google Maps SDK usage overview Step by step, so you can !! Step 1: Download the Google Maps SDK for iOS Https://

Use ios global variables

Use ios global variables 1. Use static variables 2. Use Singleton class 3. Set global variables to AppDelegate. For example, define and use a global variable "isLogin" AppDelegate. h @ interface AppDelegate: UIResponder @ property (strong,

Ios Memory Allocation

Memory partition: 1) stack: the stack zone is automatically allocated and released by the compiler, and stores the parameter values of functions and the values of local variables. The operation method is similar to the stack in the data structure.2)

Basic Questions for ios developers

Reference: 1, main() { int a[5]={1,2,3,4,5}; int *ptr=(int *)(&a+1); printf("%d,%d",*(a+1),*(ptr-1)); } Answer: 2, 5 Analysis: * (a + 1) is a [1], which is 2; & a + 1

A simple ios image encryption method-base64 encoding

In recent projects, image security needs to be processed to ensure that users (even jailbreaking users) cannot view the images downloaded from the server. After a variety of methods, it is found that it is most convenient to use base64 to encode the

Basic ios sandbox operations

// For the error message NSError * error; // create the File Manager NSFileManager * fileMgr = [NSFileManager defaultManager]; // point to the file directory NSString * documentsDirectory = [NSHomeDirectory () stringByAppendingPathComponent: @

Basic iOS Design Model

Reference: There are some basic design patterns in iOS: Delegation Protocol Model-vew-controller Target-action Notification Declared properties The following describes the usage of each design

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