Use of UIActionSheet for iOS Learning

UIActionSheet is a selection button that appears in IOS. You can add multiple items and add click events for each item. To quickly complete this example, open Xcode 4.3.2 and first create a single view application. Then add a button to the xib file

How to Debug Xcode in iOS

In Xcode, the values of variables cannot be directly viewed in Debug mode like those in eclipse or VS integrated development. So how can I view XCode variables during debugging? There are some methods. 1. Create a Single View App Add some code in

The second View of iOS learning uses UITabBarViewController

In the previous blog post on iOS, we learned how to use the Tab Bar and Switch views. This is to use Tabbar in AppDelegate. To open a program like TabbarView, sometimes we need to provide some help pages for the program, you can also log on to the

UINavigationController for iOS (1) Add UIBarButtonItem

1. How to Use UINavigationController UINavigationController can be translated into a navigation controller, which is often used in iOS. Let's see how it works: The following figure shows the flow of the navigation controller. The root view is on the

Basic iOS Design Model

No matter which type of iOS application is created, you must know several basic design patterns and technologies before writing code. In IOS, the system framework provides the most important infrastructure for applications. In most cases, the

IOS learning-Map, positioning, and location Marking

Document directory Select a project, TARGETS, and click the plus sign to add two frameworks. It is easier to use maps on iOS than Android. You only need to create a MKMapView and addSubView. The following figure shows the implementation result:

Use of the Tab Bar for iOS learning and view switching

In iOS programs, the usage of Tab Bar is very high. When several views need to be switched, tabbar is used. Today's program achieves this. There are several tab items at the bottom, corresponding to several views, switching to the tab Item, and

UINavigationController for iOS (2) page switching and segmentedController

UINavigationController for iOS (1) adding UIBarButtonItem is the previous article. Let's talk about the important role of UINavigationController, Page Management and switching. 1. RootView jump to SecondView First, we need a new View. Create a

UINavigationController for iOS (3) ToolBar

IOSLearningUINavigationControllerDetails and usage(II)Page switching andSegmentedControllerNext, let's talk about the Navigation Toolbar.   1. Display Toolbar Add the code in the-(void) viewDidLoad method of RootViewController. m so that Toobar is

IOS and later use the Sina Weibo Open Platform OAuth

The Sina Weibo open platform provides a simple cooperation model for third-party applications, meeting the needs of mobile phone users and tablet users to share information anytime, anywhere. You can call the platform api to implement many functions

Use of the UIDatePicker Control for iOS Learning

On iOS, the time and date Selection control is like this. On the left side is the combination of time and date, and on the right side is the pure date mode. , You can select four modes as needed: Time, Date, Date and Time, and Count Down Timer.    

Simple use of UIPickerView Control for iOS Learning

The UIPickerView control is often used when you select certain data for the user. Here, a simple selection data is displayed. In the UITextField input box, UIPickerView is used as the input View, use Toolbar as the button to select data. Similar to

Use of WebView for iOS Learning

1. Use UIWebView to load webpages Run XCode 4.3 and create a new Single View Application named WebViewDemo. 2. Load WebView Add the WebView member variable in ViewController. h and add the implementation in ViewController. m.   #import @interface

IPhone OS (iOS) Architecture

IPhone OS (now called iOS) is the operating system of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. 1. Core OS: It is a Darwin written by FreeBSD and Mach, and is a Unix core that is open source and complies with POSIX standards. This layer includes or

Cell operations in UITableView in iOS Learning

Next, let's take a look at the simple use of Table View in iOS. Here we will focus on Cell operations in UITableView, including tag, move, delete, and insert. For the sake of simplicity, directly from the original code, code:

Association selection of UIPickerView Control for iOS Learning

Next, the simple use of the UIPickerView Control for iOS Next on the Code, we want to achieve the following effect: When the level-1 option on the left is selected, the level-2 option in the level-

Custom UISwitch button for iOS

Because the project needs to write text on the UISwitch button, the UISwitch that comes with the system is like this: I can neither write nor change the color, so I found such a custom Switch button on the Internet. The specific source is missing.

IOS and later use the Sina Weibo Open Platform OAuth resume (and solve the problem of invalid login)

Following the previous iOS study, I used the Sina Weibo Open Platform OAuth above iOS5.0. After that, the pop-up page of Sina Weibo authorization has been adjusted, and there is still paralysis in the middle. If the authorization page is as follows:

IOS animation effects and Implementations

Animation effects provide a smooth user experience during status or page conversion. In iOS, we do not need to write the animation code by ourselves, core Animation provides a variety of APIs to achieve the Animation effect you need. UIKit only uses

Restore the png Image in the ipa of the iOS installation package to a normal image.

Http:// /? Mod = iphone-png-images-normalizer Niu Ren wrote a python script to restore the png Image in the iOS program. Script: ipin. py Usage: 1. Put ipin.pyin the directory of the .png image to be restored. 2. Open the terminal

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