IOS Study Notes (14th)-call and text message

Phones and text messages are the basic functions of mobile phones. IOS provides interfaces for us to call. This articleArticleA Brief Introduction of IOS phone calls and text messagesProgram. 1. Call [[Uiapplication sharedapplication] Openurl:

Keyword category for iOS development

I. When using C ++ for development, we can easily add new methods to existing classes using inheritance combinations to expand existing classes. However, in object-C, it is more convenient to add new methods to existing classes. Therefore, we need

IOS Study Notes (6) -- ViewController

Viewcontroller is an important part of IOS applications and an important bridge between application data and views. viewcontroller manages multiple views in applications. The ios sdk provides many native viewcontrollers to support standard user

IOS Study Notes (7)-UI basics UIButton

UIWindow and UIViewController are written earlier. They are all some frameworks. The framework must be filled with specific views to form our applications. In mobile application development, the UI occupies a large part, the most basic UI

IOS study notes (8)-Ios network communication http-nsurlconnection

In the mobile Internet era, network communication is essential for mobile terminals. Network communication is also essential for our applications to enhance client-to-server interaction. This article provides the method of using NSURLConnection to

IOS Study Notes (5)-UI basics UIWindow and UIView

In PC, most apps use Windows to display content, and mobile apps are no exception. To display content on the screen in mobile apps, you must first create a window to carry content, the iOS app uses UIWindow and UIView to display

IOS Study Notes (10)-iOS real machine debugging

I have been using a simulator for the past. Today I am using a real machine for debugging. This article describes how to debug a real machine. Real machine debugging requires 99 $ registration. If you have registered an account, you can also use the

IOS Study Notes (11)-JSON data parsing

In the previous iOS study-xml data parsing (9), we introduced xml data parsing. This article briefly introduces Json data parsing. JSON is JavaScript Object Natation. It is a lightweight data exchange format and is suitable for server-to-client

IOS Study Notes (9)-XML data parsing

In iPhone development, there are many options for XML parsing. the iOS SDK provides two class libraries: NSXMLParser and libxml2. There are also many third-party class libraries available, such as TBXML, TouchXML, KissXML, TinyXML, and GDataXML.

IOS Study Notes (12)-iOS Internationalization

The development of mobile applications is more likely to attract more users to the world, which requires the application to be internationalized. Internationalization is actually a multi-language process. This article introduces the

IOS Study Notes (13th) -- get mobile phone information (UIDevice, NSBundle, NSLocale)

During app development in iOS, sometimes, for Bug Tracking or feedback, the user's device, system information, and application information need to be automatically collected. This information is convenient for developers to diagnose problems, of

IOS Study Notes (16)-Database Operations (using FMDB)

The SQLite API originally generated in IOS is quite unfriendly to use and inconvenient to use. As a result, there is a series of SQLite API encapsulation library, such as fmdb, plausibledatabase, sqlitepersistentobjects, fmdb

IOS Study Notes (17th)-File Operations (NSFileManager)

IOS sandbox mechanism. Applications can only access files in their app directories. Unlike android, iOS does not have an SD card and cannot directly access images, videos, and other content. Content generated by iOS apps, such as files and cached

Iphone and Ipad app icons and startup animations developed for IOS

When we use xcode to develop iPhone and iPad applications, we can use the following table to set the application icons and startup images: Image name ImageSize(Unit: pixels) Application Platform Icon.png 57x57

IOS development self. Usage Summary

The following are some of my summary. If something is wrong, I hope you will give me more advice. We can see this code in the official document: In the MyClass. h file @ Interface MyClass: NSObject {MyObject * myObject ;}@ Property (nonatomic,

Introduction to Quart Plotting Method for IOS development

When we first came into contact with Quertz 2D, it was important that the drawing was performed in the context of the drawing. Each view has an associated context. Therefore, if you draw a graph in a view, we need to retrieve the current

IOS development uses bitwise operators to record the coordinates of multiple buttons

We have all learned bit operations. In our work, using good bit operations can greatly improve program efficiency. Here is a simple example of my application: -(Void) buttonClick :( id) sender { UIButton * button = (UIButton *) sender; Int tag =

CALayer for IOS development

Before understanding CALayer, You Need To Know What layer is. The middle layer of IOS development is a very important concept. You can find the layer component in the subclass of UIView. The layer is a child film located on a fixed canvas and can

Three20, an open-source library for IOS development --- (1)

1. First, go to idea (./Downloads). After the Download is complete, directly pressurize the Download folder: 2. Open xcode to create Empty-based Application, The created Project is saved on the desktop. By default, there are four Frameworks

Uikeyboardtype for iOS development

UIKeyboardType is an enumeration. Typedef enum { UIKeyboardTypeDefault, // Default type for the current input method. UIKeyboardTypeASCIICapable, // Displays a keyboard which can enter ASCII characters, non-ASCII keyboards remain

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