IOS Random Number

IOS developers will certainly encounter random numbers. For the moment, there seems to be an arc4random (). So if you want to get a random number from 80 to 100, you can write it as int randomnumber.=Arc4random ()+ 80Int Index = Arc4random () % 6 + 1

Local notifications for iOS

Local notifications for iOS Local notifications are notifications Based on Time behaviors, such as small applications related to calendar or todo lists. In addition, if the app is executed in the background, IOS allows it to run within a limited

Build iOS development environment

1. Preface Apple development has always been desired by everyone, but because the entry threshold is not low (MAC machines are indeed expensive, and it also needs to make them learn the object C basics), it is so frustrating for everyone, however,

Introduction to IOS

1. Preface I am about to learn about Ios. First, I want to know about it. Of course, the essential knowledge before learning IOS is still needed: Objective-C programming language, IOS system itself, and iPhone, iPad and itouch features to

IOS: Using xcode to create a simple IOS Application

1. Preface Now let's embark on a magical iOS development journey ~2. Build the hell IOS World project 2.1 click xcode> File> New> project and select page-based application. 2.2 click Next to enter the project configuration information Enter

IOS debugging highlights

1. When you use instruments to debug performance, the targetFailed to run: Remote exception encountered: failed to get PID xxx Solution:When you change the release certificate to the certificate for development, xcode4 automatically switches to the

Uiimageview Control for iOS development (17)

1 Preface It is difficult to control the size of images displayed to users.2. code example Zyviewcontroller. M: @ Synthesize myimageview;-(void) viewdidload {[Super viewdidload]; // do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from

IOS development (22): generate the IPA file and install it on the real machine after jailbreak

1 Preface This article is a temporary plug-in. Due to work requirements, the company requires that the project in xcode be generated into an IPA file for version record. because we do not have a developer account, so we need an alternative method

Uitableview Control for iOS development (23)

1 Preface Uitableview is divided into different rolling views, each part is divided into different rows, you can also create custom tableview rows. Uitableview implements vertical scrolling of uiscrollview. You can set the height and number of rows

Uiscrollview Control for iOS development (18)

1 Preface When some content needs to be displayed on the screen, but the screen size cannot provide the required area, we need to consider using the uiscrollview control.2. code example Zyviewcontroller. h: #import @interface ZYViewController :

Quartz 2D drawing for iOS development (107)

1 Preface When using quartz 2D drawing, we usually use the subclass of uiview. Think about the drawrect of this class: add the quartz function call to the method. This method is called every time you need to repaint the view.2. Details In quartz 2D,

Popular iOS development resource selection

Icarousel: simplifies the implementation of various carousel view switching Effects Icarousel simplifies the implementation of various view switching effects of carousel Trojans, such as pages, carousel views, and cover streams. It supports highly

IOS common mechanism in iPhone app development practice manual Study Notes (5)

1 Preface In iOS development, I believe you have heard of delegation, data sources, targets, actions, and so on. Today we will simply learn about these contents.2. Details 2.1 delegation and data sources Have you ever wondered how to execute a task?

Build Baidu map API environment for iOS development (95)

1 Preface Due to work needs, it is necessary to start to smash the Baidu map. This morning, we started to take a nap at noon and made great efforts to prepare for the three hundred round of the afternoon war, fortunately, the Baidu map demo was

Ratingview star comment Control Learning for iOS open-source Project (1)

1 Preface During this time, I learned the basic things of iOS, and the theory needs to be related to the actual situation. I do not want to look for several open-source project codes for research. I am suffering from technical limitations, at the

Uitableview index search for iOS development (51)

1 Preface When I was working yesterday, I encountered the index creation problem for tableview. Sometimes, because the data volume in tableview is so large that I need to create an index on the right side to search for it. Today I specially sorted

Zbar barcode QR code scanning control developed for iOS (91)

When we develop IOS applications, especially e-commerce applications, we often encounter bar code scanning business needs. Fortunately, we already have open-source sdks for us-bar code sdks for iOS, the following describes how to use this

Block object call for iOS development (59)

1 Preface This article describes how to call block object by using functions and how to call block object by using block object.2. code example Testdemo. h #import @interface TestDemo : NSObject- (void) callSimpleBlock;- (void)

Custom view for iOS development (97) using XIB to customize a uiview

1 Preface The Bi integration in xcode is rich in controls, but sometimes it cannot meet our needs. Today we will learn how to use XIB to customize a uiview for reuse.2. Detailed Process Directory View: 2.1 create a single view application IOS

Customs clearance for iOS app review

Make sure that the server is not cut by mistake. As a mobile app developer, You need to submit an app review to the app store. Quick approval can give you the opportunity. This is especially true for iOS app developers. The review of the Apple App

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