IOS applications can be developed without programming, and apparchitect's silly Development Tool

Apparchitect is a startup participating in disrupt ny this year. Its products are silly IOS application development tools. Users can use simple drag-and-drop operations to develop iPhone, iPad, and Chinese tablet applications. You do not need to

Directly install applications on iOS devices without using App Store

Install the Tianyi cloud storage app on your iOS device today. Open on safari and click here for free. For example: The magic thing happened. The device directly downloaded the app and installed it without going

Detailed explanation of IOS uiview's usage methods and attributes

Before calling the drawrect: Method of the view, uikit automatically configures the drawing environment to make the upper left cornerThe origin of the coordinate system. The quartz call in this environment can be correctly traced in the view. View

Use xcode to modify the IOS project name and path name

1. Use xcode to modify the IOS project name and path name   Yes, good; wrong, correct. ------ Preface System 10.7 lions Development Platform xcode 4.5.2 Old project name myproject-iPad After modification, the new project name fjsk-iPad Click project

IOS listens to app volume changes

IOS listens to app volume changesMethod 1:In the applicationdidfinishlaunching function, add[[Nsicationcenter center defacenter center] addobserver: SelfSelector: @ selector (volumechanged :)Name: @

10 IOS libraries to make your life easier

Document directory About the author The operating system that powers Apple's iPhone and iPad devices, IOS, has proved incredibly popular with developers. A large part of this is almost certainly due to the opportunity that the app store gives

I often use several open source class libraries and tools to improve iOS development efficiency.

Http://     Several common open-source class libraries and: 1. JSON encoding and decoding2. gtmbase64 base64 encoding and decoding3. touchxml Parsing4. sfhfkeychainutils securely Save the user password to

IOS pagecurl effect Summary

Http:// Currently, Apple does not provide pagecurl APIs for the latest SDK (4.3). To achieve page turning like Google map app, you can only achieve it by yourself. Summarize the resources I have

A few things IOS developers ought to know about the ARM architecture

Http:// A few things IOS developers ought to know about the arm ubunturefiled under: programming-Pierre lebeaupin @ 4:49 AM When I wrote my introduction to neon iPhone, I considered some knowledge about the

Obtains the current IP address of an iOS device.

The first method is to use the system API, as shown below: #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include //#include "GetAddresses.h"#definemin(a,b)((a) (b) ? (a) : (b))

How to hide uinavigationbar in IOS

What should I do if I want to hide the uinavigationbar in the Root View Controller? In fact, we only need to implement a delegate method of uinavigationcontroller. The Code is as follows: -(Void) navigationcontroller :( uinavigationcontroller *)

How does IOS use perform selector to call more than two parameters?

Cocoa only supports two built-in parameters. What should we do if there are more than two parameters? The following code shows how to implement a method to call more than seven parameters (from three20) Upload upload-(ID) Upload mselector :( SEL)

Sina Weibo IOS SDK

From: Tid-73166-keyword-performance%a2%b2%a9.html I. Composition and relationship This framework is supported by a large number of basic classes, such as data connections and data models. Its main functions

IOS development-Introspective)

Basics: Introspection is the inherent capability of objects. When running a program, objects can reveal their basic features based on requests. You can send a message to an object to ask its own related questions. The object will provide you with an

Relationship between IOS iboot and IOS versions

iBoot-99 1.0b (Build 1A420) [Unreleased]iBoot-159 1.0 (Build 1A543a) 1.0.1 (Build 1C25) 1.0.2 (Build 1C28)iBoot-204 1.1 (Build 3A100) 1

Seven useful iOS development sdks of Mo DeJong (1)

Translated from In his blog, Mo DeJong provides seven interesting sample SDK programs (for xcode 3.2.5 and iOS 4.2). "These programs and prompts are specifically written for developers, however, the source code is

IOS Integrated Technology

1. Hide the status bar [[uiapplication sharedapplication] setstatusbarhidden: Yes animated: No]; 2. Open the mobile album First, introduce the uiimagepickercontrollerdelegate protocol. Uiimagepickercontroller * imgpickercontroller =

IOS static library

Introduction: This article records the problem summary and solutions when using static libraries in IOS. How to Create a static Library: 1: detailed steps for the master project to associate with the static database I. Associate the static

Problems with zxing in IOS

1. For more information about zxing, see 2. if zxing is used in your project, but after xcdoe is upgraded to 4.5, incompatible pointer types sending 'class' (aka 'class * ') appears *') to

IOS coredata multi-Table query (lower)

In IOS coredata, multi-table queries do not have SQL intuition, but coredata can still perform related operations. For multi-table queries, there must be a certain relationship between the table and the table. For operations such as external

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