IOS development path-xcode cannot run using the selected device. Solution

1. Restart (of course, this method usually does not work) 2. Check whether the certificate is correct 3. Set the value in project --> info --> deployment target --> IOS deployment target to Targets --> summary --> IOS application target --> set

'Ios _ base' undeclared error and Solution

It can be compiled CodeIf you change to a lower version of RedHat, the error "'ios _ base' undeclared (first use this function)" is returned )" It is estimated that there is a problem with libstdc ++ in earlier versions, but I do not know how to

How to get the root permission of an application on an iOS device

To create a small tool software requires root permissions. After countless attempts by Google, this problem is finally solved. The idea has been mentioned in many articles. First, install the application to the/applications directory. I package it

Compile the apple game center application (translation 1.3: Set the game center for iOS applications)

  1.3 set game center for iOS apps Problem You want to connect to the game center server in the iOS app. Solution You need to create an application in iTunes connect andInfo. plistSet the package ID of the application in the file. Discussion In 1.2,

IOS growth path-minor issues with UITableViewController

When using the list interface, we all know that -(NSInteger) tableView :( UITableView *) tableView numberOfRowsInSection :( NSInteger) section(Method 1) This method returns several rows of data on this interface, while -(UITableViewCell *)

IOS growth path-Implementation of the navigation bar

Create a project: Create a simple view interface in the Model, while the ViewController class is a table interface. Create a table: Step 1: Step 2: Note: Select UITableViewController for Subclass. Next, click create. =- =-= In the

IOS growth path-how to associate code with the XIB Interface

Document directory Various problems may occur during the process of adding. At this time, we need to determine what is not written or what is not done: 1. For definition in the class, be sure to add IBOutlet 2. associate with the class 3. Be

IOS growth path-XML parsing with nsxmlparser

Parse the xml again and have some understanding. If there is something wrong, please point it out to the younger brother. Thank you! Zhang Yi Zhang 'er 20 Zhang San 21 Zhang Si 22 Li Yi Li 'er 20 Lee San 21 li

IOS Baidu map development series-Baidu map cannot be displayed normally

Sometimes this problem occurs when we use Baidu map (for example) The key to the problem is that the security code of the Baidu map key we applied for does not match the value of bundle identifier in our project. So there will be a map that only

IOS growth path-call camera and album functions

Open the camera: // Set sourceType to the camera first, and then determine whether the camera is available (ipod) without a camera. You cannot set sourceType to the Photo Library UIImagePickerControllerSourceType sourceType =

IOS development path-the first hello World project

First, create a blank iphone project: Select the selected icon in the figure, and click next to go to the next step: Name the project, and then click Select the location you want to store and create it. Then create a class to define the interface:

IOS growth path-NSData and NSFileManager examples

// Nsdata complies with the nscopying nscoding protocol. It provides object-oriented array storage for byte // applicable and read/write files, while a buffer zone is required for file read/write, nsdate provides such a cache zone // defines a

IOS growth path-nsdictionary and nsmutabledictionary examples

// Create an unchangeable dictionary nsdictionary * dictionary; dictionary = [nsdictionary dictionarywithobjectsandkeys: @ "Good lucky", @ "why", @ "Bye bye", @ "how ", nil]; // The number of elements in it is an odd number (excluding the last nil,

[IOS] in-depth introduction to ObjC messages

In-depth introduction to ObjC messages Luo chaohui (Http:// Reprinted please indicate the source In entry-level objc tutorials, we often say to programmers who transfer data from C ++, Java, or other object-oriented languages

[IOS programming] How To Get facebook notifications on iOS

Two header files, Social. h and Accounts. h, are to be referenced. Read account information from the facebook program installed on the iPhone to access facebook and obtain the content. - (id)init{ self = [super init]; if (self) {

IOS splicing MP3, song file synthesis.

In fact, it is to convert the MP3 file into nsdata and then splice it. -(Void) viewdidload {[Super viewdidload]; // do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. // audio file path nsstring * mp3path1 = [[nsbundle mainbundle]

Ios Mobile Game Development: IOS Development Environment Construction

IOS development environment from: First of all, I would like to mention why the development environment of each platform should be set up as a cross-platform solution. The Phonegap + HTML5

Comprehensive parsing of UITextField in iOS

// Initialize textfield and set the position and sizeUITextField * text = [[UITextField alloc] initWithFrame: CGRectMake (20, 20,130, 30)]; // set the border style. The border style text is displayed only when it is set. borderStyle = custom;

IOS-how to judge touch to a subview or exit the view

This is a common feature in ios development. That is, the touch movement event is moved to the subview of the current view, or to the current view. The method is to inherit the UIView and overwrite the touchesMoved method:   -(Void) touchesMoved :

IOS-save an image to a photo album

This is the current drawing generated by calling the api. The code is simple: 1 UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum (drawImage. image, nil ); DrawImage is a UIImageView. Is the nil parameter, which can be found in the UIKit

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