IOS growth path-Get values from other classes in the appdelegate class


Define attributes in the appdelegate class For example, a textdb object assigns the value to this object in other classes to use this object in the appdelegate class. @ Class textdb; @ interface appdelegate: uiresponder {textdb * itextdb ;}

IOS growth path-use of backup variable names

Definition method: //. In the hfile: iboutlet uitableviewcell * _ moviecell; @ property (nonatomic, retain) uitableviewcell * moviecell ;//. in the M file: @ synthesize moviecell = _ moviecell; then in the following usage, either use _ moviecell

IOS growth path-getting the height of the system keyboard

Nsicationicationcenter * defaultcenter = [nsnotificationcenter defacenter center]; // [defaultcenter addobserver: Self selector: @ selector (keyboardwillshow :) name: Your object: Nil] appears on the uikeyboardwillcenter keyboard. // The

IOS growth path-program running in the background (VoIP)

Principle: InProgramAfter the program is switched to the background, an action is executed every 10 minutes to wake up the program, thus ensuring that the program runs in the background. 1. Add the uibackgroundmodes key value to info. plist. Let

IOS growth path-push (local push)

1. Enable local push and Set Properties Nsstring * STR = @ "locally pushed information"; uiapplication * APP = [uiapplication sharedapplication]; uilocalnotification * notification = [[uilocalnotification alloc] init]; // initialize the local

[IOS real machine debugging error Summary] cocould not change executable permissions on the application.

This chapter no longer describes how to debug a real machine, but keeps collecting errors encountered during debugging, recording them, and learning and making progress together. Error 1: cocould not change executable permissions on the application.

IOS jailbreak tutorial memo

1. RememberBack up SHSHHttp:// 2. the jailbreak methods for different versions may be different. Generally, jailbreak can be performed online. Access this URL directly using Safari and install

Use custom fonts for IOS

1. Add the corresponding font (. ttf or. odf) to the resurce of the project, such as UnidreamLED. ttf (led font) 2. In info. plist, add a Fonts provided by application (the value corresponding to item0 is UnidreamLED. ttf, and add multiple Fonts in

IOS growth path-Segmentarray Control

Use the code to create the Segmentarray control and set its attributes: /* Segmentarray. h */# import @ interface segmentarray: UIViewController {// create control object UISegmentedControl * segment;} @ property (nonatomic, retain)

IOS growth path-database data addition and query

/* =--= Add data to the sqlite3 database ===--= * // 1. define a sqlite3 pointer sqlite3 * dB; // 2. the return value int dbrc for receiving successful read/write database operations; // 3. const char * dbfilepathutf8 = [dbfilepath utf8string]; // 4.

IOS Baidu map development series-controls rounded corner settings

We can see that the (I personally think it is uibutton) icon is in the shape of a rounded corner, which is implemented using calayer, First, calayer and uiview are ambiguous and mutually dependent: both inherit from the nsobject class. It should be

IOS growth path-push (via Apple Server)

I will not talk about the push mechanism and the certificate used for pushing here. Code for pushing: Client: 1. Tell the application to receive push messages (of course, in the didfinishlaunchingwitexceptions method) [application

IOS development path-ASIHTTPRequest breakpoint resume

1. Import the third-party class library ASIHTTPRequest : Complete ASIHttpRequest class library code download: Download 2. In the. h file #import #import "ASIHTTPRequest.h"#import "ASINetworkQueue.h"@interface DownLoadViewController :

IOS growth path-JSON Parsing

Json data: {"Result": [{"meeting": {"addr": "203", "creator": "Zhang Yi", "member": [{"name ": "Zhang 'er", "age": "20" },{ "name": "Zhang San", "age": "21" },{ "name": "Zhang Si ", "age": "22"}] }}, {"meeting": {"addr": "204", "creator": "Zhang

IOS growth path-interface switching and Data Transmission

Logical process: ViewController. xib is the first interface, which displays the name, price, and summary attributes of Movie object storage. -(Void) viewDidLoad: This method assigns values to the three attributes and displays them on the page. When

IOS's path to growth-reading data from the network

Logic: First create an nsurl address, send a request, and then call -(Void) connection :( nsurlconnection *) connection didreceivedata :( nsmutabledata*) Data Store the downloaded data to the nsdate object. After the download is complete, run -(Void)

IOS growth path-parsing xml data

Xml data to be parsed: good lucky to you111 This is a story hello99 oh,yes who am i22 chenglong Through the process and program described in the previous blog "Get network data", we can get network data, you can

IOS growth path-pass value on two uiview interfaces-delegate

First, define two interfaces () Interface 1: Interface 2: Implemented through Delegate: (the first class delegates some of its events to the ViewDelegate class to complete, and the second class operates on this proxy, that is, it assigns it a

Ios detects the status of the camera, compass, recording, and gyroscope of the device.

// Check the front and rear cameras BOOL cameraAvailable = [UIImagePickerController isCameraDeviceAvailable: enabled]; // The Front BOOL frontCameraAvailable = [UIImagePickerController enabled: enabled]; // The back // check the CoreLocation.

IOS growth path-class used for Core Data-microsolution

Table Structure: NSEntityDescription is equivalent to a table in the database. TA describes an abstract data type: eg: // + insertNewObjectForEntityForName: inManagedObjectContext: Factory method, which is described according to the given Entity,

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