Bonjour tutorial-networking-and-Bonjour-on-iPhone ios lan transmission protocol

Overview: network framework The lowest level network architecture can be found on the iPhoneThe SDK is a BSD socket library. Most developers may not need this powerful thing. Many common tasks (sending and receiving data, connecting to the HTTP

IOS opens the system setting page

The SDK can now open the setting page directly. In the past, the SDK was not available. At that time, I spent a lot of time implementing it, and the result failed. If you want to open location s The ios5 SDK can now open the setting page directly.

IOS development-Add a button to the navigationbar

We usually need to add some buttons on the ios ui. And these buttons. Currently, these buttons are more inclined to be added to the top of the UI, such   How to do this:   First, uinavigationbar inherits from uiview. To add a button, you must

IPhone IOS mode view model view Switch

In iPhone 4 Development, you can use -(Void) presentmodalviewcontroller :( uiviewcontroller *)ModalviewcontrollerAnimated :( bool)Animated [Self presentmodalviewcontroller: animated: ] Method To switch By -(Void)

IOS app purchase Summary

I will first attach several articles:1. In app purchases: A full Walkthrough This article is very detailed, and the code can be copied. 2. Store kit Guide (in APP purchase) Translation If you do not know what IAP is, take a look at the translation

Obtain the path for iOS

Because of various requirements, the paths to be obtained are inconsistent, so write this article for memo. - (NSString *)getDocumentPath{ NSString *path = nil; // Method 1 NSArray *pathsArray =

IOS tips (Continuous updates)

1. Use @ property and @ synthesize to declare a member variable. When assigning a value to it, add "self." To Call The setmember method of the member variable.  Directly call the member variable and assign the value to it: Member = [nsstring

Definitions and differences between IOS atomic, nonatomic, assign, copy, and retain

Atomic and nonatomic are used to determine whether the getter and setter generated by the compiler are atomic operations.  Atomic When setting the @ property attribute of a member variable, the default value is atomic, providing multi-thread

Protocol and delegate for iOS development

Protocol-Protocol The protocol is used to define the attributes, behaviors, and callbacks of objects.There are two keywords in the Protocol: @ private and @ optional. @ private indicates the method that must be written to use this protocol, and @

Multi-language code segment in IOS

Obtain Supported languages NSUserDefaults *defaults = [ NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults ]; // Set nsarray * versions ages = [defaults objectforkey: @ "applelanguages"] in all languages supported by the iPhone. NSLog ( @"%@" , languages); Run

IOS app Release Test 4-archive release (SHARE)

ReprintedThe last step of the release test is archive. The xcode4 help document provides a detailed description, but it is incorrect. 1. Set "build Settings"It's an official document. Pay attention to the red box and say the opposite. "Skip

IOS native post code segment

Nsstring * STR = [devicetokenDescription]; Hfalert (STR ); // Convertthe token to a hex string and make sure it's all caps Nsmutablestring * tokenstring = [nsmutablestringStringwithstring: [[devicetoken description]Uppercasestring]; [Tokenstring

Code snippet of common IOS gestures

IOS gesture code snippet to The uikit contains the uigesturerecognizer class, which is used to detect gestures that occur on the device. Uigesturerecognizer is an abstract class that defines the basic

IOS positioning service

Http:// The core location in IOS provides the positioning function to locate the current coordinates of the device and obtain the device movement information. Because the polling of the positioning device

IOS: How to notify uiviewcontroller when the app switches from background to foreground?

When the app switches from background to foreground, it will trigger two methods of appdelegate. M: ApplicationwillenterforegroundAnd Applicationdidbecomeactive But it does not trigger the current view

Unlimited operation in IOS background

Execution in the IOS background is the content described in this article. Most applications will be paused shortly after they enter the background status. In this state, the application does not execute any code and may delete it from the memory at

Create Rich Text codes in IOS +

# Import # Import Nsattributedstring * getattributedstring (){ Nsmutableattributedstring * attristring = [[nsmutableattributedstringAlloc] initwithstring: @ "this is test! "] Autorelease]; // Change the font color of this to red [Attristring

Ios ota release

Installing an app through OTA is a cool feature, especially when it is tested by a friend. I always wanted to sort out the files and found that many people have sorted them out.For example, IOS: Install app via OTA uses xcode4.3.This is also an

Write helloworld in IOS xcode 4.2

Xcode 4.2 weakens XIB and uses storyboard. I used XIB to explain the online and purchased tutorials. I wrote a helloworld program. 1. Build a project Select application under Ios to create an empty application project (Change project to 4.3 Project

Writing IOS apps with Delphi xe2 is amazing !!

Yesterday I used delphixe2 to write two IOS applications, one of which is 3D. Unfortunately, my iPhone is 3g, and the 3D one requires GPU support and is not running. But the HD still runs quite well. I have been using xcode for more than a year.

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