Use GPS in IOS apps

Time:Click: 365 times Using GPS in IOS apps is roughly divided into the following two steps: 1. Adding corelocation. Framework; 2. Generating the cllocationmanager measurement position. Test Code // Locationviewctrl. h # import uikit/uikit. h #

IOS data persistence 1

-(Void) loadview { Uiview * aview = [[uiview alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (0, 0,320,480)]; Aview. backgroundcolor = [uicolor whitecolor]; Self. view = aview; [Aview release]; T1 = [[uitextfield alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (8

Advanced Application of nsarray in iOS-filter.

  C/C ++ developers must like to use the boost library, which has powerful container functions. In iOS development, array is also equivalent to a container and has powerful functions. Nsarray can use nspredicate to filter the array content.

IOS official sample Daquan

Http:// Http:// Http://

Bar code scanning in IOS

In Android, I used zxing for bar code scanning. Now I found a free and open-source bar code scanning SDK for iPhone. The following describes how to use this SDK. The free bar code is zbar and its address is:

Asset libraries and blocks in IOS 4

IOS 4 presented a million billion new API's by Apple's count, but for this post I am going to show a quick demo of the new assets library API where you can now get to users photos and videos with more access than ever before. thisNew API relies on

IOS development basics-singleton Mode

Singleton design mode. This mode is often controversial, so I want to explain the singleton here. In principle, Singleton is a class that is instantiated only once in the life cycle of a program. To ensure this, we use a static method of the class

View crash records in IOS

Reprinted from: When an application crashes on the device, IOS records these error logs and creates a crash report ). The crash report contains the IOS version, date, exception type,

100 of high-quality materials required by IOS developers

IPhone and iPad products are popular all over the world, and a huge user base is stimulating IOS software development needs. However, there is a large talent gap in China, which is in short supply and has a bright development prospect. We sorted out

How does IOS determine the operator of the current network?

How does IOS determine whether the content of the carrier of the current network is transferred to: former network operator /#more-1091 There is a retain screen on iOS, So you often need to use

Four core sections of IOS

Four core parts of IOS 1. Cocoa touchKey Technologies of the cocoa touch layer.(1) multi-taskIos sdk 4.0 and later SDK build programs (which run on devices of IOS 4.0 and later versions) will not end when you press the Home button; they will be

Complete iOS 5 arc Guide

Complete arc Guide The most significant change in iOS 5 is the addition of automaticReference counting (automatic reference count ). ARC is the new llvm3.0 compiler features completely eliminate the hassle of manual memory management. Using Arc in

IOS obtains the instance method list of a class.

To be referenced: # Import # Import Implementation   Class currentclass = [common class];  While (currentclass ){  Unsigned int methodcount;  Method * methodlist = class_copymethodlist (currentclass, & methodcount );  Unsigned int I = 0;  For (; I

In iOS, how do I select delegate, notification, and KVO?

We have discussed the implementation principles of Delegate, notification, and KVO, as well as the actual use steps. We can't help but wonder if their functions are similar. In actual programming, how to choose these methods? I saw a blog on the

IOS data persistence 2 (archiving and anti-archiving)

Data Persistence is actually to store data on the network or hard disk, which is stored on the local hard disk. The local hard disk of the application is a sandbox, and the sandbox is actually a folder, it contains four folders. These are the

Multithreading in iOS development

Multi-thread is used when parallel operations are required in the program. 1, [Self defined mselectorinbackground: @ selector (task) withobject: Nil]; 2. nsthread indicates the thread to be executed. You can use this class to encapsulate thread

New Features of iOS 6

The new features involved are as follows: Map, social framework (Social Integration), pass kit (Electronic credential), game center, reminder, IAP, collection views, UI status saving, automatic layout (Auto Layout), data privacy, framework

IOS Program Execution Process

  The execution process of the program. 1. Hard Disk ---------- store the program (load the code to the memory) 2. Memory zone ------- including (code and operating system code) 2.1 The operating system contains an API for searching for code,

Enable apps generated by xcode 4.2 to support older iOS devices (armv6)

These days I encountered a very strange problem. For apps developed based on xcode 4.2, the exported IPA installation package cannot be installed on iPod Touch 2. Touch2 firmware version 4.2.1 has been jailbroken. Neither iTunes nor 91 mobile

Adds a gradient for iOS apps.

Because Apple does not currently support this function, you can only make an excessive effect after the app is started: [CPP]-(bool) Application :( uiapplication *) Application didfinishlaunchingwitexceptions :( nsdictionary *) launchoptions {self.

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