Automatic line feed (automatic LINE folding) for multiple lines of uilabel in iOS development)

Uiview * footerview = [[uiview alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (10,100,300,180)]; Uilabel * label = [[uilabel alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (10,100,300,150)]; Label. Text = @ "Hello world! Hello world! Hello world! Hello world! Hello

How to add a device for a registered IOS developer

To develop IOS applications, you must first become an apple developer. After purchasing the apple developer authorization ($99 personal authorization, if we need to run our own IOS applications on real iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, we need

IOS arrays are sorted alphabetically by Chinese keywords

In IOS projects, contacts or members in the address book are sorted by name as keywords, because nsarray does not directly support sorting of Chinese characters, which requires converting Chinese characters into pinyin to complete ~ Z sorting seems

IOS app development process

It's quite troublesome. Let me talk about the general process: You must have a Visa credit card that supports international payment. Go to the Apple developer website and register an account. This step is free of charge. Then log in and click

Manual rotation of IOS Screen

First, manually change the attributes of view. Transform. Specific Method:    View. transform is generally a view rotation, stretching, moving, and other attributes, similar to view. layer. transform, the difference lies in view. transform is

What is bundle in iOS development?

The following code has been written more or less by beginners of iOS development, regardless of their own or pasted code. [[Nsbundle mainbundle] pathforresource: @ "somefilename" oftype: @ "yourfileextension"]; [Yourviewcontroller initwithnibname:

IOS keyboard height and keyboard response events

Background: Before ios5, the keyboard height on the iPhone was fixed to 216213px high, and the selection box of Chinese characters was suspended. Therefore, many applications have marked the height of the keyboard. However, in ios5, the keyboard

Obtains the current IP address of an iOS device.

#include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include #include //#include "GetAddresses.h" #define min(a,b) ((a) (b) ? (a) : (b)) #define

Knowledge points that are very important and commonly used in iOS development, but are easy to ignore: ID, nsobject, Id difference

We often confuse the following three statements (I did not pay attention to them ): 1. ID foo1; 2. nsobject * foo2; 3. ID foo3; The first type is the most common. It simply declares the pointer to the object and does not give the compiler any

IOS device parameters

Device Screen Size Pixels FAQs IPhone 3gs 3.5 ″ 320 × 480 IPhone idioms for non-Retina Display No Gyroscope No front camera IPhone 4 3.5 ″ 640 × 960 Only single-core

IOS shake implementation

Place the following code in uiviewcontroller to shake the image. # Pragma mark-shake -(Bool) canbecomefirstresponder { Return yes; } -(Void) viewdidappear :( bool) animated { [Super viewdidappear: animated]; [Self becomefirstresponder]; } -(Void)

IOS camera fonts English to Chinese, camera full screen

Change to Chinese: The iPhone uses uiimagepickercontroller to call a system camera. This article describes how to call a system camera. However, sometimes I need to customize the camera content and add other controls to the view based on the

IOS Development notes

1. Once a function returns in advance, you must release the memory space you have previously opened. This can easily cause memory leakage. 2. When rewriting the dealloc function, don't forget to add [Super alloc]. If you forget to add the function,

How to solve the problem that nstimer is stuck by uiscrollview in IOS

Problem description:Use an nstimer to refresh regularly, and the refreshing effect stops when uiscrollview is scratched.Solution:-(Void) settimer{Nstmer * timer;Nsdate * Date = [nsdate date];Timer = [[nstimer alloc] initwithfiredate: Date interval:

Decompress gzip in IOS

In a recent task, you need to obtain an XML file from the network, but the file is compressed using gzip. Some people say that you can decompress gzip with URLRequest, but this must be indicated by the accept-encoding in the header returned by the

Apns programming-Ios real Machine Test message push

I. Preparations 1. An Apple device, iPhone, iPad, and iPod with iOS operating system are supported. 2. If you have an apple developer account and need real-machine debugging, it is best to be a paid developer. The subsequent steps will be smoother. 3

Obtain the private API under the SDK for iOS development

An important feature of objecitve-C is runtime. in interacting with the runtime (Interactive Operation), Apple provides/usr/lib/libobjc. a. dylib library, which provides objective support for dynamic attributes-C language: the interface can be used

Basic Questions for iOS (4)

Continue to summarize some interview questions, which will be more difficult in the future. IOS interview series: IOS interview IOS interview questions (1) IOS interview question (2) IOS interview questions (3) 1. What about block? And write an

Basic Questions for iOS (part 3)

There are 20 questions for iOS in the previous article, which is the second half. IOS interview series: IOS interview IOS interview questions (1) IOS interview question (2) IOS interview questions (4) 1. When to use nsmutablearray and when to use

Basic Questions for iOS (2)

Most of them are replies from the cocoatouch community. The blue font is my supplement. IOS interview series: IOS interview Basic Questions for iOS (1) Basic Questions for iOS (part 3) Basic Questions for iOS (4) 1. Difference between shallow

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