IOS delegation example

Class A delegate Class B: 1) The new Protocol changerowdelegate contains a method-(void) changerow; 2) Add @ property (nonatomic, assign) ID in Class A Changero Wdelegate   > Delegate: [Delegate changerow] As required by Class A;3)

Display and download apps in IOS apps (storekit demo)

Recently, I was asked that a browser can display and download the application directly in the application, as well as how the download progress is achieved. I know it was implemented by sotrekit of ios6, however, I am still asked if there are

Xcode4.2 app generation supports older iOS devices

First, let's talk about the differences between armv6 and armv7: What is armv7?It's a new CPU architecture of iPhone. Make some apps run faster. What does armv7 to do with me?Here is a post by most_unique found on iphonecake. Most apps today use

Tips for iOS Simulators

1. During Project Creation, IOS simulators often encounter slow operations. For example, if a uialertview pops up and is pushed to a viewcontroller, the process is very slow and the xcode console prints the following sentence: Simulator

Text description: iOS app submission process (1)

I. Certificate export 1.1. Preliminary work First, you needAppleOfDeveloperAccount, a Mac system. If you do not have an account, go to apply for Apple's Developer Program. I will not go into details on how to apply

IOS facial recognition Resources

Watched a video: Tat augmented ID, combined with face recognition, tracking, and augmented reality, amazing! For more information, click here. Unfortunately, this is just a concept that has not been specifically implemented, but it is just a matter

IOS design model-category

What is category? The category mode is used to add methods to existing classes to expand existing classes. In many cases, category is a better choice than creating subclass. The newly added method will also be automatically inherited by all

IOS design mode-delegate)

A delegate is also called a proxy, which is a common design pattern in iOS development. With Protocol (refer to the blog post: Objective-C protocol), we can easily implement this design mode.What is proxy? Apple's official documentation provides a

IOS design mode-singleton Mode

The Singleton mode is used when a class can only have one instance. Generally, this Singleton mode indicates a physical device, such as a printer, or a virtual resource or system attribute that cannot have multiple instances at the same time, such

IOS: use open-source IOS for socket programming

Cfnetwork C library programming is recommended for iPhone standards, but programming is quite annoying. In other operating systems, classes are often used to encapsulate socket functions. For example, the casysncsocket MFC. In the iPhone also has

IOS interview question 02

What is the difference between shallow replication and deep replication? // Shallow copy and deep copyAnswer:Copy: only copies the pointer to the object instead of the referenced object. // Access this object through the object pointerMutablecopy:

Implementation of IOS Singleton Mode

The Singleton Mode means that there is only one instance. The Singleton mode ensures that a class has only one instance, and the instance is self-instantiated and provided to the entire system. This class is called a singleton class. 1. Highlights

IOS socket usage overview-will be updated continuously

Socket usage Part 1: Concepts 1. What is socket? Socket, also known as "socket", is a method provided by the system for network communication. In essence, it is not a protocol. It does not specify how a computer should transmit messages. It only

Concept of target file in IOS

I believe many people have noticed the concept of target in xcode. this is reflected in many places. For example, after opening a project, there is a targets item in the list on the left, and in the top menu of the Project interface, project

Draw a line in IOS

In my project, a new uiview class is created after the map class. . H file # Import # DEFINE _ weith 320/3. # DEFINE _ height 330/3 @ Interface view: uiview @ End . M file // // View. m // 122chezhu01 // // Created by Xumin on 7/8/13. //

Summary of programs running in IOS background

1. Run the logic code: -(Void) execbackrgoundmethod{ /* Use this method to release shared resources, save user data, invalidate timers, and store enough application state information to restore your application to its current state in case it is

How IOS calls other applications

1. Call System Applications1. Calling the App Store Interface Method in actual development, we often need to recommend other applications and recommend our own paid software, so we need to directly connect to the corresponding page of the app store

A good IOS prompt box-mbprogresshud

Https:// Mbprogresshud works on any IOS version and is compatible with both arc and non-arc Projects Usage The main guideline you need to follow when dealing with mbprogresshud while running long-running tasks is

XML parsing for iOS

In a sense, most IOS applications need to communicate with remote Web servers in some way. I will briefly introduce the following XML and JSON parsing for your reference only. please correct me if any errors exist. Thank you. XML Parsing 1. The SAX

Ios sdk User Guide: Use uidevice and nslocale to access device data

Tutorial description Tools used: IOS SDK Execution difficulty: normal Operation Time: 15 to 30 minutes Importance of device data First, we need to clarify the question: why do we need to access device data? If you encounter problems during use,

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