IOS video playback code

/** @ Method play movie */-(void) playmovie :( nsstring *) filename {// video file path nsstring * Path = [[nsbundle mainbundle] pathforresource: Filename oftype: @ "MP4"]; // video URL nsurl * url = [nsurl fileurlwithpath: path]; // video playback

IOS time operations to be updated

IPhone: nsdata year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second acquisition and nsdatatonsstring Method   Obtain time information in nsdate, year, month, week, day, hour, minute, and second: Nscalendar * Calendar = [[nscalendar alloc]

IOS uses core graphics for animation

// Create the catransition object catransition * animation = [catransition animation]; animation. delegate = self; // set the animation time to animation. duration = 1.0; // set the animation speed (start and end time is slow) animation.

IOS common exception exec_bad_access Solution

During iOS development, exec_bad_access is frequently encountered, resulting inProgramThis problem is generally caused by the early release object and then the message sent to the object. You can set the nszombieenabled variable in xcode to obtain

IOS movie player-mpmovieplayercontroller

Http:// Pmovieplayercontroller is a bit similar to avaudioplayer. The former plays the video and the latter plays the audio, but it is also very different. mpmovieplayercontroller can be initialized

Curl for iOS compilation method and script

Https:// #!/bin/sh # Automatic build script for libcurl # for iPhoneOS and iPhoneSimulator # # Created by Miyabi Kazamatsuri on 19.04.11. # Copyright 2011 Miyabi

IOS developer certificate configuration and installation...

Http:// This is the certificate. We will first configure the certificate from here. Click here to download a. Cer Certificate file... Double-click the downloaded certificate and install it to

How can I solve cmtimemake in IOS?

Http:// Cmtime is added after IOS 4.1 to set the time,However, the official Apple documents indicate that they are actually insufficient,Only a brief description of this section is illustrated:

Version Management of iOS programs (based on SVN)

1. Install SVN A, Sudo-Apt-Get install subversion-Tools B, mkdir/home/SVN C, CD/home/SVN D, svnadmin create Repository 2. Import the project A, mkdir proj B, mkdir proj/trunk C, mkdir proj/branches D, mkdir proj/tags E, SVN import proj file: //

IOS uiscrollview Principle

Uiscrollview Principle In the rolling process, the origin coordinates are modified. When the finger is touched, scroll view temporarily intercepts the touch event and uses a timer. If no finger movement event occurs after the timer arrives, scroll

How to Set up app support for file sharing in IOS

Applications can use file sharing to allow users to access user data files of programs. File sharing allows applications to expose applications to users through iTunes/DocumentsDirectory. In this way, users can move files back and forth between iPad

IOS Development Network: asihttprequest traffic monitoring

I believe that I am a friend of IOS developers and will not be unfamiliar with the asihttprequest library. Next I will share my experiences on using asihttprequest to monitor traffic. What I need to declare in advance is only in wwan (GPRS/EDGE/3G)

IOS asynchronous image loading example

IPhone asynchronously loads ImagesAsyncimageview. h file@ Interface asyncimageview: uiview {Nsurlconnection * connection;Nsmutabledata * data;}@ End Asyncimageview. M file@ Implementation asyncimageview -(Void) loadimagefromurl :( nsurl *) URL {If

IOS extern usage tutorial

IOS development uses extern to access global variables Use the extern keyword method:  1. Create a new constants. h file (the file name can be retrieved as needed) to store global variables;  2. Write the required global variable name in constants.

IOS uitableview paging Loading

Reprinted from: I searched through the Internet and introduced many articles on uitableview paging. They are all very uniform and the code is correct. I just didn't sort out my ideas. I am here

IOS Development Network: asihttprequest note

Set User Agent The Code is as follows: [ASIHTTPRequest setDefaultUserAgentString:@"MyApp 1.0"]; If no user agent is set, asihttprequest will create one for you. For example (Mac OS program ):My application 1.0 (Macintosh; Mac OS X 10.5.7;

Use custom fonts in IOS

In the previous several projects, the customer required to use the font, but IOS didn't bring this font. You can only customize the font. The following are several important steps to customize the font: 1. Download the Font Resource file (. TTF

Use of IOS threads

IOS supports multiple levels of multi-threaded programming. The higher the level, the higher the abstraction level, and the more convenient it is to use. It is also Apple's most recommended method. The following lists the multi-threaded programming

Common IOS plotting Methods

0 cgcontextref context = uigraphicsgetcurrentcontext (); set the context1 cgcontextmovetopoint2 cgcontextaddlinetopoint draw a straight line 4 cgcontextaddellipseinrect draws an elliptic4 cgcontextsetlinecap4 cgcontextsetlinedash draw the dotted

IOS obtains the code snippet of the device's remaining Bucket

First, introduce the relevant header file. The header file code is as follows: #include #include The function for obtaining the remaining bucket is as follows: + (Nsstring *) freediskspaceinbytes {struct statfs Buf; long freespace =-1; if

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