Unity3d interaction with IOS

The source code of unity3d interaction with IOS can be used in Yusong Research Institute, but the xcode and unity versions of Yusong may be relatively low, I use xcode 4.6 and unity3d 4.1. After the unity project is compiled into the xcode

Getting started with IOS environment construction and development

Getting started with IOS environment construction and development   1. register an Apple ID 1. Download iTunes from the apple website. Http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ 2. Install iTunes. 3. Start iTunes and select iTunes store in the navigation

IOS object archive database storage

In iOS development, databases are saved normally. However, if the objects to be saved are not all of the basic data types or are not supported by the database, is it instantly petrochemical. For example: A message object contains an attatchment

The IOS implementation of network transmission text, urlencode, and decode.

Implementation of URL encode and decode Source code (vs2005 version): http://download.csdn.net/detail/hherima/5108862 You can also download the source code (IOS version): http://download.csdn.net/detail/hherima/5108862 The following is the IOS

Ziparchive, an open-source mini zip project in iOS, compresses Chinese file names with garbled characters. [solution]

1. First, introduce how to use minizip Ziparchive is an objective-C Class Based on the open-source "minizip" Zip compression and decompression. It is very simple to use.Method: Download ziparchive.zip from the http://code.google.com/p/ziparchive/,

IOS hides the keyboard and input methods to prevent text boxes from being blocked.

I entered "iOS hidden keyboard" in Baidu and quickly found many articles. For example, "click return to hide", "click other places in the input box to hide", and so on. In fact, hiding the input method is also simple. We should grasp its essence:

IOS memory management: Relationship between reference count, arc, automatic release pool autoreleasepool, and convenient methods

Part of the content is taken from objective-C basic tutorial and the InternetReference count Cocoa uses the reference counting mechanism. Each object has an associated "integer retaincount" to record the usage of the object. Retaincount + 1 when the

IOS uses uiview to display GIF images + ImageMagick installed on Mac

Idea: Use uiview animation. The first step is to split the GIF into one frame (ImageMagick). You can skip this step by using other tools. First, download the ImageMagick open source project. URL http: //


MVC in IOS Let's talk about the Model-View-controller (MVC) model in cocoa programming today. We will discuss MVC in two aspects: What is MVC? What is the communication between M, V, and C? Understanding the concept of MVC is crucial to cocoa

IOS development array sorting (array includes dictionary)

IPhone development array sorting (array includes dictionary) 1. Sort normal Arrays: Nsmutablearray * arr = [nsmutablearray arraywithobjects: @ "0", @ "8", @ "6", @ "1", nil]; nsarray * sortedarray = [arr layout: ^ nscomparisonresult (ID obj1, Id obj2

IOS calayer usage

Calayer (layer) is a rectangular area on the screen. Each uiview contains a root calayer. All the visual effects on the uiview are performed on this layer. Calayer shape features mainly include: 1. layer size and size 2. Background Color 3. content

Differences between declaring variables using @ interface and @ property in iOS and objective_c

Please indicate the article link at the beginning of the Post. Please support originality. I have been wondering whether there are two ways to declare variables in objective_c. Today I am free to discuss it with netizens and I have learned a little

70 extremely cool and stylish iOS app icons

IOS app icons IOS icons for free download Directory (?) [+] We have been discussing various aspects of icon design in goodfav magazine for many years, but there is still a huge trend that requires attention. In recent years, IOS on Apple's iPhone

Solution: cocould not retrieve certificate chain from keystore; that is, how to export your iOS developer certificate from Mac

Thank you! kid_ikarios Of course, maybe he never knows that someone wants to thank him.   After a long time of hard work, various searches could not find the results. Adobe official Article (because I developed it using flash

High-quality materials required by IOS developers

IPhone and iPad products are popular all over the world, and a huge user base is stimulating IOS software development needs. However, there is a large talent gap in China, which is in short supply and has a bright development prospect. We sorted out

IOS parses JSON in two ways

Method 1: Use the jsonkit Library 1. First download a JSON library from the Internet; 2. Add the Library to the project; 3. The Code is as follows: Put JSON into a TXT file and nsstring Nsstring * jsonstring = [nsstringStringwithcontentsoffile:

How to determine the IOS version

-(Void) getiosversion { // # If _ iphone_ OS _version_max_allowed> = 50000 // This method is related to the compiler. // Quanju. iosversion = 1; // # Endif Float version = [[[uidevice currentdevice] systemversion] floatvalue]; If (version> =

The tag of the IOS uiview, when it is an nsstring

Use the hash function. # Import @ interface uiview (stringtag)-(void) stringtag :( nsstring *) Tag;-(uiview *) viewwithstringtag :( nsstring *) Tag; @ end # Import "uiview + stringtag. H "@ implementation uiview (stringtag)-(void) stringtag

Organize and share IOS learning materials

I. First, let's talk about learning books: 1. OC tutorial The content of this book is really not much. It may have been completed by a friend of C and OOP language basics within 1-2 hours. It is estimated that this book may be intended for

GPS address location on Unity iOS platform

You can use the iphonesettings. startlocationserviceupdates () method to start locating service updates. Finally, you can use iphoneinput. lastlocation to retrieve the Location Coordinate variable. API:

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