IOS Sina Weibo client demo practice (7) application icon settings and summary

Sina Weibo client demoProgramThe application icon settings and summary are recorded in this blog. (1) ApplicationsIcon settings. Step 1:Find the. plist file under the supporting files directory and double-click it. Step 2:Click "+" as shown in.

Differences and relationships between frame and bounds in iOS development

Frame and bounds are two properties in uiview ). Frame indicates the position and size of the view in the parent view coordinate system. (The reference point is the father's coordinate system) Bounds indicates the position and size of the view

IOS asmediafocusmanager thumbnail Preview

During the Sina Weibo client process, a third-party library was accidentally found on the internet due to the problem of thumbnail enlargement and display of Weibo content. It is very suitable for this job. After a little research, it is probably

Data receiving process for iOS network requests (nsurlrequest & nsurlconnection)

Network Programming usually goes through the request --- connection --- response (request -- connection -- Response) process. The general steps are as follows: 1. Create an nsurl first. 2. Create an nsurlrequest using the specified URL. You can also

Dynamically adjust the height of IOS tableviewcell

When you use cell to display Weibo content on Sina Weibo, consider the cell height problems caused by different Weibo content. If the content displayed on Weibo contains text and images, the height of the text part and the image part must be

IOS uses uigesturerecognizer to scale, move, rotate, and perform other operations on the image.

Uigesturerecognizer class This class has a series of subclasses, each of which is used to identify a specific type of gesture. They are: Uitapgesturerecognizer-Click the gesture. It can be configured as "click" or "combo" recognition.

IOS uses keychain for simple access to the user name and password during login Registration

During simple login and registration interface design, users often encounter access design issues with user names and passwords. Other solutions are not discussed here. Now we will introduce a relatively simple method-keychain. You can find the

IOS uialertview and uiactionsheet usage

This article mainly describes how to use the alertview and actionsheet controls. Action sheet is displayed from the bottom. There are two or more options on it for your choice. Alert is a warning box with one or more buttons on it for your

IOS uitableviewcell Reuse

When cell is used in the process of writing the Sina Weibo interface, some controls are added to the cell. However, because the content of each microblog is different, during the display process, there is a problem of overlapping content, which is

Mbprogresshud for iOS third-party class libraries

GitHub URL Mbprogresshud is an open-source third-party class library that provides prompts in many styles, similar to activity indicator. It is easy to use and can customize the displayed content. It has powerful functions, it is used in many

IOS Sina Weibo client demo practices (2) Authorization page

The previous blog post-Sina Weibo client demo (I) oauth2.0 certification has talked about how to obtain the access_token. Now, we need to do the UI part of the authorization interface. The authorization page is a webview, which can be loaded to the

IOS Sina Weibo client demo practices (5) Fan list page

This page is about the user's fan list, which is as follows: We can see that this view is obviously also a tableview. Each cell contains three parts: the fan profile image, the fan nickname label, and the mutual interest button between the fans

IOS uses the URL network to obtain XML data.

The following describes how to obtain XML using URLs. The first method is relatively simple. You can use the nsdata constructor datawithcontentsofurl. If you don't have much to explain, you can directly use the code. NSURL *url = [NSURL

Simple implementation of IOS uiwebview browser controls

The following describes a browser control built in the application-uiwebview. To implement this control, you must implement several methods in the uiwebviewdelegate protocol. Uiwebview delegate method // call this method when a URL is loaded.-(void)

IOS learning Block

I. Capture automatic variable values // Capture the automatic variable value int val = 132; const char * FMt = "Val = % d \ n";/* in blocks, the block expression uses the automatic variable Val before it is declared. The block expression intercepts

IOS extension mechanism category and associative

When writing Sina Weibo, I want to solve the problem of clicking Weibo image enlargement. Here I am using the category and associative extension mechanisms to add a method and an attribute to the uiimageview extension, this method is used to enlarge

IOS Memory Management (1)

Thinking about counting memory management: The object generated by yourself. You can also hold non-self-generated objects. Release an object that you no longer need. Objects not owned by the user cannot be released. Object operations

IOS sandbox mechanism and file operations

This article see the introduction of in this article, respect for the original. 1. iOS sandbox Mechanism IOS applications can only read files from the file system created in this application. They

IOS explanation nsxmlparser method XML data parsing method

The previous article introduced how to obtain XML data from the network through URLs. The following describes how to parse the obtained data. Let's take a look at the XML data format! CircumferenceNicholas NicastroEratosthenes and the

IOS app Localization

Because iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products are widely used all over the world, users who download applications through app store will also be from all over the world, therefore, developers are bound to consider the use of users in different

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