Notes for iOS coredata application upgrade

If your app uses coredata technology, crash will occur when you modify the DB field and upgrade it to the new version. because only the application app is upgraded, the DB files in the update directory are not. If it is under development, you only

How to export privateframework in IOS

If you develop your own IOS software (do not want to use appstore) and want to make it powerful, you need to use privateframework, and the tool used is class-dump. it can export classes in the dynamic library. I recommend a small ruby-written

IOS methods and self

In objective-C, there are both instance methods and class methods. Class methods are sometimes called factory methods or convenience methods ). Factory methods are obviously different from factory methods in the general sense. In essence, class

How to enable the concept of scaling level in IOS map development

When developing the map app, we found that the SDK did not set the map zoom level. To display the map, we set its center point and then use a span to control the display area, you will ask, what is span? In fact, it is also related to latitude and

Xcode4 string resource internationalization for iOS

Refer to the methods in xcode3. For details, see: Http:// Http:// The method is to first createLocalizable. Strings file, add

IOS uilabel wrap automatically to narrow down the font code

You can automatically wrap a line and adjust the font size based on the length of the string. Code: _ Label = [[uilabel alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (20,280,280,100)]; _ label. textalignment = uitextalignmentcenter; _ label.

IOS exception capture

In the software testing phase, to collect more bug information, you can create a crash server to collect crash logs so that technicians can fix them easily. Some information is collected:

IOS development certificate used on multiple machines

Sometimes not on a single machineCodeWhen debugging on a real machine is required, the other machine cannot be debugged because the certificate is not installed. I tried to generate another new certificate using the new certificate application

IOS achieves the running horse lamp Effect

In web development, running horse lights are often used to display notifications. This is also true in game development. The followingCodeSegment can achieve the effect of running the horse lights in iOS, [Labelshow sizetofit]; cgrect frame =

Association selection of IOS uipickerview Control

Association selection of IOS uipickerview Control Create an array corresponding to the list key on the left. When this key is selected, refresh the content of the uipickerview on the left to display the data of the corresponding array. When

[IOS] XML Parsing

  1. Related Classes Main parsing classes: @ Interface nsxmlparser: nsobject { } -(ID) initwithcontentsofurl :( nsurl *) URL; // Initialize the URL specified by the parser. -(ID) initwithdata :( nsdata *) data; // Create a parser from data -(ID)

IOS uses Arc Technology to release memory

Some time ago, I went online to find out how to release the memory. However, you cannot find it. Today, I am continuously testing and viewing the parent window of the view. Nslog (@ "% @", self. View. superview. superview ); At this time, I found

IOS's understanding of heap memory and stack and Analysis of instruments memory Phenomena

Currently, the developed applications use the arc technology, but the memory is still very large. With the instruments used to detect the memory, the memory of the program is always more than 1 MB at the beginning, this is not the case. On the

Conversion between (IOS) uiimage, cgimage and cgimageref

Cgimage and cgimageref should be two classes used to redraw images. They are used to draw images based on the pixel matrix of the images, which can be used to process bitmap. Mutual conversion between cgimageref and uiimage   Cgimageref to uiimage

IOS custom loadingview

During application development, the page needs to be loaded when loading data. If it is useless, there is a lack of human design. The system comes with the uiactivityindicatorview, but it lacks the text description. The loading view to be added with

HTTP for iOS online playback

Recently, I have been studying the application of online playback, The main idea is 1. Knowledge about cfnetwork. framework is required for HTTP data download. 2. Learn about audio file stream service and audio queue service in audiotoolbox.

Get installed programs on iOS devices

There are three situations: 1. For devices after jailbreak, you can obtain the complete list, which is convenient. The method is as

Powerful UI modification tool in iOS 5-uiappearance

Ios5 provides a powerful tool, uiappearance, to easily unify your interface. It provides the following two methods: + (ID) Appearance + (ID) appearancewhencontainedin :( class <>)Containerclass ,... The first method is to unify all the changes. For

AR for iOS-getting started

1. Private API Add the header file: Extern "C" cgimageref uigetscreenimage (); Add when using: Cgimageref screenref = uigetscreenimage (); 2. Camera callback 1. Generate a capture session instance Ii. Implement

For iOS and XMPP, add friends and friends for Request Processing

Xmppstream * xmppstream; xmppreconnect * xmppreconnect; xmpproster * xmpproster; // user object // object to be added // Add friend # pragma mark and friend-(void) secret :( nsstring *) name {// xmpphost is the server name, host name xmppjid * jid =

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