IOS multi-thread programming guide

The Directory of the IOS multi-thread programming guide is as follows: Web: Chapter 1 multithreading programming 1.1 What is multithreading 1.2 thread

IOS: A simple and free Mdm

This is called the unwiredworklink website, and recently launched a simple online simple MDM (simple for short), mobile device managementMobile device managementThe system is a rare free MDM system. Although it is currently free, the website does

[Cocos2d 2.x iOS development NOTE 2] Enable arc in the project

ARC is not used for newly created projects using cocos2d 2.x. Therefore, to save the manual memory management, it is necessary to use arc to improve coding efficiency.CodeArc conversion. After reading some tutorials, some of them are very

Inter-thread communication in IOS

Cocoa provides two methods for communication between IOS threads, one is mongomselector and the other is port. Let's talk about the 1st types, which are the following: 2nd are nsmachport methods.Nsport has three subclasses: nssocketport,

IOS development: avaudioplayer usage

Avaudioplayer is the most basic audio player class in avfoundation. framework. It is similar to mpmediaplayercontroller in some basic operation functions, such as play, pause, and volume. The difference is that avaudioplayer does not have a queue.

IOS development advanced: Use macros to define macros (#,##,..., _ Va_args _)

For a long time, macro definition # define is used to define some simple constants. At most, it is used to define a function. It seldom pays attention to macro definition usage. Until the following code is displayed: #define PLAYSOUNDEFFECT(...) \[[

Advanced iOS development: airserver uses airplay images for multi-screen display control

Airplay is a cool feature in IOS. It is connected to devices that support airplay through Wi-Fi, and then the image function can be used to display content and play sound on other devices. Many large games support airplay. For example, when

IOS development: application setting implementation

Many apps have related settings in IOS settings, such: Through this setting, you can easily modify some basic settings of the application. To fully implement this setting function, you need to solve the following problems: 1) Write settings

IOS development intermediate: audio uses avaudioplayer to implement systemsoundservice

In previous blog posts, we have explained avaudioplayer and systemsoundservice usage. These two functions are suitable for playing game sound effects to a certain extent. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which of the following are

IOS socket gcdasyncsocket

Open Source Address: How to Use: see the specific instructions under the website. Encapsulated code; //// Clientsocket. h// Gameclientengine//// Created by Chao Zhang on 12-2-

IOS development: Install a real machine debugging Certificate

Install Development Certificate 1. Use a developer account to log on to iOS provisioning Portal: 2. Go to the certificates management page and click "Click here to download now" at the

Cfsocket communication on iOS

Client: Import header file: # Import # Import # Import # Import 1. Create a connectionCfsocketcontext sockcontext = {0, // the version of the struct, which must be 0Self,// Data of any pointer, which can be used when the cfsocket object is

Serious security vulnerabilities in IOS

According to Computerworld's latest report today, iOS users may be snooped into encrypted network user data, that is, SSL-encrypted data. For common users, the HTTPS network protocol is used. Update the latest IOS patch. When you use PayPal, bank,

Use of uilocalnotification in IOS

Notification is a very common information transfer mechanism in smartphone application programming. It can save resources and check information status without consuming resources ), apps in IOS are divided into two different notification types:

IOS shields log output based on changes in debug and release statuses

Here is a very practical tips. When developing applications, we often use nslog to debug our programs. As the project grows, the log output for debugging becomes difficult to manage. When releasing the official version, we must block all background

Getting started with iOS-basic controls

After we finish helloword, we will learn some of the simplest and most practical controls. 1. Implementation of uialertview: The effect is as follows: 2. the difference between uiactionsheet and uialertview is that they are used to prompt the user

How to Use blocks with IOS

Blocks are what help organise your code into independent snippets of code, optimised for re-use and readability. They have been introduced into our uikit world in IOS 4, along with over 100 Apple APIs that make use of blocks, so it is something that

Running in IOS background

After upgrading to 4.0, IOS supports multiple tasks. This feature is described in detail below. 1. Check whether the device supports multiple tasks. For performance considerations, not all IOS devices support multitasking after being upgraded to ios4

Localization of IOS applications

Why the application itself? Because normal localization is based on the current settings of the device. In practice, some applications often require localization that is not related to device settings. For example, in a game, a player can select the

IOS basic sound playback

A basic IOS sound playback Support class. You can check if there are not many comments. #import #import #import @interface Sound_Base : NSObject{ float volume; BOOL is_turnON; AVAudioPlayer *mainMenuMusic_Player;

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