Macros commonly used in iOS development are collected together ~

Collect it and drop it into a header file, so it will be much faster to develop! I will share some of them first. You can use your own private data to build a building ~ Various collection, network, self-written, and written by others are available

[IOS] use audio queue services to play and record audio

To play and record audio on iOS devices, we recommend that you use the avaudioplayer and avaudiorecorder classes in the avfoundation framework. Although its usage is relatively simple, streaming is not supported. This means that before playing the

IOS Baidu map API Environment Construction

1 PrefaceDue to work needs, it is necessary to start to smash the Baidu map. This morning, we started to take a nap at noon and made great efforts to prepare for the three hundred round of the afternoon war, fortunately, the Baidu map demo was

Converting JSON data into arrays or dictionaries in iOS development

1 PrefaceUse the jsonobjectwithdata: Options: Error: Method of the nsjsonserialization class to parse JSON data and store it in the data or dictionary. 2 Sample CodeTestdemo. m   [Plain]-(Void) convsefromjson {Nsmutabledictionary * dictionary =

Serialization of array and dictionaries into JSON objects in iOS development

1 PrefaceThe datawithjsonobject: Options: Error: Method of the nsjsonserialization class is used for implementation. array and dictionary are serialized into JSON objects. It facilitates transmission over the network. 2. code exampleTestdemo.

IOS call system text message and call Functions

First, we will introduce the simplest method: Call the call Function [[Uiapplicationsharedapplication] Openurl: [nsurl urlwithstring: @ "Tel: // 10086"]; Call the SMS function [[Uiapplication sharedapplication] Openurl: [nsurl urlwithstring: @ "SMS:

Exit iOS app

The OS SDK provides the following APIs to exit the application:  IOS code Exit (0 );   However, if this method does not have the animation effect, you can exit the program directly, giving the user the feeling that the program has exited due to

IOS audio: audio recording and sound mixing-Q &

1. Reading my code for recording * Myinputbufferhandler Q: There is an enqueue Buffer Action. In this way, this buffer has the opportunity to refill. A: Yes !. There will always be enqueue actions in callback, regardless of recording or

Use speex for iOS

Two demos are provided to implement similar walkie talkie functions. One is implemented using the Lib-Amr library in the AMR format. The other is the speex library. There are a lot of people mentioned here, but there are not many tutorials. There

IOS instant voice chat technology practices

Cmdn club 15th was successfully held on April 9, March 15. This activity focused on the development of voice technology with the topic "Application and Practice of mobile platform speech technology, this article explores hot topics of speech product

Enable audio collection to cache in IOS

I want to make audio calls, but the samples are all recorded to files.   Recording is possible to buffer. Once done, you can retrieve data without setting the recorded file in the callback. I am also studying this. I hope you can help me. In what

IOS audio development function

Usage of sound • Sound Effect■ Click the button ■ warning ■ short voice accompanied by user actions• Sounds of any length (music, podcasts, and speeches) • audio streams from network services • recorded soundsHow hard is this?• Playing sound on a

IOS audio Queue Service

The audio Queue Service provides the possibility of filling the audio data block into the audio queue service buffer to play the sound. This method is similar.The waveoutwrite method in windows. In this way, we can use this method to play the audio

Function calls for iOS recording

Int I, bufferbytesize; Uint32 size; Cfurlref URL; Readarri = 0; Try { Mfilename = cfstringcreatecopy (kcfallocatordefault, inrecordfile ); // Specify the recording format Setupaudioformat (kaudioformatlinearpcm ); // Create the queue Xthrowiferror

Implementation of the IOS dialing Function

// Define the operation when the dial button is clicked [CPP]View Plaincopy -(Void) callaction { Nsstring * number = @ ""; // enter the phone number here // Nsstring * num = [[nsstring alloc] initwithformat: @ "Tel: // % @", number]; // number

IOS voice features

Technically speaking, recording is mainly used to send the recording file to the server and then transmit it to another device for playback. This process is very simple, however, one problem is that it should be suitable for network transmission,

OpenGL ES programming guide for iOS Chapter 1

About OpenGL ES Open graphics library(OpenGL) is used to visualize two-dimensional and three-dimensional data. It is a multi-purpose open standard graphics library that supports 2D and 3D digital content creation, mechanical and architectural design,

OpenGL ES programming guide for iOS Chapter 2

Document directory 2.2.1. client-server model 2.2.2. OpenGL ES depends on the key function libraries of specific platforms 2.2.3. commands can be executed asynchronously. 2.2.4. commands can be executed in sequence 2.2.5. parameters will be

How to Use libxml in IOS

This article briefly introduces how to use libxml in IOS Mac OS Version: 10.8.2Xcode version: 4.5.1 1. Select xcode Project Settings 2. SelectTarget 3. SelectSummary 4. PullLinked frameworks and librariesPlace, press + button InputLibxmlAnd

Ios iap tutorial

1. Create an application First go to iTunes connect and then press manage your applications Next, click Add new application to create an application.2. Create an IAP in the Application After the application is created, click the application icon

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