Adaptive text of iOS-uilabel width

Uilabel * label = [[uilabel alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (0, 0, 0)]; //ThisFrameIt is the initial one. It doesn't matter. It will be reset later.Size.[Label setnumberoflines: 0];Nsstring * s = @ "abcdefghijklmn ";Uifont * font = [uifont

IOS-iPhone custom Status Bar

-(Void) Setrefreshwindow { CgrectFrame =Cgrectmake(0.0,0.0,320.0,20.0); Statusbarwindow= [[Uiwindow Alloc]Initwithframe: Frame]; [StatusbarwindowSetbackgroundcolor:[UicolorClearcolor];

Memory leakage caused by IOS-iboutlet

In the iPhone, the control must be release as long as it is connected using iboutlet. Whether or not it has @ Property(Nonatomic,Assign), @ Property(Nonatomic, Retain) Attribute. The reason is as follows: On Mac OS X, iboutlets are

Basic knowledge of IOS

1.Why do we need to set the value to nil after a variable is release? After a variable is release, the memory to which the variable points is released, but the variable itself remains unchanged and still points to the original memory address. If

IOS-uiimageview add event

Uiview * view = [[uicontrol alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (50,200,150,150)]; View. backgroundcolor = [uicolor clearcolor]; [(Uicontrol *) view addtarget: Self action: @ selector (XXX) forcontrolevents: uicontroleventtouchupinside];

IOS -- warning

Handling warning: 1. Validate Project Settings (update to Recommended settings) A: 2, 'xxxxxxx' is deprecated: First deprecated in IOS 5.0A: The xxxxxxx method is not supported in IOS. 3, incomplete Implemention A: The. M file does not implement

IOS-xcode4-based IOS framework creation tutorial

Follow these steps: 1. Create a cocoa touch static library (this won't happen, I believe everyone will) 2. Delete the target 3. Select File-new-target from the xcode menu, and then select Note: No Bundel exists in the options of the IOS project,

IOS-thread asynchronous dispatch_queue_t

NSAID utoreleasepool * Pool = [[NSAID utoreleasepoolAlloc] init]; Const char * queuename = [[nsdateDATE] description]Utf8string]; Dispatch_queue_t myqueue =Dispatch_queue_create (queuename, null ); Dispatch_queue_t mainqueue =Dispatch_get_main_queue

IOS-customize the retake and use buttons on the photo editing page

-(Uiview *) findview :( uiview *) aview withname :( nsstring *) name { Class Cl = [aview class]; Nsstring * DESC = [CL description]; If ([name isequaltostring: DESC]) Return aview; For (nsuinteger I =0; I Count]; I ++) { Uiview * subview = [aview.

IOS-real Machine Test Procedure

1. Go to website -- IOS Dev center. 2. After logging on, click IOS provisioning portal under IOS Developer Program in the upper right corner. 3. If you want to add a new device, click devices -->Add devices --> enter the device name

IOS-string converted to nsdate type calculation is different from the current time by the number of days in a month

Nsstring * datestr = [DICObjectforkey: @ "date"]; // 2012-05-17 11:23:23 Nscalendar * Gregorian = [[nscalendarAlloc]Initwithcalendaridentifier: nsgregoriancalendar]; Nsuinteger unitflags =Nsmonthcalendarunit | nsdaycalendarunit; Nsdateformatter *

IOS-upload an application to the App Store

1. log on to the website, go to iOS Dev center -- IOS provisioning portal -- click provisioning -- distribution -- New profile -- enter the profile name (for example, test_distribution), and select the app ID (during real machine testing) -- click

IOS-Get all photos in the system album

# Import -(Void) getimgs { Dispatch_async (dispatch_get_main_queue (), ^ { NSAID utoreleasepool * Pool = [[NSAID utoreleasepoolalloc]Init]; Alassetslibraryaccessfailureblock failureblock = ^ (nserror * myerror ){ Nslog (@ "album Access failed =

IOS Study Notes (9) tableview Basics

Tableview is a rolling view divided into different parts. Each part is further divided into rows. Each row is an instance of the uitableviewcell class. You can embed images, text, and anything into tableview cells to customize their shapes, heights,

IOS-response to the upper, lower, and left sliding gestures

-(Void) viewdidload { Uiswipegesturerecognizer * recognizer; Recognizer = [uiswipegesturerecognizerAlloc] initwithtarget: SelfAction: @ selector (handleswipefrom :)]; [Recognizer setdirection uiswipegesturerecognizerdirectionright)]; [[SelfView]

IOS study notes (8) uipageviewcontroller uiprogressview listening and responding to keyboard notifications

Enable paging using uipageviewcontroller Create a program: file --> New --> new project --> page-based application template --> next --> Device Family (universal) --> next --> Create; The dataviewcontroller class provides an instance of this class

IOS Study Notes (12) storyboards usage

Storyboards Storyboards is a new method that defines the connection between different screens in the app. With storyboards, you can browse and create the UI of the entire app, and establish a connection before different view controllers on the

[IOS] use audio queue services to play and record audio

To play and record audio on iOS devices, we recommend that you use the avaudioplayer and avaudiorecorder classes in the avfoundation framework. Although its usage is relatively simple, streaming is not supported. This means that before playing the

IOS Baidu map API Environment Construction

1 PrefaceDue to work needs, it is necessary to start to smash the Baidu map. This morning, we started to take a nap at noon and made great efforts to prepare for the three hundred round of the afternoon war, fortunately, the Baidu map demo was

Handling of insufficient IOS memory (segment processing before ios6 and iOS 6)

Since the iPhone 4 supports multiple tasks, we need to carefully handle insufficient memory. If the user runs n software in the background while running our program, the iPhone program running on the foreground will easily receive a warning of

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