[IOS] Pack and install the ad hoc version in xcode 3

Packaging: 1. https://developer.apple.com/ad hoc Signature 2. Select the correct signature in xcode 3. Compile the ad hoc version 4. Right-click products/*. app, select Show in finder, and copy the compiled file (the one with no suffix) 5.

[IOS] obtain the uiviewcontroller to which the object belongs through the uiview object

@ Interface uiview (extend) -(Uiviewcontroller *) viewcontroller; @ End   @ Implementation uiview (extend)   -(Uiviewcontroller *) viewcontroller { For (uiview * Next = [self superview]; next = next. superview ){ Uiresponder *

[IOS] Code sign error: Provisioning profile XXXX can't be found

If you update the profile, compile the iPhone project, and find the following errors, you will not be able to clean in any way, which is really annoying.   At this time, first copy the above line of error information, then close the project,

[IOS]/developer/platforms/iphonesimulator. Platform/developer/usr/bin/g ++-4.2 failed with exit code 1

Using xcode to compile command/developer/platforms/iphonesimulator. Platform/developer/usr/bin/g ++-4.2 failed with exit code 1 I have been searching online for a long time to explain various reasons, but most of them refer to redefinition of

[IOS] xcode4/ios5 solution for uncaughtexception crash when the first throw call stack does not print the method name

When I recently connected ios5.0.1 to a real machine for debugging, I found that uncaughtexception caused crash and then *** first throw call Stack: No readable call stack is printed, the detailed call method name and other information will be

[IOS] test method for creating an adhoc application in xcode 4.2

In reality, you can release a version by specifying the device on which the version runs (no more than 100) by using the signature profile ). In this way, you can send the version directly to your testers without passing through the appstore. It

[IOS] xcode 4 missing file warning Solution

These solutions are way too difficult. The problem is that you have removed the project from filesystem but SVN still thinks they are there. DetachingProject from SVN will work, the same for Removing. SVN folders but that is going to destroy your

IOS uses quartz to draw rectangles, text, and lines

First, obtain the context Cgcontextref context =Uigraphicsgetcurrentcontext (); Draw a frameless rectangle // Set the fill color of the rectangle to red. Cgcontextsetrgbfillcolor (context, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0 ); // Fill the rectangle

[IOS] enables your app to support the retina display of the new iPad

Starting last week, big guys started to get started with the third-generation iPad. Since the new iPad uses a retina display screen, the resolution is doubled from that of the previous iPad (TRANSLATOR: the length and width are doubled, and the

Open-source Chinese IOS client learning-(8) Network Communication afnetworking class library

Afnetworking is a lightweight IOS network communication library. After the ASI class library is not updated, developers have a set of good choices; Afnetworking Library source code download and use tutorial:

Open-source Chinese IOS client learning-(7) mbprogresshud Special Effects

The mbprogresshud special effect is also used in the open-source Chinese IOS client. It is mainly used to display a transitional role for applications. It is often used to open a networked page loading process to prevent false positives, if the

Preface to the study of the open-source Chinese IOS Client

Today, I saw a comment from my Weibo fans two days ago. Why didn't I update my previous articles in the "Open Source China client learning" series? I haven't written it for so long. I don't expect anyone to wait for updates. In fact, there are

IOS learning materials sharing-Apple's official iPhone application advanced development course (16 sets)

You can see good IOS learning materials on 51cto, PDF, and favorites first. Apple iPhone application advanced development course (16 sets) http://down.51cto.com/zt/1153 Main Content [Advanced iPhone application development courses] 01. Ice

Use of Openurl (IOS calls system phones, browsers, maps, emails, etc)

Today, I met a line of code to open a webpage, which is much easier to implement than the uiwebview control in my impression. It is easy to use and can be easily used after real machine testing, I searched for some related information on the

View IOS sandbox (sanbox) files

Every IOS program has its own file system. This file system is called sanbox, which stores files other than this code, other applications cannot access the sandbox of the program, How can I view the sandbox locally? Under normal circumstances, some

Open-source Chinese IOS client learning-(4) gcdiscreetnotificationview prompt View

The gcdiscreetnotificationview class library is used to display the current status as a notification view without stopping users from interacting with device applications. Https://github.com/gcamp/GCDiscreetNotificationView of

Unlimited interconnection IOS video tutorials and courseware PPT source code-for beginners

I accidentally saw an infinitely interconnected iOS development video tutorial when I checked the information. It was a good resource and shared it with IOS developers; The resource comes from the lazy IOS code library -www.lanrenios.com Video

Three JSON methods for iOS parsing APIs of the National Meteorological Administration

Weather forecast interface provided by the National Meteorological Administration There are three interface

Open-source Chinese IOS client learning-(1) prefix. PCH File

When we create a new project, we will see a prefix in the supporting files file. the file ending with PCH. PCH is the "precompiled header", that is, the pre-compiled header file. Some codes that are not frequently modified in the project stored in

Open-source Chinese IOS client learning-(6) network connection Detection

The open-source Chinese IOS client synchronizes data over the network to achieve the same data effect as the web page, so you need to check the network when starting the program. This is also the first step to start every online application, if the

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