IOS Dev center can't update agreement

The IOS Dev center needs to update the Protocol at intervals. It is found that agreement cannot be opened in China, which is blank. I used to find a friend to access the server in the United States. It was updated once normally. But it cannot be so

Use of IOS horizontal and vertical screens

1. In the info. plist file, add 2. In viewcontroller. M, ----------- the Controller at the top layer @ Implementation uinavigationcontroller (autorotation)-(Bool) shouldautorotate {Return no; // disable Rotation}-(Nsuinteger)

Why does Steve Jobs reject support for flash on iOS?

Apple's appstore is essentially a software release channel for the iPhone and iPad (software developers must pay 30% of the channel rent ). Why does Steve Jobs refuse to support flash on iOS because of commercial interests rather than user

Add custom fonts for iOS

1. Add the file to the project. 2, added to the xxx-info.plist 3. Use helvetica_lt_35_thin Self. namelabel. font = [uifont fontwithname: @ "helvetica_lt_35_thin" Size: 30]; // set the font size Sometimes you will find it useless. What should I do?

Demo for iPhone official example iOS development


Use the IOS gesture uigesturerecognizer

The uikit contains the uigesturerecognizer class, which is used to detect gestures that occur on the device. Uigesturerecognizer is an abstract class that defines the basic behavior of all gestures. It has the following sub-classes used to process

[IOS-Cocos2d Game Development 5] multi-contact and touch screen event details (single monitor, event distribution)

Li huaming himi original, reprint must note in the obvious: Reprinted from [Black Rice gamedev block] original article link: Success! -------------------------------- This article provides a detailed description of Multi-contact and touch-screen

Open-source code sorting of the calendar Control for iOS

There are also a lot of high-quality open-source code, which can be sorted out for everyone who needs it. Devinross/tapkulibrary-GitHub encapsulates a large number of classes, with only a few calendar items, which are almost identical to the

DIY icon templates for easy creation of iOS app icons

A good application written by a developer must have the same excellent "Facade", including a web application. Multiple good pictures can bring an unforgettable first impression. Although it looks like a face project, you only need to download the hd

[IPhone 4 ios4 + detailed process of upgrading to iOS 5 beta7 and screenshot of iOS 5 System]-himi upgrade iOS 5 beta7 Process

Himi original, reprinted please indicate the source, thank you! Address:  (Warning: Because iOS 5 is a beta version and apple is not officially released, once you upgrade to iOS 5, your

Best practices for iOS Application Design

Always remember the life cycle of views Do not access self. View in the init Method Use Data Source protocols (Data Source Protocol) to clearly distinguish data from the View Uiviewcontroller Use an existing navigationitem object

Excellent open-source code interpretation: an elegant implementation solution for intermodulation of JS and iOS native code

Introduction This article introduces a good small open-source project: webviewjavascriptbridge. It elegantly implements intercommunication between JS and iOS objc nativecode when uiwebview is used. It supports message sending, receiving, message

IOS uitableview encapsulation-pull-up-asynchronous image loading

Preface Anyone who has worked on mobile development knows that list controls are one of the most commonly used controls. The list control in IOS is uitableview. In fact, Apple developers are well-designed for uitableview (easy to use and highly

Nsproxy implements AOP to implement exception handling policies for iOS apps

I have been concerned about the AOP implemented by objc some time ago. I found two libraries in GitHub: AOP-in-objective-C and AOP-for-objective-C. The first is implemented based on nsproxy; the second is implemented based on GCD and block; Both use

[IOS-Cocos2d game development of 20] the basic knowledge of the genie collection (Bitmap operation/texture replacement/Re z axis, etc.) and the use of ccsprite and cclayercolor to make a simple covering layer!

Li huaming himiOriginal, reprinted must be explicitly noted:Reprinted from[Heimi gamedev block]Link: Recently I wrote a lot of cocos2d blog posts, so because himi is generally about error-prone

[IOS-cocos2d-X Game Development 2] [must see] summarizes the difference between Cocos2d-X and Cocos2d-iphone;

All articles on this site areLi huaming himiOriginal, reprinted must be explicitly noted:Reprinted from[Heimi gamedev block]Link:   Many children's shoes may be confused -. -Yesterday I just wrote

[One of iOS-cocos2d-X Game Development] in combination with xcode Mac to build a Cocos2d-X development environment!

Li huaming himiOriginal, reprinted must be explicitly noted:Reprinted from[Heimi gamedev block]Link:   Starting from today, himi will gradually update the cocos2d-X blog, after all, cocos2d-X

Theme skin for iOS development

Recently, I was developing a public transport application. There is a module that involves topic settings. This article mainly talks about my practices. The procedure is as follows: (1): the entire application depends on a topic manager. The topic

Some automated processing scripts useful for iOS development

Recently I have compiled two scripts to assist iOS development for some automated processing.Introduction Objective-C method name formatter Due to some changes in work, IOS was developed on a 21-inch iMac screen some time ago, now I have bought a

IOS-Cocos2d game development 17th] flexible use of the genie visible area (texturerect) and anchorpoint, and combined with the visible area and anchorpoint to create a progress bar!

Li huaming himiOriginal, reprinted must be explicitly noted:Reprinted from[Heimi gamedev block]Link: Today, himi uses a blog post to introduce two frequently-used genie-related details to

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