Set the app name, icon, and image waiting for loading for iOS basic

1. The default name of our app is our project name, so we usually change a more friendly name. The change method is as follows: Find the infoplist. Strings file and add the statement cfbundledisplayname = "your app name "; 2. How to Set icons

Engine Used for iOS applications

OriginalArticle, Reprinted, please note:Reprinted from All-iPad.netLink:Engine Used for iOS applications This is an engine comparison chart on, comparing the size of IOS apps generated by several engines. Indeed, if the Pro

[IOS] IOS developer account registration process

There are manyArticleThis article introduces the registration process of IOS developer accounts, which is mostly similar. I referred to the and waited for a day to complete the account registration.

[IOS] TTS experience for iOS development

The Android system itself comes with the TTS function. At least the English language support is quite complete. In addition, there are Samsung TTS on the network, and Koda xunfei TTS. Android users can download, install, and use the TTS. Whether it

Flash and iOS programs on Adobe TV

Flash pro and flash Builder users can build applications running on all major device platforms, including IOS (iPhone and iPad ). Yes, you can use flash to create an application for idevice. Want to know more? Here you can't miss two AdobeTV

Unity3d game engine senses iOS device rotation and iPhone Keyboard Events (16)

Unity3d game engine senses iOS device rotation and iPhone Keyboard Events Original by Yu Song MomoArticleIf you reprint it, please note: Reprinted to my independent domain name blogYusong Momo program Research Institute, Original address:

Unity + xcode3.2.6 + IOS sdk4.3

OriginalArticle, Reprinted, please note:Reprinted from All-iPad.netLink:Unity + xcode3.2.6 + IOS sdk4.3   Sadly, the first failure to submit the app store was a failure.   The error report sent by Apple is displayedProgramIt crashes at

IOS data sorting (sandbox)

I. Sandbox)For security purposes, ApplicationsProgramYou can only write your data and preference settings to specific locations. When an application is installed on a device, the system creates a home directory for it, which is the sandbox of the

IOS-common image processing technologies

=========== (One) uiimage image proportional scaling ========================================== Picafterzoomwidth: scaled Image Width picafterzoomheight: scaled Image Height (predefined) #define PicAfterZoomWidth 320#define PicAfterZoomHeight 480+ (

[IOS] the beginning of IOS -- beginning to enter the ranks of IOS developers

I have been developing Android for a long time, and I am still a little reluctant to learn IOS. IOS is relatively closed. In order to learn iOS development, there must be at least one MAC system PC or notebook at a high cost. In addition, iOS

[IOS] several minor issues found during the use of the asihttprequest Library

During iOS development, the asihttprequest library is the most commonly used network library, which is powerful and easy to use. However, there are several minor issues when using this library. I have been searching and researching on the Internet

IOS programming-Preface

IOS programming-Preface Author: proud cat From:   I have been studying iOS platform development for more than a year. I have been trying to write something, but I have never been able to stick to it. Recently, I saw

Csco IOs (the most comprehensive download in History)

Cisco IOS (the most comprehensive download in History)     Cisco IOS download (most IOS shared)Foreign websites are a little slow.Http:// free, select the server,

Some problems I encountered in iOS game development

Recently, when developing IOS games, I encountered some peripheral problems, which were not a major problem (pediatrics for experts), but all delayed development. Record it here and make a summary. It will be updated later. It would be nice to be

The first IOS program in IOS

I have been doing J2EE development before, but I have not been familiar with objective-C for the first time. I think it is very strange about its syntax. After a week of study, I finally learned the objective-C syntax and started iOS development,

Sandbox for iOS

Original article: Sandbox)For security purposes, applications can only write their own data and preference settings to specific locations. When an application is installed on a device, the

IOS memory management-personal understanding

IOS memory management: IOS has no garbage collection mechanism (Mac OS) for different Mac OS and iOS, mainly because mobile devices have limited resources? Or is his exclusive framework cocoa not supported? Or the two are listed. Therefore, in IOS

The Unity + xcode3.2.6 + IOS sdk4.3 problem is finally solved.

Original article, reprinted Please note:Reprinted from All-iPad.netLink:The Unity + xcode3.2.6 + IOS sdk4.3 problem is finally solved. In June 15, a message from the official unity blog showed that the problem of Unity + xcode3.2.6 + IOS sdk4.3 was

Is the universal iOS app or iPhone app + "HD "?

Original article, reprinted Please note:Reprinted from All-iPad.netLink:Is the universal iOS app or iPhone app + "HD "? Jeff's software blog thingee has an interesting blog: Thoughts on universal IOS apps This means that although Apple has launched

Optimizing graphics performance (IOS)

Alpha-Testing The overhead of using alpha-testing on iOS is very high. Try to replace alpha-test shader with alpha-blend.Vertex Performance Control the rendering of up to 40 thousand vertices per frame (over 10 thousand faces) on the iPhone 3gs and

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