IOS development based on Baidu map (5)-Summary of core issues

Currently, the SKD version for iOS is 1.2.1. Here we will mainly discuss some issues with this version and development considerations. 1. bmkmapview is a Baidu map class. When multiple bmkmapview objects are created, these objects share some data (

IOS development based on Baidu map (4) -- path search

This article describes how to use the interface by using the left and end coordinates of the start point. 1. Search for paths Bmksearch * search = [[bmksearch alloc] init]; // create a search object. Do not release the search object. delegate

IOS development based on Baidu map (1) -- current user location

First, you must set the attributes of mapview: Self. mapview = [[[bmkmapview alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (0, 0,100,100)] autorelease]; // We dynamically create a mapview object mapview. showsuserlocation = yes; // The current user location

IOS background playback

Run the modification configuration file on the iPhone background to add required background Modes ThenProgramTo call the followingCode -(Void) activebackgroundplayer {/**/[[avaudiosession sharedinstance] setdelegate: Self]; [[avaudiosession

IOS development based on Baidu map (2) -- getting poi

1. Search first Cllocationdistance radiusmeters = 1000; // set the search range bmksearch * search = [[bmksearch alloc] init]; // create a search object search. delegate = self; // The proxy is set to itself. After searching, the function

Asynchronous image loading for iOS development

Original method: asyncimageview. h: #import @interface AsyncImageView : UIView{     NSURLConnection* connection;    NSMutableData* data;} - (void)loadImageFromURL:(NSURL*)url;@end Asyncimageview. M: #import "AsyncImageView.h"@

Uiapplication sharedapplication-Ios

IPhone applicationsProgramIs started by the main function, which is responsible for calling the uiapplicationmain functionFunctionThe format is as follows:Int uiapplicationmain (Int argc,Char * argv [],Nsstring * principalclassname,Nsstring *

The use of delegate in IOS

I have been engaged in OC work for more than a year now, and I have learned a lot from the "protocol" that I first came into contact with OC, to the delegation and protocols that can be seen everywhere in the code.First, we should understand that

IOS animation Summary-uiview Animation

1. Overview Uikit directly integrates the animation into the uiview class to create a simple animation. The uiview class defines several attribute declarations that support animations internally. When these attributes change, the view provides built-

IOS video playback mediaplayer and avplayer

In iOS development, if you need to play a video, such as on the machine ..., We often use mediaplayer to play videos, so it is easy to use. However, the customer requirements are becoming more and more complex, especially in the field or interactive

Two methods for implementing IOS long Background: audiosession and VoIP

We know that IOS can get a maximum execution time of 600 seconds after enabling background tasks. How do some apps that need to be downloaded in the background or kept connected to the server exceed the limit of 600 seconds? For example, Netease

IOS typedef function pointer usage

Simplified codeTo promote cross-platform development. Typedef acts a bit like # define macro and replaces the synonym with its actual type. Difference: typedefInterpreted during compilationSo let the compiler handleText replacement beyond

IOS obtains the available memory of the current device and the memory occupied by the current application.

Http:// // Obtain the available memory and occupied memory of the current device # import # import // obtain the available memory of the current device (unit: MB)-(double) availablememory

Use static Link Library for iOS (basic)

1. Develop a static Link Library for iOS Open xcode to create a project and select "cocoa" under the libraryTouch static library and name it "encryptlibrary ". This new static library project has no program files except "encryptlibrary_prefix.pch".

Rebuild IOS push Certificate

The pushing certificate for iOS has a validity period limit, generally one year. When the certificate expires, You need to regenerate the certificate. I haven't been on the Apple website for a while. I went up to check it yesterday. I changed it.

IOS determines whether the email address, mobile phone number, and license plate number are valid (regular expression)

/* Email verification modified by helensong */-(bool) isvalidateemail :( nsstring *) email {nsstring * emailregex = @ "[A-Z0-9a-z. _ % +-] + @ [A-Za-z0-9. -] + \\. [A-Za-Z] {2, 4} "; nspredicate * emailtest = [nspredicate predicatewithformat: @"

IOS development based on Baidu map (7) -- convert Baidu coordinates to Google coordinates

Subject. Assume that Baidu coordinates are (x, y). In iOS-based Baidu map development (6), we regard (x, y) as Google coordinates and convert them, after conversion, the coordinates (x1, Y1) are obtained ). Then the calculation method of the real

IOS development based on Baidu map (6) -- Google coordinates to hundreds of coordinates

Real coordinates are not allowed in China, so each map service provider will encode the real longitude and latitude (or encrypt it ). For example, for the real longitude and latitude room (Lon, Lat) of People's Square, the latitude and longitude

IOS development based on Baidu map (3) -- address search

Poi search in the previous article can search for poi in a specific range around the specified location. If you want to search for "Beijing" in Shanghai People's Square, poi returns a list of Beijing Roast Duck shops nearby. For this reason,

IOS: Remote Control of Multimedia

Remote-control Users can use external interfaces to control application music. The official recommendation is to receive remote-control events when the view is displayed.   -(Void) viewdidappear :( bool) animated { [Super viewdidappear: animated]; [

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