IOS development based on Baidu map (4) -- path search

This article describes how to use the interface by using the left and end coordinates of the start point. 1. Search for paths Bmksearch * search = [[bmksearch alloc] init]; // create a search object. Do not release the search object. delegate

IOS development based on Baidu map (1) -- current user location

First, you must set the attributes of mapview: Self. mapview = [[[bmkmapview alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (0, 0,100,100)] autorelease]; // We dynamically create a mapview object mapview. showsuserlocation = yes; // The current user location

IOS background playback

Run the modification configuration file on the iPhone background to add required background Modes ThenProgramTo call the followingCode -(Void) activebackgroundplayer {/**/[[avaudiosession sharedinstance] setdelegate: Self]; [[avaudiosession

Flash iOS game development experience summary

1. Use bitmap as much as possible. 2. Set quality to "low". If all the materials are bitmaps, the quality setting has little impact on the image quality, but the efficiency can be greatly improved. 3. Use bitmap materials. Do not select "allow

IOS development based on Baidu map (2) -- getting poi

1. Search first Cllocationdistance radiusmeters = 1000; // set the search range bmksearch * search = [[bmksearch alloc] init]; // create a search object search. delegate = self; // The proxy is set to itself. After searching, the function

IOS development based on Baidu map (7) -- convert Baidu coordinates to Google coordinates

Subject. Assume that Baidu coordinates are (x, y). In iOS-based Baidu map development (6), we regard (x, y) as Google coordinates and convert them, after conversion, the coordinates (x1, Y1) are obtained ). Then the calculation method of the real

IOS development based on Baidu map (6) -- Google coordinates to hundreds of coordinates

Real coordinates are not allowed in China, so each map service provider will encode the real longitude and latitude (or encrypt it ). For example, for the real longitude and latitude room (Lon, Lat) of People's Square, the latitude and longitude

IOS development based on Baidu map (3) -- address search

Poi search in the previous article can search for poi in a specific range around the specified location. If you want to search for "Beijing" in Shanghai People's Square, poi returns a list of Beijing Roast Duck shops nearby. For this reason,

IOS: Remote Control of Multimedia

Remote-control Users can use external interfaces to control application music. The official recommendation is to receive remote-control events when the view is displayed.   -(Void) viewdidappear :( bool) animated { [Super viewdidappear: animated]; [

Multithreading (IOS) Study Notes

1. In addition to the lock, the system also provides conditions to ensure the proper sequence of execution of tasks in your application. A piece serves as a gatekeeper, blocking a given thread until it represents a true condition. In this case, the

IOS Exception Handling learning notes

1. Starting with version 3.3 of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), make sureThe-fobj-exceptions flag is turned on; 2. The macros ns_during, ns_handler, and ns_endhandler Corresponding to @ try @ catch raise corresponding Throwthe exception macros

IOS multi-core processing code

// Multi-core accelerated processing function // during the blocking period, a thread with the same number of processor cores is created to execute the callback function // For example, a dual-core will execute the following method // pfun (0, 2) //

IOS code for distinguishing single-and double-finger-presses

How can we distinguish between single-finger and double-finger tap? Directly run the Code. If uikit is used, modify the function name. The following code is cocos2d. // Gametouches = [[nsmutableset alloc] init];-(void) cctouchesbegan :( nsset *)

Cocos2d-x common IOS Module

1. Show dialog box Uialertview * Alert = [[uialertviewalloc] initwithtitle: @ "" message: @ "request failed! "Delegate: Nil cancelbuttontitle: @" OK "otherbuttontitles: Nil]; [alert show]; [alert release]; Note that you cannot call this

Coreplot usage skills and iOS Memory Optimization

Coreplot tips: Set the padding: Graph. plotareaframe. paddingleft + = 5; Graph. plotareaframe. paddingtop + = 5; Graph. plotareaframe. paddingright + = 5; Graph. plotareaframe. paddingbottom ++ = 17.5; Disable zooming: (two

IOS long value out of bounds ??? Int? Long? Long Int? Long long? Long long Int?

Today, I encountered a problem in my project. A 1.7 billion number and a 0.6 billion number crossed the border ......, Then we found that the maximum value of the signed integer is 2.1 billion, and the maximum value of the unsigned integer is 4.2

[IOS-cocos2d-X Game Development 10] custom ccsprite/Layer/ccnode and static class templates & Custom class details & cocos2dx touch screen event explanation

All articles on this site areLi huaming himiOriginal, reprinted must be explicitly noted:Reprinted from[Heimi gamedev block]Link:☞Click to subscribe☜The latest developments in this blog! Notify you of

What are the advantages and limitations of using Adobe AIR/flex for iOS development?

This is one of my answers on zhihu. The original Article is here:  I have never used xcode to develop specific projects. My mobile development experience is mainly Android SDK, air for Android,

Bug? Integer comparison of iOS programs packaged by air

I found a Flash Player crash bug when executing netstream. Play. I did not expect to encounter another air bug today. Different from the previous bug, this bug is quite easy to reproduce, but I still found a reproduction Method for one day.Problem

Summary of iOS game development by air

1. Use bitmap as much as possible. If it is a solid block, you can use a vector.2. It is best to load resources and materials externally, especially the skin, so as to dynamically update the skin.3. The mask is not efficient. If you need to use it,

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