IOS open source code-non-UI

Regexkitlite -- Regular Expression To extract specific content from a string or check the validity of the input, a regular expression is often used. Regexkitlite extends nsstring and supports regular expression search and replacement.

Solution for displaying compilation warnings or errors in release of iOS 5 xcode 4.2

Since ios5 xcode4.2 introduces arc (automicreferencecounting), there are some minor changes when xcode4.2 is used to create a project. NSAID utoreleasepool is @{Autoreleasepool // Code for autoreleasepool }BlockReplaced. The _ strong and _ weak

IOS development -- get lan ip Address

Header file # Include # include # include Source code -(Nsstring *) localipaddress {nsstring * localip = nil; struct ifaddrs * addrs; If (getifaddrs (& addrs) = 0) {const struct ifaddrs * cursor = addrs; while (cursor! = NULL)

Line feed in IOS uitextview and localizable. Strings

1. Use localizable. StringsOption + returnThe key combination inserts \ NAnd then load the string to uitextview to display the line feed. Nsstring * obtained after internationalization is converted to char *. The position of the line feed in char *

IOS application development architecture

I have been developing IOS for nearly two years and have written a lot.Code, Has done a lot of projects. I will share with you the architecture of the IOS application. This article is my opinion. If you have any concerns, please leave a message.

Exclusive iOS app development controls

Overview:A number of well-known control vendors have successively released new controls that support the creation of iOS platform applications. Next, we will take a look at the controls that can be used to develop iPhone and iPad applications. As

Design and Implementation of ccgui for cocos2d-x (4) Implementation of pagination list box (like IOS icon paging List)

This article mainly introduces the paging effect design of the iOS app icon desktop. This control is mainly used in the backpack of RPG and other games. It is very common. The pagination list box is now named gridbox. It inherits from scrollview and

IOS open source code-ui-related

Mbprogresshud -- Progress indication An elegant, translucent progress display. It also provides other additional functions, such as displaying complete information and fading out. Icarousel-- Page arrangement with cool results Pages with similar

IOS development Note

Today, IOS encountered a bug. The contentoffset of uitableview will be reset when the content is less than one page. It is normal in other cases, and this bug only appears in the tabbar. After debugging, it is found that it is caused by

Using a domain name for socket connection in IOS

Monkey original, reprinted. Reprinted Please note: Reprinted from cocos2d Development Network, thank you! Original address: /? P = 289 The socket connection is used in the project. Because of the boost I

Cocos2d-x register iOS comes with Gesture Recognition

Monkey original, reprinted please indicate the source. Thank you! Address: Currently, the project involves Gesture Recognition. In fact, we can use the gesture recognition system that comes

Cocos2d-x and iOS memory management analysis (reduces memory pressure in the game)

Monkey original, reprinted. Reprinted Please note: Reprinted from cocos2d Development Network, thank you! Original address: /? P = 281 Note: I have previously written about how to optimize the use of memory

Cocos2d-x 2.0.4 in iPad IOS 4.3 jpgimage Alpha Display Error Solution

Today, when I installed an iOS 4.3 iPad, I suddenly found that all the JPG images in the game were very dark. In fact, JPG became translucent. It was previously run on more than 5.1 systems, so this problem was not found. After reading the code, we

IOS Study Notes 7-uiviewcontroller

Uiviewcontroller inherits uiresponder, while uiresponder inherits nsobject. uiviewcontroller is the parent class of all view controllers. In MVC mode, uiviewcontroller plays the role of C (Controller) to control views and model operations. If

IOS learning notes 1-iphone program running process

IPhone program running process Main. M file, the main entry of the IOS Application The two parameters of the main function are command line parameters, which are not used in iOS development. These two parameters are used to be consistent with the

IOS Study Notes 11-ios notification center

There is also a type of event generation function in iOS, that is, notification. Through notifications, You can trigger the RESPONSE event under certain conditions. Similar to the Broadcast Mechanism in Android, after receiving a notification

IOS learning notes 9-ios touch event monitoring and operations

Various operation events will be encountered in iOS development, and these events can be responded through the program. First, when an event responds, you must know who will respond to the event. In iOS, the responder chain responds to events. All

IOS Study Notes 10-uicontrol object details

In the previous article, we talked about uitouch and uievent events. In a brief review, uievent is a collection of uitouch and is responsible for responding to touch events in IOS. In addition, the concept of the responder chain is also mentioned.

IOS Study Notes 17 -- core location

IOS supports three methods to detect the current location: mobile phone base station, Wi-Fi, and GPS. GPS is the highest longitude and consumes the most mobile phone power. Generally, location information cannot be obtained through GPS in the room.

IOS Study Notes 38 -- use nsjsonserialization

In the previous study note "iOS Study Notes 33-xml parsing-kissxml usage", I introduced how to parse data in XML format. Today I will briefly introduce how to parse data in JSON format, JSON data structures are increasingly widely used with

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