IOS study notes 44-implement sliding menu slidingmenu

Sliding left and right to switch out menu or sub-interface is now increasingly used in a variety of mobile applications, such as Facebook. Today John's project on GitHub is used to implement this function first: In operation, you can click

Solve IOS error: libc ++ Abi. dylib handler threw exception

During iOS development, sometimes exceptions such as libc ++ Abi. dylib handler threw exception occur. Even if all exceptions are added at the break pointCodeBut the corresponding log is not printed, which is actually not a problem with this code.

Solution for libevent crash during DNS resolution on iOS

Everything works normally in windows, Mac, and even simulators. It crashes on the iPad.   Libevent version: 2.0.11-stable   1. InDNSUsed for parsingArc4randomAlgorithmGenerateTransactionID, AndIOSIf the built-in Algorithm Library is

IOS Study Notes 18-uiimageview

Previously, we used uiimage to load images, while uiimageview is a control for displaying images on the interface. To display images in uiimageview, we should first load the images to uiimage, then use the uiimage in other ways. The following

IOS Study Notes 45-local notification uilocalnotification

There are two types of message push methods in iOS, one is remote server push (apns). I have mentioned apns: publish in my previous notes. Uilocalnotification * notification = [[uilocalnotification alloc] init]; nsdateformatter * formatter =

IOS learning notes 34-egotableviewpullrefresh implement pull-down refresh

One of the scenarios in mobile application development is to refresh the data displayed in the list. You can click the refresh button to refresh the data, and the pull-down refresh function first launched by Twitter is currently the most popular, in

IOS study notes 46 -- asynchronous image loading sdwebimage

In development, the list loading function is often encountered. Most of the functions include image list loading, but the memory of mobile devices is limited, while loading a large number of images consumes a lot of memory. Today, we will introduce

IOS study note 27-use gdataxml to parse XML documents

There are many ways to parse XML documents on the iOS platform. There are built-in parsing methods in the SDK, but in most cases, they tend to use third-party libraries, the reason is higher resolution efficiency, more convenient to use, on the iOS

IOS study note 47-asynchronous image loading-egoimageloading

I introduced an open-source image asynchronous loading library in IOS study note 46 -- sdwebimage for asynchronous image loading. Today I will introduce another function-like egoimageloading, the open-source project described in the previous study

IOS study notes 29-Prompt box mbprogresshud of a third-party library

Mbprogresshud is an open-source project that provides prompt boxes of many styles. It is easy to use and convenient to customize the displayed content. It has powerful functions, it is used in many projects. You can download the project source code

IOS study notes 16 -- Core Data

Core data is a powerful layer located on the SQLite database. It avoids SQL complexity and allows us to interact with the database in a more natural way. Core Data converts database rows to OC objects (Managed Objects) so that they can be operated

Build iOS development environment on AMD win7 (MAC 10.6.8 + xcode 4.2)

Recently, we need to develop an IOS version of a mobile app. We need to build an iOS development environment. We can apply for a budget at LP to buy a Mac, but we have to use the virtualization method to build the Mac operating system first, then

Getting started with iOS development from samples (3)-Document Browsing

IOS provides browsing functions for various documents (PDF, PPT, word, txt, JPG, etc.). This is very useful because we will inevitably need to browse various documents in the app. The official sample code docinteraction shows how to browse documents

Getting started with iOS development from samples (4)-socket-Based Network Programming

Simplenetworkstreams demonstrates how to program on the Socket network to implement a typical scenario of network data transmission in the LAN. One is that the client sends a local image file to the server, the other is that the client downloads

Getting started with iOS development from samples (5)-HTTP-based Network Programming

In the previous article, we talked about how to transmit data over a Socket network. In fact, for Internet resources, we are more developed based on HTTP. simpleurlconnections shows how to transmit data over HTTP, this section mainly describes how

Getting started with iOS development from samples (6) -- photo and album browsing

Myimagepicker demonstrates how to call the photo and album systems and browse them in a custom UI. This is also a popular requirement. Let's take a look at the procedure of using this example: For this sample, I mainly focus on two key points:

IOS video playback [mpmovieplayercontroller]

1. The database must be supported. Mediaplayer. Framework 2. Code Mpmovieplayercontroller * mplayer = [[mpmovieplayercontroller alloc] init]; // video address local nsstring * Path = [[nsbundle mainbundle] pathforresource: @ "FILENAME" andtype:

Compile the libevent library on iOS

Yesterday, libevent ran through on Android, using the process solution mentioned in the previous article. Today, the libevent on iOS is also compiled. Cross-compilation on iOS is much smoother than that of ndk, probably by finding a good article for

IOS interface-continuation of Drawer interaction on the left side of Netease News (adding news content pages and comments page gestures)

1. Introduction Some bloggers read the previous blogIOS interface-drawer interaction on the left side of Netease newsIn Weibo, I asked how to drag and drop content and comments in NetEase news, How to embed uinavigation above. Many people may have

Why does iOS development easily find out where the program crashes during debugging?

Cause Many people commented on some crash messages and asked me what happened to the program. In fact, if you know where the code crashed, it would be easy to locate the problem. Android Developers can see which line of code has a problem by

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