IOS implements simple resumable download nsurlconnection

Reproduced from: Reload The key to implementing resumable data transfer through nsurlconnection is to customize the range field attribute of the HTTP request header. Range HeaderThe

How uiscrollview is displayed in iOS development UI

  Uiscrollview principle post: Tid = 40965 // Author: strong iPhone development license ****: 79190809 mailbox: post please keep in the rolling process, in fact, is modifying the origin

In the iOS development environment, what are certificates and authorization files?

In the iOS development environment, what are certificates and authorization files? Blog type: IOS I. Member Introduction1. Certification (certificate)Certificates are used to authenticate computer development qualifications.

IOS prompts error no such file or directory

========================================================== =============================== Original blog, for reprinting, please declare the source of e-coffee-Focus on mobile Internet ==================================== ============================

IOS simple countdown verification code several seconds

timer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:1.0 target:self selector:@selector(timerFireMethod:) userInfo:nil repeats:YES]; // Countdown method: the verification code is countdown to 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, the button changes and starts to

IOS animation effects-implement pushviewcontroller default animation Effects

During development, view switching is often encountered. Sometimes we do not switch based on the navigation controller. However, in actual development, sometimes we need to implement the push effect, the following code example shows how to implement

Implementation of IOS barcode scanning technology

When we develop IOS applications, especially e-commerce applications, we often encounter bar code scanning business needs. Fortunately, we already have open-source sdks for us-bar code sdks for iOS, the following describes how to use this

IOS uses core text to typeset text

Original post address: The core text package does not exist by default. You must manually add it.In iOS, the key points of Text Formatting using core text are as

Uitableview for iOS development UI display -- paging Loading

In iOS, due to screen size restrictions, if you need to display a lot of data, you need to use paging loading. Principle: first put the data into a table, first display 10 items, at the bottom of the table to view more options, click to view more to

Basic for iOS development-MD5 Encryption Algorithm

The MD5 encryption algorithm is implemented in the following categories: # Import @ Interface nsstring (MD5) -(Nsstring *) md5hexdigest; @ End # Import "nsstring + md5hexdigest. H" @ Implementation nsstring (MD5)   -(Nsstring *)

Gesture of iOS development -- Coexistence of uigesturerecognizer

In the development of iPhone or iPad, apart from touchesbegan /Touchesmoved/touchesended this set of methods to control the user's finger touch, you can also use the operator class of uigesturerecognizer to determine. The advantage of using

IOS airprint Function

Required Conditions for iOS airprint:DeviceA. Mobile DevicesIPad (all models)IPhone (3gs or later)IPod Touch (version 3rd or later)B. printing devicesA printer that supports airprint, And the printer should have the same WiFi network as IOS Mobile

Uitextfield of IOS Components

1. Create01. uitextfield * mytextfield = [[uitextfield alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (50,100,200, 50)]; 2. Set Delegation01. mytextfield. Delegate = self; // The delegate class must comply with the uitextfielddelegate protocol. 3. Setting the

IOS excellent learning resources summary

1. Apple developer guide, very authoritative and essential Http:// 2.

Uitableview/uitableviewcell for iOS Components

Uitableview and uitableviewcell are one of the most important components in IOS. Being proficient in using these two components is a basic skill in iOS development. To use uitableview, you must first inherit the uicontroller and use the

Uilabel of IOS Components

Common attributes and methods of uilabel: // Create a uilabel object Uilabel * label = [[uilabel alloc] initwithframe: Self. View. bounds]; // Set the display text Label. Text = @ "This Is A uilabel demo ,"; // Set the text font Label. font =

IOS-xcode Memory leakage check static/dynamic

Static: In Project-setting, find the "run static analyzer" key and change the value to "yes". In this way, xcode can automatically check for Memory leakage during encoding. Dynamic: Xcode 4.2 was found for half a day before where instruments was

How to port qt4.8.1 to IOS

A few days ago, I saw someone transplanted gitorious, but the download link could not be opened. So I cloned his project and planned to compile it myself. Later I found that He transplanted it on Mac, and mkspec had to try again. I learned from his

IOS cocos2d 2.0-RC1 template Installation Problems

Always return the following information when installing the new version cocos2d (cocos2d 2.0-rc1) with the sudo/users/papabox/downloads/cocos2d-iphone-2.0-rc1/ command in a lion system: 1 cocos2d-iphone template installer 2 3

Open source speech format speex tutorial (for iOS)

During the past two days, I tried to implement something similar to the functions of the walkie talkie. I made two demos, one of which was implemented using the Lib-Amr library in the AMR format. There were off-the-shelf tutorials on the Internet,

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