Debugging of iOS programs prohibited

IOSProgramDebugging settings are prohibited after release: 4.3.3 Development Environment 1. Create the entitlements. plist file, and create key: Can be debugged, value: No. 2. Select "targets" --> "build Settings" --> code signing Settings

How does IOS package into a common static library file?

Create a static library file in xcode. After compilation, two versions are generated. One is the Simulator version and the other is the real machine version. In this way, it is inconvenient to introduce static libraries for development. Therefore,

IOS solves the problem of keyboard blocking input boxes

A problem is found in iOS development. Sometimes when the input box is low, when the input is edited, the pop-up keyboard will block the input box, so that users cannot see the real-time input, make interface interaction extremely unfriendly.

Set cookie in IOS network request

1.Asihttprequest Asihttprequest is an extremely powerful open-source HTTP access project. Allows simple APIs to complete complex functions, such as asynchronous requests, queue requests, and GzipCompression, cache, resumable data transfer,

Ultimate Solution to iOS push

Ultimate Solution to iOS push I have just created an application that uses the push function and encountered some problems. I am very depressed. After two days, I have figured it out. I would like to share it with you. This post focuses on some

Ios sdk: preview and open a document

Http:// Sandbox in IOS makes the platform more secure, which is also the main benefit of sandbox for users. However, due to the strict

IOS executes the specified action after being idle for a period of time (the user has no action)

Original article: 1. Create an objective-C class and inherit from uiapplication. 2. Edit. h as follows: # Import // Define the application

IOS app font Customization

It is very easy to use quartz core to draw text. Apple's quartz 2D reference demonstrates how to use the cgcontextshowtextatpoint function to draw text. Unfortunately, this function does not support Unicode character rendering (this function only

Wireless deployment of IOS 4 (xcode3.2 and xcode4.2)

In IOS 4.0, wireless deployment is added. Wireless deployment is a method completely separated from the iTunes publishing program. OTA deployment "Wireless deployment" is dedicated to enterprise deployment, including ad-hoc and in-house deployment.

IOS 5: A uipageviewcontroller program example

Original article: When creating a project in xcode, you can select the "Page-based application" Project template. You can use this template to create a

Uipagecontrol paging control-iOS development

The pagination control is a visible indicator used to replace the navigation bar, allowing you to directly flip pages with gestures. The most typical application is the iPhone's main screen. When there are too many icons, the page is automatically

Knowledge about IOS uinavigationcontroller and uitabbarcontroller

1. Navigation uinavigationcontroller Navigate to a controller: [Navigatecontroller pushviewcontroller: loginview animated: Yes]; Code returned to the previous page: [Self. navigationcontrollerPopviewcontrolleranimated: Yes]; Code returned to the

How to Use nsbundle objects in iOS development

Bundle is a directory that contains the resources used by the program. these resources contain images, sounds, compiled code, and nib files (bundle is also called plug-in ). corresponding bundle. Cocoa provides the nsbundle class. Our program is a

IOS gets the properties and width of the screen.

APP size, remove the status bar Cgrect r = [uiscreen mainscreen]. applicationframe; R = 320,460 Screen Size Cgrect RX = [uiscreen mainscreen]. bounds; R = 320,480 Status Bar size Cgrect rect; rect = [[uiapplication sharedapplication]

IOS post data, including files to the server

// Upload a file on disk Nsurl * url = [nsurl urlwithstring: @ ""]; Asiformdatarequest * request = [asiformdatarequest requestwithurl: url]; // Nsfilemanager * filemanager = [nsfilemanager defaultmanager]; Nsarray *

IOS development reference resources

Http://   Http:// Working with core data: schema versioning and lightweight migrations lightweight architecture versions and migration http://www.starming.COM/g. php? U = 34493_8498  10 most

Animation effects of switching between IOS view and view

(1) Add the quartzcore. framework component to the project. (2) Add # Import so that all required files can be directly used (3) -(Ibaction) clicktosecond :( ID) sender { // Load the view to be switched Uiviewcontrollersecond * secondview =

The arm structure that IOS developers should know

When I wrote "getting started with the neon iPhone", I thought that the reader had a better understanding of the processor knowledge of iOS devices. However, after reading some discussions on the internet, I found that the original knowledge is not

IOS Localization Application (nslocalizedstring)

You do not need to talk about app localization. This article will introduce a simple method to implement string localization. If we define a title for a button in the code without considering localization, we generally write the following statement:

IOS viewdidunload Method

In ios6, The viewdidunload callback method is deprecated. View Apple's documentation and see the following description. So what should I do with the code originally in viewdidunload? In ios6, how should I handle the memory warning? With these

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