Preparing for release of moviguard IOS

Moviguard IOS is ready for release. It adopts MPEG4 Video Encoding and RTSP transmission protocol. It supports real-time viewing, capturing, parameter setting, and other functions. PC server and other platform mobile client please visit

In iOS, nsdate is accurate to the day (general version)

Nsdate* Nowdate1 = [NsdateDate]; Nsdateformatter* Formatter = [[[NsdateformatterAlloc]Init]Autorelease]; [FormatterSetdateformat @ "Yyyy-mm-dd")];  Nsmutablestring* Datestr = [NsmutablestringStringwithstring: [FormatterStringfromdate: Nowdate1]

ArcGIS runtime SDK for iOS 2.2 released

ArcGIS runtime SDK for iOS 2.2 is released at the developer summit. The enhancements in version 2.2 are as follows: 1. Search for and access content, users, and groups on; 2. Supports WMS layers; 3. Supports conversion between

ArcGIS runtime SDK for iOS v2.2.1 released

ArcGIS runtime SDK for iOS v2.2.1 was released. This version mainly fixes SDK installer in v2.2. In v2.2, installProgramCopies unnecessary files related to ArcGIS Project template for xcode. These templates are canceled in V2.1. Generally, copying

IOS-ssh over USB to iOS devices, which is much faster than WiFi

First download 1. decompress the attachment and CD it to the python-client folder; 2. Command Line input: Python tcprelay. py-T 3. On-screen display: Forwarding local port 2222 to remote port 22 (

Apple IOS --- iCloud beta is open to developers

Beta Open Access Apple opened the beta version of iCloud access on Monday. The address isICloud. Com, currently only for iOS 5 or Mac lion users. Note that some beta functions are only for developers. The login interface is as elegant as ever.

IOS-find the uiviewcontroller of the uiview through the message responder chain

@ Interface uiview (firstviewcontroller)-(Uiviewcontroller *) firstviewcontroller;-(ID) traverseresponderchainforuiviewcontroller;@ End@ Implementation uiview (firstviewcontroller)-(Uiviewcontroller *) firstviewcontroller {// Convenience function

IOS-nsdateformatter format description

The formatting parameters are as follows:G: The age of the public, such as ad AdYY: the last two digits of the yearYyyy: full yearMM: month, 1-12Mmm: month, which is abbreviated as the English month, as shown in figureJanMmmm: month. The full name

ArcGIS for iOS development series (2)-Development Environment Configuration

We have mastered some basic knowledge. Before you start programming, You need to configure the development environment:2.1 IOS Configuration 1) Mac computer (both MacBook Air/Pro, Mac Mini and IMAC ); 2) Snow Leopard (minor version 10.6.2 or later),

ArcGIS for iOS development series (3)-basics-"Hello World Map"

After the environment configuration is completed, let's start developing ArcGIS for iOS. By convention, we will first create a "hello World Map" program and use the project we created in the previous section. Step 1: configure the page. Find

ArcGIS for iOS development series (6)-basics-layers-dynamic Layers

Next, we will continue to introduce layers in the previous section...2 dynamic Layers In contrast to static layers, the data obtained by the dynamic layer (agsdynamiclayer) is generated by the server in real time. In addition to basic information,

ArcGIS for iOS series (7)-basics-spatial elements-geometric shapes

Loading data is boring. More often, interaction is required to allow users to control the visual effect of maps. For example: add tags to the map, highlight the queried streets, modify the rendering style of the chemical contaminated area, and so on.

ArcGIS for iOS development series (5)-basics-layers-static Layers

Layers are the carrier of spatial data. If you have a little understanding of ArcGIS Server, you can understand that different types of layers in the API correspond to different services released on the server, which can be divided into two

ArcGIS for iOS series (8)-basics-spatial elements-symbol rendering and attribute information

2-symbol Rendering The ry is the skeleton of the map, and the graph still needs to be mapped. The ry is another huge topic. We will not expand it here to introduce the symbols and rendering directly. A symbol is a space element. It defines the color,

Use regexkitlite in IOS to try Regular Expressions

Use regexkitlite in IOS to try Regular Expressions Favorites Preparations: Download regexkitlitePackage. After decompression, there are two files that need to be loaded into the project. And then load the framework.Libicucore. dylibBecause

IOS real machine compilation and debugging steps

From: For real-machine debugging, you must first register an app ID on the Apple website and buy an iPhone develop program (IDP) Developer license for $99. To create a CSR request

Traverse and sort PNG files in sandbox on iOS

Int intsort (ID string2, Id string1, void * locale) { Static nsstringcompareoptions comparisonoptions = Nscaseinsensitivesearch | nsnumericsearch | Nswidthinsensitivesearch | nsforcedorderingsearch; Nsange string1range = nsmakerange (0, [string1

K's iOS development and learning notes

This note is constantly updated. You are welcome to pay attention to and repost it and make progress together.   I. Object C and other basic concepts: 1) Use object-C # import instead # include 2) The default file Suffix of Object-C is. m, and the

Use Photoshop to create an iOS tabbar icon

IOS apps use tab bars and usually we want to create our own icons. however, creating icons for the tab bar is not as simple as drawing a pretty icon in Photoshop and saving it as PNG due to the way IOS renders tab bar icons. Read this brief tutorial

IOS iPlayer SDK (V1.1) is officially released.

SDK (V1.1) Description Bytes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. This SDK is a RTSP-based player developed for the iOS platform.2. Simple and Easy to use3. Related SDK usage and Development

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