iOS remove the black line at the bottom of the Navigationbar

Look at the effect chart firstThis is the material.Little brother just started to load this background picture directly with NavigationbarIn Appdelgate:Objective C code? 1 2 [[Uinavigationbar appearance] setbackgroundimage:[uiimage

iOS removes the line from the bottom of the navigation bar

This line will be available by defaultThe first method: Uinavigationbar *navigationbar = Self.navigationController.navigationBar; White.png picture oneself to download a pure white color block, or own PS do a [Navigationbar

IOS Exception Handling

Nsexception * Ex = [[nsexception alloc] initwithname: @ "exceptionname" // just for test reason: @ "XXX" userinfo: Nil]; // customnsexception * Ex = [[customnsexception alloc] initwithname: @ "customnsexceptionname" // just for test // reason: @

IOS instance method call

1. respondstoselector: SEL and performselector: withobject contain a parameter 2. If multiple parameters are required, you can use dictionary encapsulation for multiple parameters. 3. If you really need operation parameters, refer to the

Common crash solution for iOS

1. Add debugging Control Add three variables to arguments in executables and set the value to yes. Nszombieenabled Mallocstacklogging Mallocstackloggingnocompact In GDB: (format:Shell malloc_history ) Shell malloc_history 1436 0x5f7fcf0

Communication and data sharing between IOS applications

The iOS platform cannot share data directly through the file system. 1,Use uidocumentinteractioncontroller Restricted by the uidesign of uidocumentinteractioncontroller, it can only support up to 6 third-party applications,On ios6,

IOS project version

I. Version 1. Bundle versions string, short --- cfbundle#versionstring 1.1 Release Version Number (three integers (1.0.0), corresponding to major version revisions, revision highlights, and maintenance) 1.2 version of the target project targets

IOS push implementation and server test + considerations

I. Prepare materials 1. Create a push certificate in the app Certificate (Download and install... remember to keep p12 (Cer. p12 and key. p12) + CER + mobileprovision for future update packages. Do not reconfigure the new p12 on the server after

IOS sdk6.0 horizontal screen rotation settings (compatible with sdk6.0 and earlier versions)

Enable Automatic horizontal screen instances after startup (compatible with sdk6.0 or lower ): 1. Proxy Modification -(Bool) Application :( uiapplication *) Application didfinishlaunchingwitexceptions :( nsdictionary *) launchoptions {If

Upload an appstore for iOS

I. Prepare materials 1. icon: IPhone: 114*114: icon@2x.png and 57*57: icon.png IPad: 72*72: icon.png 2. Launch icon IPhone: default.png, Default@2x.png IPad: Default-Portrait.png iPad dedicated vertical boot screen 768x1024 or

Phonegap for iOS plug-in development

1. Create a phonegap project myplugin Environment Xcode4.5.1 Phonegap2.1.0 2. Create an implementation in subclass under the plugin folder //// MyPlugin.h// MyPGPlugin//// Created by kllmctrl on 12-10-29.////#import @interface MyPlugin :

Ios file doc.txt and so on

1. uidocumentinteractioncontroller full screen display #import @interface LLFileVC : UIViewController{ BOOL _isShowing; NSURL *_docURL;}@property (nonatomic, retain) UIDocumentInteractionController *docInteractionController;-(id)

[IOS] understanding of tableviewcell and the significance of reuseidentifier

I believe many people are familiar with the following code. When using tableview, the following code is required, the most standard, and the core: -(Uitableviewcell *) tableview :( uitableview *) tableview cellforrowatindexpath :( nsindexpath *)

[IOS] xcode solution for code highlighting, syntax prompts, error warnings, and other functional failures

When writing xcode projects, the Code is not highlighted, and all the warnings are not prompted. The include content also displays symbol not found, which is very strange. The solution is as follows: method 1: 1. Comment out all contents in. PCH. 2.

Releasing IOS apps (I)-How to become a legal IOS developer

Application Process for iOS developersIf you are a development team, you 'd better ask your colleagues if someone has obtained the development license before you plan to purchase IOS developer authorization, because a development license can

Release of IOS apps (IV)-how to upload apps to iTunes connect

In this article, I will briefly introduce how to upload IPA to iTunes.Connect. Log on to iTunesConnect. after entering the Manage Your applications page, click the application icon you created to go to the application's home page. On the Application

Common open-source class libraries for iOS

Develop several common open source class libraries and:Reference1. JSON encoding and decoding2. gtmbase64 base64 encoding and decoding3. touchxml Parsing4. sfhfkeychainutils securely Save the user password to the keychain5. mbprogresshud a great

Shake in IOS

Simple implementation. There are several monitoring responses in the uiresponder class. Responding to touch events-Touchesbegan: withevent:-Touchesmoved: withevent:-Touchesended: withevent:-Touchescancelled: withevent:Responding to Motion

IOS icon startup Screen

You don't have to worry about naming. You can directly use xcode4.3 to support visual operations. Drag it in and name it automatically. You don't need to consider the name. The icon is the same.Application icon Icon.png (57x57)-homescreen icon on

IOS font size and font size uifont

IOS font size, font size problem UIFont2011-06-29 Uifont ParametersFontsizeThe size (in points) to which the font is scaled. This value must be greater than 0.0. The actual fontsize parameter is pointsize, which is a pixel. The font size on Windows

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