iOS Network State simulation--network Link Conditioner

Http:// [Summary: For iOS pioneers, one of the future versions of Mac OS X 10.7 and iOS 6,--network Link conditioner, is going to be a big sponsor at some time. The article is first and foremost to accommodate

IOS Xcode 4.4 app uploaded to itunes Connect__ios

Prerequisite 1, certificate application, installation, activation and other operating procedures must be completed correctly (see: iOS Application of the True Machine debugging (detailed version)) Then open the Certificicates distribution page and

IOS Learning NSNavigationController1 Parent-child page Jump navigation bar Hide __ios

@implementation Appdelegate -(BOOL) Application: (UIApplication *) application didfinishlaunchingwithoptions: (Nsdictionary *) launchOptions { Override point for customization after application launch. SELF.HOMEVC = [[Homeviewcontroller alloc]init];

IOS tab Jump __ios

Today in IOS development process encountered a problem, is in the tab page jump. What I want to achieve is to jump to the root View of tab3 from the TAB1,TAB2,TAB3,TAB4 page. The following are the relevant code for implementation: -(void)

The IOS learning nsoperation network downloads pictures involving plist files, reusing cells, taking up bitmaps, caching pools, cleaning up memory __ios

#import "HomeTableViewController.h" #import "CZApp.h" @interface Hometableviewcontroller () Container for plist file data @property (Nonatomic,strong) Nsarray *listarray; Manage queues for global download operations @property (Nonatomic,strong)

The most complete classic summary: iOS jump to Third-party applications, app jump transfer value

It is best to add support for HTTP protocol info plist Plus NSAllowsArbitraryLoads Attention: Simulator can also jump, the first time the simulator Jump app will pop up a prompt box. The real machine doesn't bounce. Prompt box Here the

iOS size unit pt, PPI and px conversion relationship

On the Apple iphone 6s screen parameters I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar, the size of 4.7 inches, 1334 x 750 resolution so that its PPI reached 326 SP and PX Conversion formula: sp*ppi/160 = pxConclusion:PX = dp*ppi/160DP = PX/(ppi/160

iOS peak two apps call each other and carry parameter values

1, new two projects: Appone,apptwo; 2, respectively in their list of attributes are added as follows: Appone: Apptwo: Add code to the Appone viewcontroller.m: -(void) Touchesbegan: (Nsset *) touches withevent: (Uievent *) event { Nsurl *url

IOS-(jump between two apps)

One program to jump to another program. needs to be modified in the plist file of the target program: Open info.plist, add a URL types Expand the URL types, and then expand Item0 to change the URL under Item0 to URL Scheme Expand URL Scheme To

IOS---Jump __ios between two apps

1, first we will create the first single application, named Firstapp. Here's a quick explanation, language says that the project we created is based on objective-c, and that I will follow the tutorials based on Swift. Devices said the project we

iOS development using code snippet to create snippets

Turn from: This is for the collection of spare. Add: Xcode7, select the code after the long press, the mouse changes the arrow, drag to the code snippet, and then edit save. In the process of

Solve the problem that the Ifream page of HTML5 under iOS can't slide

HTML5 Mobile development will sometimes use the Ifream mosaic page, as shown in the following figure: But the test found that the page appears to be normal on Android, but the iOS page doesn't slide Solution: Adds a parent control to the

iOS sliding around page refresh

-(void) Scrollviewdidscroll: (Uiscrollview *) scrollview{ One page after loading if (Scrollview==self.tablescroll) { CGFloat pagewidth=scrollview.frame.size.width; int Page=floor ((SCROLLVIEW.CONTENTOFFSET.X-PAGEWIDTH/2)/pagewidth) +1; if

iOS tableview multiple tabular forms

Https:// Simple and Easy-to-use -(ID) init { self = [super initwithstyle:uitableviewstylegrouped]; if (!self) return nil; return self; } -(void) Viewdidload { [Super Viewdidload]; Set

Two ways to upload IOS images

We are writing code often will be the Avatar upload server, upload avatar image I tried two ways One way is to use the Base64 string upload pictures, this form I personally think more suitable for uploading pictures, such as uploading a picture,

IOS Click Tabbaritem for Login to judge

We sometimes click on the Tabbaritem, it is necessary to login to judge, then how do we judge it, like clicking on a shopping cart, we need users to determine how to judge the login we have to use the Tabbarcontroller in a protocol method such

IOS Sandbox store Read pictures

1. Create a new project, drag out two ImageView and two button, and associate the code separately Join in 2.button action -(Ibaction) Save: (ID) Sender { Nsarray *paths = Nssearchpathfordirectoriesindomains (Nsdocumentdirectory,nsuserdomainmask,

The simple implementation of IOS is similar to the novel reading sliding paging effect

Nonsense not much to say on the code we're going to create a Uiviewcontroller typedef Enum:nsuinteger { Fade = 1,//fade

Troubleshoot memory leaks in iOS due to timers

Call the Timer method once: [CPP] view plain copy mytimer = [Nstimer scheduledtimerwithtimeinterval:1.5 target:self selector: @selector (   Scrolltimer) Userinfo:nil Repeats:no]; Do not repeat, call only once. The timer will automatically stop

"Ios-cocos2d game development Five" "2" multiple contacts and touch screen event detailed (single monitor, event distribution)

Then probably introduced after the monitoring event, then the touch screen of the most concerned should be more contact; -----get multi-touch nsset *alltouches = [Event Alltouches];    Uitouch *touchone = [[Alltouches allobjects]objectatindex:0];   

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