IOS Unicode Character Processing

#define THEROWLENGTH 16 #define Unicodestart 9728-1+ (NSString *) Replaceunicode: ( NSString *) Unicodestr { NSString *tempstr1 = [unicodestr stringbyreplacingoccurrencesofstring:@ "\\u" withstring:@ "\\u"]; NSString *TEMPSTR2 = [tempStr1

ios--character encoding, conversion between NSString and UTF-8

ASCII code believe very familiar with, but they have been unable to remember the Basic Law, sometimes used up very uncomfortable. ASCII, a total of 7 digits, representing 128 characters, typically preceded by a 0 complement of 8 bits to form a bit.

[Original]ios--character encoding, conversion between NSString and UTF-8

2015-4-14 Reading 47 Comments 0 ASCII code believe very familiar with, but they have been unable to remember the Basic Law, sometimes used up very uncomfortable. ASCII, a total of 7 digits, representing 128 characters, typically preceded by a 0

Reasons for iOS audit rejection and solutions

M One, Reasons2.2:apps that exhibit bugs would be rejected-----2.2----- We found that your app exhibited one or more bugs, when reviewed on IPad running iOS 8.1.2 and IPhone 5s running iOS 8.1.2 , on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, which is isn't

iOS loading local HTML files, pictures not showing the problem __html

The first way to import HTML files is to use this method: NSString *path = [[NSBundle mainbundle] pathforresource:@ "filename" oftype:@ "html"]; NSString *html = [NSString stringwithcontentsoffile:path encoding:nsutf8stringencoding Error:nil];

IOS Shelves Guideline 5.1.5-legal-privacy-location Services Issue __ios

The information on the rejection is as follows: Guideline 5.1.5-legal-privacy-location Services Your app uses Location services but does not clarify the purpose The location modal alert. Apps that collect, transmit, or with location data must

Ios-uibutton set rounded corners and border and border colors

[Box.actionButton.layer Setmaskstobounds:yes]; [Box.actionButton.layer setcornerradius:10.0]; Set rectangle four fillet radius //Border width [box.actionButton.layer setborderwidth:1.0]; There are two ways to set the color of

iOS jump to Appstore,appstore check version update (online will be rejected), jump to the settings interface

1, now the application of the upgrade problem, Apple has helped us solve, is in our applications do not need to be prompted to upgrade the problem, the mobile phone system will automatically upgrade to the latest version (first allow upgrades), but

iOS custom nsoperation added to Nsoperationqueue, the system automatically executes the Start method

1. Created 3 tasks to join the queue to execute -(void) Createoperationqueue { //Create a queue nsoperationqueue *queue = [[Nsoperationqueue alloc]init]; Create a task ljoperation *op1 = [[Ljoperation alloc]init];

Settings for AutoLayout multipli properties in iOS

Method One: Using the three-party framework masonry [self.loginbtnmas_makeconstraints:^ (Masconstraintmaker *make) { Make.width.equalTo (self.view.mas_width). Multipliedby (0.3); Make.height.equalTo (@30); Make.centerX.equalTo

# # IOS with the AutoLayout occlusion keyboard Processing # #

IOS uses a AutoLayout occlusion keyboard for processing Explain my situation first: 1. I used a simple login problem with the combination of masonry and iOS AutoLayout. LoginView is one of my login background,, set the center, when I click Input, I

The number of messages displayed when the IOS uinavigationcontroller uitabbarcontroller nested use __ios

Uitabbarcontroller * tab = [[Uitabbarcontrolleralloc]init]; Rootviewcontroller * Rootv = [[Rootviewcontrolleralloc]init]; Uinavigationcontroller * nav = [[Uinavigationcontrolleralloc]initwithrootviewcontroller:rootv]; Tab.viewcontrollers = @[nav];

There are three ways to play audio in iOS: Avaudioplayer, audio services, audio queues. __ios

This article is mainly about Avaudioplayer, the other two see related articles. Avaudioplayer in the avfoundation frame, so we're going to import avfoundation.framework. The Avaudioplayer class encapsulates the ability to play a single sound. The

iOS uses Avaudiorecorder to record audio and then play with Avaudioplayer

iOS provides us with the Avfoundation FrameWork, that is, the Audio/video base Class library, by using this class library, can be recorded in the application, play video, audio and other functions, easy to use. The role of the avfoundation

iOS integrated Cloud Instant Messaging Detail Tutorial

Related integration methods can also refer directly to the Official document Http:// Here are some detailed steps in my integration process. 1. Preparation: To the official website Register

iOS Pure Code suitability judgment

To provide you with a set of code matching the judgment, you can use directly, create a new. h file, and then paste the code in, you can directly use The code to write in. h: #define IS_IPAD (ui_user_interface_idiom () =

IOS Baidu positioning (get latitude and longitude)

Because of system reasons, iOS does not allow the use of third-party positioning, so the Map SDK positioning method, in essence, the native location of the two encapsulation. Through encapsulation, developers can be more convenient to use. In

IOS uses Qlpreviewcontroller to preview local and network files

Recently in the project to do a document preview of the function, do it with the original iOS Qlpreviewcontroller class, here to do a record share First introduce header file #import Follow agent Qlpreviewcontrollerdatasource Declare a

iOS Uialertcontroller Frame (iOS 9.0 replaces the Uialertview frame and uiactionsheet down frame)

After iOS 9.0, Apple officially announced no longer or no recommendation to use Uialertview and uiactionsheet to be replaced by Uialertcontroller. It's easy to use a controller to combine the two. The following is a common method of Uialertview

The implementation of the font size adaptation for iOS development

An iOS development project is nothing more than a pure code layout, xib, or SB layout. So how to achieve the two ways of matching the size of the font. Font Size fit------Pure Code definition a macro is defined as follows: #define Sizescale

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