No push information after iOS package (iOS self-study notes)

The question I'm going to say today is about a particularly magical question I've encountered. Application in the test environment, the packet was not sent to the push There's no push after packing. After a long time to find the reason, very egg

ios-Set status bar color (battery color)

The IOS status bar has two forms----white background, black lettering and black background. (Uistatusbarstylelightcontent,uistatusbarstyledefault) Set the method as follows: Add a row to the file 2. To change the

The file ' s owner in iOS

Seen from the StackOverflow. Two points to being remembered:the File owner is the "object" loads the nib. Ie. This object which receives the message Loadnibnamed:or initwithnibname:.                                  So if you are want to access the

Using application uploader to upload iOS App under Windows

We know that the release of an app, is generally used to Apple's application Loader assistant upload application, used to know that the use of very cumbersome, often error. And can only run on the MAC system, the need for certain hardware conditions.

Application Loader Windows--ios shelves are simple.

IOS apps typically use Xcode or use Application Loade to submit build IPA, which can only be used on Mac systems. Many cross-platform developers are looking for a application loader version of Windows, implementing an iOS Certificate in a

How IOS uses application Loader to upload IPA packages to the App Store

Their previous projects, in the submission of the App store when uploading with itunes connect the IPA package is always the operation can not be successful, wasted a lot of time or did not upload success, so on a different way to upload, is

IOS draw big Turntable animation Calayer Layer Introduction

1. First to introduce the properties of the next layer -(void) initimageview{ Initialize ImageView Uiimageview *imageview = [[Uiimageview alloc]initwithimage:[uiimage imagenamed:@ "1.jpg"]]; Set the IAMGE position to center Imageview.frame =

iOS Development (small details you don't know)---status bar

Status bar, Uistatusbar shows the basic information, such as electricity, operators and so on. Unless your application is full-screen, he will be shown at the top of the screen, which features the status bar, which takes up 20 point widths. What's

IOS modifies app's status bar color to white __ios

After IOS7, the system provides two ways to manage the status bar: 1. Through UIApplication management (the entire application's status bar is managed by it) 2. Through Uiviewcontroller management (each uiviewcontroller can have the unused status

IOS navigation bar and status bar color-related settings __ios

Local navigation bar color settings Set navigation bar color self.navigationController.navigationBar.barTintColor = [Uicolor colorwithred:78.0/255 Green : 238.0/255 blue:218.0/255 alpha:1.0]; Set navigation bar text color white

Windows version of the application loader release submitted to iOS application

We are now on the shelf iOS app is usually used in Apple's application Loader application Loader, this tool is very good to help developers on the shelves, but this tool can only be used on the Mac computer, restricting the use of the environment.

IOS easy to forget face test collection (preparation)

1, why NSString to use copy. Rather than strong/assign. Case 1: @interface Test () @property (nonatomic, strong) NSString *strongstring; @property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *copyedstring; @end @implementation -(void) test{ nsstring

iOS APNs message One can not receive the solution directly

In the afternoon, our test environment has not received the APNS message (two in the morning). After dealing with the final solution to the problem, record, other code dragon friends See, can also refer to the reference. There are several specific

IOS Crash positioning

I use Symbolicatecrash to do crash file symbols when found that no effect, try to use Atos for crash file to sign. Special record use process. Documents Required for Prerequisites: The is in the package that was packaged in Xcode

IOS Lottery Turntable

#import "ViewController.h" @interface Viewcontroller () {NSString *strprise;} @property (Retain, nonatomic) UIView *popview; @property (Retain, nonatomic) Uilabel *labprise; @property (Retain, nonatomic) UIButton *btn; @property (Retain, nonatomic)

iOS get current position latitude and longitude degree

Recently in doing a bus query project, you need to locate the current location in order to conduct a nearby site query, and you share how to obtain their current position latitude and longitude First add the Corelocation.framework

The IOS Aurora push message is pushed successfully, but the phone does not receive a solution.

1. Confirm that the certificate is consistent with the app's bundle ID 2. Verify that your push certificate has expired 3. Confirm that your app_key is in line with the Aurora App_key 4. Correctly invoke Bindchannel and return AppID, UserID and

iOS rebound animation effect

Create a new item, and then put a view in the storyboard and set the view position in AutoLayout And the top of the distance (set Y) Distance from left (set X) Set size Drag a port for view Add a drag gesture to the view in Viewdidload -(void)

How to leave the button text to the left alignment problem on iOS

Button.titleLabel.textAlignment = Nstextalignmentleft; This sentence is invalid button.contenthorizontalalignment = uicontrolcontenthorizontalalignmentleft; Button.titleedgeinsets = Uiedgeinsetsmake (0, 10, 0, 0); Use here

How iOS peak lets Uisearchbar occupy Fu left

Workaround: Create a new uisearchbar category, my new name here is Uisearchbar+zmsearchbarplaceholder The code is as follows: Uisearchbar+zmsearchbarplaceholder.h #import @interface uisearchbar (Zmsearchbarplaceholder) -(void)

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