The file ' s owner in iOS

Seen from the StackOverflow. Two points to being remembered:the File owner is the "object" loads the nib. Ie. This object which receives the message Loadnibnamed:or initwithnibname:.                                  So if you are want to access the

IOS Development UI Adapter Iphone6 iphone 6plus

Apple releases two new sizes of big-screen iphone 6,ios platform size adaptation problem finally came, mobile design fully into the "miscellaneous screen" era. So how to deliver a set of design manuscript to solve the problem of large and small

iOS Network State simulation--network Link Conditioner

Http:// [Summary: For iOS pioneers, one of the future versions of Mac OS X 10.7 and iOS 6,--network Link conditioner, is going to be a big sponsor at some time. The article is first and foremost to accommodate

iOS Add font Library

Transferred from Http:// Sometimes you might want to add a Third-party font library for the beauty of the interface. How to use it.1. Add a font library to your project.2. Add a new column to the Info.plist as shown

Use of IOS 8 Sizeclass with auto layout

In the growing number of apple rings, even if the mobile phone application alone, in the screen size judgment is no longer an if can solve the problem. Apple's new Sizeclass on IOS8 is a feature that matches the previous AutoLayout use and perfectly

iOS development: Importing font libraries

Using custom Fonts Way one: Local fonts imported to the Engineering directory use first, to find a font package download down, I use the founder of the Orchid Pavilion Special Black Simplified (Figure 1), 2.5M sizeDrag to the engineering directory

iOS changes the Uitextfield frame inside the Uisearchbar and removes the Uisearchbar background

1, custom Uisearchbar subclass Mysearchbar, rewrite Layoutsubviews method. Code: -(void) layoutsubviews { [super layoutsubviews]; For (UIView *view in self.subviews) { if ([View iskindofclass:nsclassfromstring (@ "UIView")] &&

IOS uisearchbar Modify placeholder font color and size

When I modify the placeholder font color above the searchbar, my own handwritten code is exactly the same as the correct one, it doesn't recognize it, it always collapses, and the wrong content says it's not the value, it's a hell of a thing. When I

ios-40-the code of the test environment and the formal environment distinguishes __ios by identifiers

Please look at the code: /** * Basic API interface, most interfaces are in this document * * * #ifndef tldbaseapiurls_h #define TLDBASEAPIURLS_H #endif/* Tldbaseapiurls_h * * #import "TLDDefines.h" /** * *********************************

Problem solving when iOS releases the shelves

In iOS development, app release is an essential process, as the version of the update, some issues encountered in the release of the summary here, the great god please drift. In one release, archive encountered the following problems, ITunes Store

customizing view in iOS

Overriding the DrawRect method -(void) DRAWHU2 { 1. Getting context Cgcontextref CTX =uigraphicsgetcurrentcontext (); 1.1 Set the width of the line Cgcontextsetlinewidth (ctx,20); 1.2 Set the starting point style for the line Cgcontextsetlinecap

iOS main thread Change UI

if ([Nsthread Ismainthread]) {[self.downloadmapbtn setimage:[uiimage imagenamed:@ ' download_map.png '] ForState:UIC       Ontrolstatenormal];   [Self.downloadmapbtn Setneedsdisplay]; else {Dispatch_sync (Dispatch_get_main_queue (), ^{//update UI in

iOS 16-in-turn nsdata

Data ext. 16 + (NSString *) Datatohexstr: (NSData *) Data { if (!data | | [data length] = = 0) { return @ ""; } nsmutablestring *string = [[nsmutablestring alloc] initwithcapacity:[data length]]; [Data enumeratebyterangesusingblock:^ (const void

afnetworking3.0 Network request in iOS

+ (void) requestappstoreversionsuccess: (void (^) (id result) sucback Failed: (void (^) (id failresult)) faiback View: (UIView *) hudview{ Afhttpsessionmanager *mgr = [Afhttpsessionmanager manager]; [Mgr

How iOS applications get version numbers to implement application updates

1. Get the version of the current run program If we need to implement the version of the app update automatically, we need to get the version information of the current running program and the latest version information released in the App

Mango iOS developer git add-a and git add-u, git Add.

Main content: 1, git add-a 2. Git Add. 3. Git add-u I. Overview: Git add is the first step in git code management to save modified code, but there are three git add commands that are commonly used in git, namely git add-a, git add-u, git Add.

IOS uses code and storyboard to create Uitabbarcontroller separately

Transferred from 1, the most common one of iOS layout, at the bottom of the tab navigation, control the different views. 2, the use of code to create Uitabbarcontroller. 1) in the Appdelegate

iOS application crash log uncovered

This article can also find English here Learn to make sense of crash logs! The writer is Soheil Moayedi Azarpour, an independent iOS developer. As an application developer, have you ever had the following experience? To make sure your application

iOS development: Installing the true Machine Debug certificate

Install development Certificate 1. Login to iOS provisioning portal: with developer account 2. Enter the Certificates management page, click on the lower right page link "Click here to

iOS application crash log uncovered

Original address: 8f%ad%e7%a7%98 Click to open the link This article can also find English here If you are new here, your may want to

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