IOS webview page position Move Down/offset

Problem Description: WebView size position is correct WebView-loaded Web page is moved down So that the bottom of the webview is exposed Solution: You can add the following code Self.automaticallyadjustsscrollviewinsets = NO //oc

IOS App Interface Design specification

Original address: Http:// Record iOS and Andoird interface design specifications, facilitate standard product design, and communicate with designers about iOS interface Dimensions Equipment resolution

Unity3d IOS Local message notification localnotification use __ios

The game now usually has local news, such as 12 or 6 o'clock in the afternoon every day to tell players to enter the game to collect physical strength. This kind of thing does not need the server to push, the client can complete. Unity inside

Add a push code to the IOS program

Add a push code to the iOS program adding the code for a push Enabled iOS application Now we're starting to develop the project, and in order for the app to accept push notifications, we need to make some changes to the program. We are now ready

Several scenarios in which IOS can easily cause "circular references"

In Reading, the author sums up a few scenarios where the iOS platform can easily cause circular references: Parent-child Mutual holding and entrusting modeSecond, blockThird, NstimerFour, like the self if the array. can also cause circular

On the evolution of iOS Push in IOS6/7/8/9

Brief Introduction After the iOS device is installed, the app is usually asked if it is allowed to send notifications (see below), and when agreed, users will generally receive a push from an app.    For example, users receive a tweet, their

November 2015 Xcode7.1 (7b91b) package release Apple iOS application guide

November 2015 Xcode7.1 (7b91b) package release Apple iOS application guide Step 1th: Configure the project's Development authorization certificate (Figure 1) As shown in Figure 1, select the project name under targets. (Figure 2) As shown in

About iOS map location Click to set-> privacy-> positioning Service Flash-back problem

IOS8 after the location service is not opened, prompts the user to click the set-> privacy-> Positioning service, but the Setup program allows the location of the flash-back problem. Cause of error: After iOS8, the positioning function requires

"iOS reverse engineering" from shelling to acquiring source code

iOS-side apps are added to the App store by adding a binary file, similar to the Android obfuscation, to prevent decompile, but sometimes for reasons that are not descriptive, we imagine some Daniel learning some experience and saying, "Reading

Instruments Xcode self-Debugging Tools iOS Performance Optimization: Instruments use Combat

IOS Performance Optimization: Instruments Use combat Instruments is used to analyze the performance of the entire application. Discover many interesting points, as well as performance optimization and some techniques for analyzing performance

iOS modal jump plus navigation bar

Modal Jump plus navigation bar, Yesterday to change the project found by the commonly used push jump suddenly can not use the view of the code to know that the original page is the previous page modal jump over, so need to bring the navigation bar

iOS digital time and time conversion

The digital time stamp and the time mutual grasping exchange Note: Because Java is more accurate than PHP time, so, the time of the background data Java is 13 bits, and PHP is 10 bits, iOS time to scratch only support 10 digits, so if the Java

IOS App Release-expedited audit __ios

If the project requires an urgent audit, Apple provides an emergency audit channel, the following describes how to apply for an emergency audit.Apply for expedited audit of the direct Web site:Https://

Appium to operate according to the actual text (IOS) __ios

Following is the implementation code Final string[] type = {"button", "Statictext", "TextField"}; For (final String Element:type) { Final list Elems = driver.findelements (By.tagname (Element)); int n = 0; For (final webelement Ele:elems) { Final

Ios-uitableviewcell change Edit Status picture

UITableViewCell is the editing state will appear when the multiple-selection button, the recent project has the need to change to their own pictures and remove the Click Effect, summed up: The effect of the picture is like this: The effect we need

iOS music playback Headset Listening event

Unplug headset listening operation Add a notification, unplug the headset and pause playback [[nsnotificationcenter defaultcenter] addobserver:self selector: @selector (routechange:) Name: Avaudiosessionroutechangenotification Object:nil];

iOS network development--json data decoding (using nsjsonserialization)

Let's take a case mynotes to learn how to use nsjsonserialization. Here, the data structure is redesigned in JSON format, The contents of the memo information Notes.json document are as follows: {"ResultCode": 0, "record": [ {"ID": "1", "CDate": "

iOS development monitors mobile phone traffic usage

There are several problems in getting mobile phone usage traffic:①ios is unable to monitor the boot and shutdown broadcasts like Android, immediately shuts down and then turns on, and the traffic on the monitored mobile network is emptied by default.

Get iOS device Udid (device unique identifier) via Safari and Mobileconfig

Popular Science:UDID is a 40-string sequence of substrings and numbers that distinguishes each unique iOS device, including IPhones, IPads, and IPod touches As Apple gets more and more strict in the program to get Udid, the private API has not got

Analysis of iOS Touch elf simulation of touch-type plug


one, external functions:Similar to the analog button, this type of plug is mainly used for image recognition, using LUAC script to identify the image. And then through the private API to achieve touch-screen operation function.second, external

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