Get the iOS Headset wire-control event

-(BOOL) canbecomefirstresponder{ NSLog (@ "_____%s_____", __function__); return YES; } Received remote event -(void) Remotecontrolreceivedwithevent: (uievent *) event{ NSLog (@ "event tyipe:::%d subtype:::%d", Event.type,event.subtype); type==2

The use of #pragma in iOS

In the development process, we can add the following code before the method to provide a similar method annotation function, which provides annotations and also facilitates a quick positioning of your own method in the navigation bar above the code

iOS modal jump plus navigation bar

Modal Jump plus navigation bar, Yesterday to change the project found by the commonly used push jump suddenly can not use the view of the code to know that the original page is the previous page modal jump over, so need to bring the navigation bar

iOS digital time and time conversion

The digital time stamp and the time mutual grasping exchange Note: Because Java is more accurate than PHP time, so, the time of the background data Java is 13 bits, and PHP is 10 bits, iOS time to scratch only support 10 digits, so if the Java

IOS App Release-expedited audit __ios

If the project requires an urgent audit, Apple provides an emergency audit channel, the following describes how to apply for an emergency audit.Apply for expedited audit of the direct Web site:Https://

Appium to operate according to the actual text (IOS) __ios

Following is the implementation code Final string[] type = {"button", "Statictext", "TextField"}; For (final String Element:type) { Final list Elems = driver.findelements (By.tagname (Element)); int n = 0; For (final webelement Ele:elems) { Final

Ios-uitableviewcell change Edit Status picture

UITableViewCell is the editing state will appear when the multiple-selection button, the recent project has the need to change to their own pictures and remove the Click Effect, summed up: The effect of the picture is like this: The effect we need

iOS music playback Headset Listening event

Unplug headset listening operation Add a notification, unplug the headset and pause playback [[nsnotificationcenter defaultcenter] addobserver:self selector: @selector (routechange:) Name: Avaudiosessionroutechangenotification Object:nil];

iOS network development--json data decoding (using nsjsonserialization)

Let's take a case mynotes to learn how to use nsjsonserialization. Here, the data structure is redesigned in JSON format, The contents of the memo information Notes.json document are as follows: {"ResultCode": 0, "record": [ {"ID": "1", "CDate": "

iOS development monitors mobile phone traffic usage

There are several problems in getting mobile phone usage traffic:①ios is unable to monitor the boot and shutdown broadcasts like Android, immediately shuts down and then turns on, and the traffic on the monitored mobile network is emptied by default.

How iOS realizes voice broadcast and background playback

Recently the project has just been delivered, and there are occasional voice and voice search features. Voice search I use is to fly the demo, the feeling is also good, interested in the words can go to the official online download demo, which said

The holes in the Tableheaderview of iOS development

Preface: TableView has a property called Tableheaderview with it we can do a lot of things in TableView's head plus a custom view with TableView scrolling along with It's usually a carousel, like this dad90de4-84e9-4194-9554-40956ad01e32.png There

The use of Uilabel for iOS development

@interface Gcusermaincell:uitableviewcell @property (nonatomic, strong) Uilabel *titlelabels; @end Self.titlelabels = [[Uilabel alloc]initwithframe:cgrectmake (kyrect.size.width-170)/2, 30)]; Self.titleLabels.text = @ "personal assets";

iOS Development Uitextfield (input box) limit you can only enter integers and decimals

My limit is 8 digits after the decimal point. -(BOOL) TextField: (Uitextfield *) TextField Shouldchangecharactersinrange: (nsrange) range replacementstring: ( NSString *) string{//limit only digits can be enteredBOOL Ishavedian = YES;if ([String

iOS development UITableView Custom header views and custom footer views

Customizing header View -(Nullable UIView *) TableView: (UITableView *) TableView viewforheaderinsection: (Nsinteger) section{ if (section = = 0) { UIView *view = [[UIView alloc]init]; Uiimageview *imageviews = [[Uiimageview

A misunderstanding of IOS multitasking [multitasking]

Reprint Address: Today, multitasking is an interesting feature that has been successfully integrated into the device, and one of the things that we use today to fully support multitasking is

iOS dynamic fetch NSString string width

When you use Uilabel to store strings, you often need to get the long width data of the label, this article lists some of the commonly used calculation methods. 1. Get the width, get the length required for the string to be displayed in a single

iOS about WebView request using post with parameters

The company has previously called for a backend interface to be invoked in a webview, requiring some parameters to be requested. Normally a request is a GET request, but a POST request is required for the form submission, so when we recreate a

Xcode iOS Engineering directory structure

Directory structure: A, supporting files: MAIN.M and resource files Xxx-info.plist: Contains list of application-related attributes, such as version, program name, etc. . pch file: Precompiled header file, equivalent to StdAfx.h in MFC,

The use of ios-regular expressions

1 currently used regular expressions are divided into two types, one is the nspredicate of iOS, one is open source Regexkitlite, the following will be described in two ways of using the method Nspredicate (for quick Find, matching) NSString * regex =

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