A daydream about the IOS delegate

Delegate is a very common design pattern in iOS systems and is used in many places. Before the beginning of contact with OC, for this delegate mode is very not understand, do not know what this so-called delegate is used for. However, after a few

IOS opens its own file in third party applications (Uidocumentinteractioncontroller)

Implement the following illustration: Add Uidocumentinteractioncontrollerdelegate to your. h file Then, in the. m file, create a new method that responds to pop-up Popview when you click the button, which lists other applications that open the

iOS Development coreanimation

The Core animation is directly acting on the Calayer (not UIView) very powerful animations across Mac OS X and iOS platforms Api,core Animation animation execution is done in the background and does not block the main thread. Core animation

App Interface Design Specification--ios system

Made a UI design, encountered some questions about the screen adaptation, and made some summaries by finding and personal understanding (with questions). iOS Interface size Equipment Resolution Status bar Height Navigation

Remove the default and use the Viewcontroller black screen after the iOS project

Remove the default and use the Viewcontroller black screen after the iOS project Amount (HTTP://BLOG.CSDN.NET/SHUAIHJ) Phenomenon Often when we create a new iOS project, we use custom Viewcontroller instead of its own. As a first-time developer

Unity3d Research Institute of IOS automatic packaging generation Ipa__ios

Then on an article, automatically generate the framework, this article I put the Shell Automation Packaging IPA organized a bit, I hope you like it, hehe. We suggest that you take a look at the previous article first.

How IOS changes the push direction __ios

The specific implementation methods are as follows: catransition* transition = [catransition animation]; Transition.type = Kcatransitionpush; Change how the View controller appears Transition.subtype = Kcatransitionfromleft; where it appears. [Self.

IOS remote push reference and problems that you've encountered

Very good reference: Http://www.raywenderlich.com/32960/apple-push-notification-services-in-ios-6-tutorial-part-1 Chinese reference: Part I http://www.tairan.com/archives/194 Part II: http://www.tairan.com/archives/281 Part III:

The mode of Nsrunloop in iOS

I. Nsrunloop In cocoa, a run loop (Nsrunloop) object within each thread (Nsthread) object is used to loop through the input events, including two classes, one from the input sources asynchronous event, and one from the timer Sources synchronization

Automatically open (iOS) after installing the application

You can use the instruments in the Xcode tool to automatically open the application by executing the script. The following commands are executed: instruments -w -t

IOS UIButton Event __ios

From: http://blog.163.com/cz_jdton/blog/static/92732504201282543017312/ Uicontroleventtouchdown Single Touch Press event: The user touches the screen, or when a new finger falls. uicontroleventtouchdownrepeat Multi-point Touch press event, point

IOS 10 call system Photo camera problems:-> 0x183a58d9c <+8>: B.lo 0x183a58db4; <+32>

Libsystem_kernel.dylib ' __abort_with_payload: 0x183a58d94 : movz x16, #0x209 0x183a58d98 : svc #0x80 -> 0x183a58d9c : B.lo 0x183a58db4 ; 0x183a58da0 : STP x29, x30, [sp, #-16]! 0X183A58DA4 : mov x29, SP

IOS app Store rejected problem block binaries rejected (continuous update)

1.0 the word "latest version" or "Version Update" appears in app or button Preface: The APP is not on the shelves for six months yesterday on the shelves of an outgoing colleague's app, anxious to shelves, did not carefully review the content of

The use of WCDB for iOS development data storage

A. Class field bindings In Wcdb, ORM (Object relational Mapping) refers to a OBJC class that maps to tables and indexes of a database, and maps the property of a class to a field in a database table; This process. Through ORM, we can achieve

Use of IOS Uitextfield

Before, for the use of Uitextfield no specific research, sometimes always feel the limitations of use, in fact, some attributes before not know, today for Uitextfield do a summary. one, the border display 1, the system default border Uitextfield

Present a translucent Viewcontroller on iOS

Today I tried to call on a viewcontroller: -(void) Presentmodalviewcontroller: (Uiviewcontroller *) Modalviewcontroller animated: (BOOL) animated To show a translucent viewcontroller: Uiviewcontroller *VC = [[[Uiviewcontroller alloc] init]

IOS Development Camera, Album page English question __ios

Today, the development encountered a problem, is the camera, photo album page City English, need to be a corresponding Chinese, also encountered before, but did not write down, but also have to Baidu again, good memory than rotten pen. When

The application of multithread in the actual project of iOS development

In the actual project development in order to give users a better experience, some delay operation we will put in the child thread. Today we'll talk about the use of multithreading in practical projects. Let's first look at the basics of

IOS Program plugin and function Dynamic update idea


Frame and Language iOS client-wax (development of Angry Birds connecting Lua and OBJC frames), LUA,OBJC, server-side-java (for return plugin page) tool frame link address: wax-https://github.com/ Probablycorey/wax netty-https://netty.io/used as an

IOS Uicollectionview XIB

Copyright NOTICE: This article is the original article, without the owner's permission to reprint. Directory (?) [+] First, meet Uicollectionview . [OBJC] view plain copy Ns_class_available_ios (6_0) @interface Uicollectionview:uiscrollview The

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