[Mobile product] ArcGIS runtime SDK for iOS 2.2 released

ArcGIS runtime SDK for iOS 2.2 is released at the developer summit. The enhancements in version 2.2 are as follows: 1. Search for and access content, users, and groups on arcgis.com; 2. Supports WMS layers; 3. Supports conversion between

[IOS] viewcontroller does not respond to messages related to horizontal and vertical screen Conversions

Viewcontroller does not respond to messages related to screen conversion. Luo chaohui (http://blog.csdn.net/kesalin) Reprinted please indicate the source Some people raised the following question on cocoachina: A viewcontroller contains

ArcGIS for iOS series (8)-basics-spatial elements-symbol rendering and attribute information

2-symbol Rendering The ry is the skeleton of the map, and the graph still needs to be mapped. The ry is another huge topic. We will not expand it here to introduce the symbols and rendering directly. A symbol is a space element. It defines the color,

ArcGIS runtime SDK for iOS upgrade

With the release of ArcGIS 10.1 approaching, the unified names of ArcGIS product lines have also been published. The familiar ArcGIS for iOS product lines are classified as runtime, which is called "ArcGIS runtime for iOS ". This reflects ESRI's

How does IOS Mobile get the service list of ArcGIS Server?

1. Application Requirements The ArcGIS Server adds or deletes services, and the mobile end can dynamically obtain the service list; 2. Mobile Solutions 2.1 obtain the URL address of the server service list (1) Open the ArcGIS Server Service

ArcGIS API for iOS implements layer Display Control

ArcGIS API for iOS implements layer Display Control in two granularities: Service display control and layer display control. 1) Service Display ControlThe service display control is implemented using agsmapview class. Each uiviewcontroller interface

Conversion between ArcGIS runtime for iOS geometric objects and JSON

The geometric objects drawn by the client may need to be saved for later use in some application scenarios. You can consider converting the geometric objects to JSON and then retaining them in the sqllite database, when necessary, return the

ArcGIS runtime for iOS Summary (4)

1 Typical Case 1.1 ESRI officially released application 1.1.1 ArcGIS Name: ArcGIS Application Introduction: the first application on the iOS platform, marking ArcGIS's support for the iOS platform, mainly used to display ArcGISFor IOS functions,

ArcGIS runtime for iOS Summary (5)

1. Advantages of Vector Data Offline: 1.1 offline Vector Data Offline has been relatively mature in mass mobile phone map products. Mobile map products such as Baidu map, AMAP map, and tuba can download the Vector Data Offline package to reduce

ArcGIS runtime for iOS Summary (6)

1. Conclusion and outlook The functions of the above APIs, as well as the offline solutions developed based on these functions, are there other technologies not mentioned in addition to these functions? Here are two examples: 1.1 message push 1.2

ArcGIS runtime for iOS Summary (1)

1. Market and demand In 2006, Apple released the smartphone iPhone. Its outstanding shape design and novel touch-style interaction made it a popular place in the world. The tablet iPad that was released later also achieved great success, both are

ArcGIS runtime for iOS Summary (2)

1.1 functional components ArcGIS runtime for iOS API contains nearly 200Class and interface, covering map, Data, function display, operation, and other aspects, can also be called ArcGIS for serverProvides powerful plotting, geocoding, geographic

ArcGIS runtime for iOS Summary (III)

Development and deployment process Like other mobile products, the development and deployment process includes the following steps: Download the SDK, build the development environment, submit the App Store for review, and download and deploy the

[Mobile product] the new version of ArcGIS runtime SDK for iOS 10.1.1 is released

Contents 1. The new iOS SDK has changed its name. Why is it changed? Please read the blog post; 2. What are the gratifying changes brought about by the new iOS SDK? Please refer to the blog post; 3. For more information about how to migrate old

[IOS] uses uiwebview to play a video

Mpmovieplayercontroller is not inherited from uiviewcontroller   The example in the SDK uses addsubviews to add mpmovieplayercontroller. View.   Respond to the event in uiwebview and call [mpmovieplayercontroller play.   The most convenient

IOS edits items in the shopping cart list

Figure: Heroes:Features to be implemented: Click the edit button, and a "No Parking logo" is displayed on the left, and the picture disappears. An editable text box is displayed on the right.How to achieve this:Is this a correct idea? As shown in

Protocols and delegation in IOS

The Protocol is equivalent to the pure virtual base class in C ++. It can only define functions and can only be implemented by other classes. The delegation is similar to the Java interface. In fact, there is no inevitable relationship between the

IOS concurrent programming (1) -- thread

So far, your iOS code has only one mainthread, and your program has always been serial. You have always finished task a and then Task B, even if there is no dependency between AB. Mainthread is used to process UI-related events. If you execute some

IOS concurrent programming (II) -- nsoperation

As mentioned in the previous article, nsthread can be used to implement multiple threads, but the developer is responsible for thread creation, maintenance, and exit. When there are many threads, this will be difficult to manage. Nsoperation is an

IOS report solution using open-source component ichartjs (1)

A few days ago, I wrote an example of using ichartjs to implement Mobile-side charts in the Android system. How can I achieve a more effective ichartjs chart without the IOS system of the Helper master? Let's take a look at how to implement it. Like

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