[IOS] English pronunciation version 1.0 completed

English pronunciation version 1.0 completed As mentioned above, we will develop an app for English pronunciation in American English. After half a month of amateur development, version 1.0 is finally completed. I have put the source code open

Setting up iOS-cocos2d-X Environment

I tried to use my Mac to check whether cocos2dx had no environment and set up a new one. I thought it would be very easy, but it would not work because I didn't summarize it before. I am not so worried about the time today. Here we will summarize it.

IOS development, remove the icon highlights

Project created in xcode4: Find the app icons item on the summary tab of the project target and hook up with "prerendered ". In this case, an additional configuration item "icon" appears in info. plist.Already except des gloss effects ": Find

Use of IOS Baidu map API-positioning function

Recently, my boss had to set up Baidu maps, so he couldn't find some materials to ponder over. To use the Baidu map API, go to the Baidu official website to download the API and apply for the key (just follow the instructions on the Baidu official

Precise IOS timing

A timer was used in the previous project. It was thought to be very simple. It was finished with a timer and later found that it was not that simple. Timer may be blocked, leading to inaccurate timing. The delay is still justified. The key is that

Some attributes of IOS Positioning

1. Obtain the current location IOS provides a framework called corelocation. framework. The user can obtain his own positioning information (longitude and latitude ). See the following code snippet:01if ([cllocationmanager locationservicesenabled]) {

Automatic rotation changes in iOS 6

Some changes have been made to the automatic screen rotation in iOS 6 SDK. For example, for Master-Detail apps, the master viewcontroller does not support screen rotation, and the detail viewcontroller supports screen rotation. Enable automatic

IOS developers call, send text messages, and open websites

  1. Call built-in mail [[Uiapplication sharedapplication] Openurl: [nsurl urlwithstring: @ "mailto: // admin@hzlzh.com"]; 2. Call phone [[Uiapplication sharedapplication] Openurl: [nsurl urlwithstring: @ "Tel: // 8008808888"]; 3. Call

Frequently used terminology and tips for iOS

IOS has many frequently used terms. Let's get to know each other.ECID is the exclusive chip ID. The ECID of each hardware device is unique. The SHSH files of each generation are also different. In combination, each device has a unique verification

Achieve the effect of image surround text in IOS

In iOS, it is sometimes necessary to achieve the effect of text wrapping images, which is difficult to achieve with a general control, because the control does not support this attribute at all. The compromise is to use uiwebview, the HTML language

New features in iOS 5

Original article Reprinted from shell Network Guokr.com-guokr.com 1. notification center Some people think that the pop-up prompts on the iPhone are a major failure of Apple's iOS system. Now, Apple has added a service named "notification center"

IOS-use command line to manage SVN

Some SVN tools are convenient and intuitive to manage, but the efficiency is faster than that of command lines. (Due to poor memory, I often forget some knowledge. For example, I don't need to be unfamiliar with the command line for a few days. In

How to encrypt strings, images, and videos in IOS

How to encrypt strings, images, and videos in IOS 1,Decodes a string using gtmbase64 Encoding Gtmdefines. hgtmbase64.hgtmbase64. mYou can find these three files here (gtmdefines. H is on the second page, click Next in the upper right corner to jump

Use of Regular Expressions in [IOS] IOS

Use of Regular Expressions in IOS In iOS, nspredicate can be used to process regular expressions. The related information is as follows: Nspredicate:Http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/Predicates/predicates.html Predicate

[IOS] IOS stores user data permanently.

Permanent saving of user settings and Data Luo chaohui (http://blog.csdn.net/kesalin) Reprinted please indicate the source To save user data or settings permanently, it is not affected by the re-installation of APP updates. We can only save this

IOS unit test in xcode

IOS unit test in xcodeLuo chaohui (http://blog.csdn.net/kesalin) CC license, reprinted please indicate the source Xcode has a built-in ocunit unit testing framework, but the best testing framework is ghunit. Through the ghunit + ocmock combination,

IOS game development tutorial Resources

IOS game development tutorial Resources Luo chaohui (http://blog.csdn.net/kesalin)This article follows the "signature-non-commercial use-consistency" creation public agreement Cocos2d How to Use cocos2d to make a simple iPhone game-1 How to

[IOS] Question about URL encoding in IOS

[IOS] Question about URL encoding in IOS The stringbyaddingpercentescapesusingencoding of nsstring can encode the URL parameter, but it is a small problem and will not encode all characters to be encoded. We can use the cfstringref The

[IOS] compile DCMTK on iOS platform

Compile DCMTK on iOS platform Luo chaohui (http://blog.csdn.net/kesalin) CC license. For more information, see Source DCMTK is a cross-platform open-source C ++ library developed by German offis to implement DICOM protocol. It is well known in the

My IOS files

My IOS files Luo chaohui (http://blog.csdn.net/kesalin) CC license, reprinted please indicate the source Preface After several years of iOS development, I wrote a lot of code and blog tutorials in my spare time. Unfortunately, I haven't sorted it

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