How to Learn about IOS

To be very pertinent, it is best not to buy any books for iOS! I have bought five iOS development books. None of them are satisfactory. Most of them are in the form of Loli, which is very simple and not practical. Some of them are even misleading,

Ultimate Solution to iOS push

Ultimate Solution to iOS push I have just created an application that uses the push function and encountered some problems. I am very depressed. After two days, I have figured it out. I would like to share it with you. This post focuses on some

Frequently used methods are called for Address Book information during iOS development. This method is comprehensive and does not need to be sorted out;

Abaddressbookref addressbook = abaddressbookcreate (); Cfarrayref Results = abaddressbookcopyarrayofallpeople (addressbook );For (INT I = 0; I {Abrecordref person = cfarraygetvalueatindex (results, I );// Read firstnameNsstring * personname =

One way to actively exit IOS applications

The iPhone SDK only provides the following APIs to exit the application: [CPP] View plaincopy Exit (0 );   However, if this method does not have the animation effect, you can exit the program directly, giving the user the feeling that the

IOS getting started with using core plot to draw statistical charts

The IOs (iPhone/iPad) component has two famous widgets: s7graphview andCore plot, they are all code hosted on Google. I heard that core plot is strong, because the former only supports graphs, while the latter supports graphs, pie charts, and bar

IPhone IOS extracts each frame of the video (Key Frame, avassetimagegenerator)

[HTML] View plaincopy [Mimagegenerator generatecgimagesasynchronouslyfortimes: [nsarray arraywithobject: [nsvalue valuewithcmtime: cmtimemakewithseconds (time, nsec_per_sec)] completionhandler: ^ (Cmtime requestedtime, cgimageref image, cmtime

IOS 4 gesture recognizers

Http:// In the previous chapter, we have introduced the concept of iPhone Gesture Recognition technology. This chapter aims to demonstrate the usage of various

White screen when IOS opens the push Application

It runs normally on the simulator, but it is pushed to the real machine. After the push, the screen is white when the push application is opened. After the white screen is pushed, the screen is minimized and then clicked to display it normally.

IOS: nsattributedstring

Http://   A decade ago, Apple released iPad and ios3.2. IOS developers can finally use nsattributedstring and nsmutableattributedstring. These two objects can save the strings and

Analysis of IOS application crash logs

As an application developer, have you ever experienced the following? To ensure that your application is correct, you must perform a lot of testing before submitting it to the app store. It runs well on your device, but some users complain that it

IOS performs this operation at intervals in the background.

Steps: 1. Add the uibackgroundmodes key to info. plist. The value is an array and one of the arrays is a VoIP string: uibackgroundmodes VoIP 2. Call the-(void) setupbackgroundhandler function when the program starts. The function body is as

IOS document Interaction Programming Guide

Original article: About documentinteraction   IOS supports previewing and displaying documents with

Ios sdk: preview and open a document

Http:// Sandbox in IOS makes the platform more secure, which is also the main benefit of sandbox for users. However, due to the strict

IOS executes the specified action after being idle for a period of time (the user has no action)

Original article: 1. Create an objective-C class and inherit from uiapplication. 2. Edit. h as follows: # Import // Define the application

IOS app font Customization

It is very easy to use quartz core to draw text. Apple's quartz 2D reference demonstrates how to use the cgcontextshowtextatpoint function to draw text. Unfortunately, this function does not support Unicode character rendering (this function only

Wireless deployment of IOS 4 (xcode3.2 and xcode4.2)

In IOS 4.0, wireless deployment is added. Wireless deployment is a method completely separated from the iTunes publishing program. OTA deployment "Wireless deployment" is dedicated to enterprise deployment, including ad-hoc and in-house deployment.

IOS 5: A uipageviewcontroller program example

Original article: When creating a project in xcode, you can select the "Page-based application" Project template. You can use this template to create a

Uipagecontrol paging control-iOS development

The pagination control is a visible indicator used to replace the navigation bar, allowing you to directly flip pages with gestures. The most typical application is the iPhone's main screen. When there are too many icons, the page is automatically

Knowledge about IOS uinavigationcontroller and uitabbarcontroller

1. Navigation uinavigationcontroller Navigate to a controller: [Navigatecontroller pushviewcontroller: loginview animated: Yes]; Code returned to the previous page: [Self. navigationcontrollerPopviewcontrolleranimated: Yes]; Code returned to the

How to Use nsbundle objects in iOS development

Bundle is a directory that contains the resources used by the program. these resources contain images, sounds, compiled code, and nib files (bundle is also called plug-in ). corresponding bundle. Cocoa provides the nsbundle class. Our program is a

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