IOS: Flipboard right panel Effect

For details, see Http:// The current solution is to add a sub view for panel to the main view, And the sub view is used as a view container to include the view

Lock key resources in IOS threads

Create a view-based application, Viewcontroller. hCodeAs follows: # Import @ Interface tconditionviewcontroller: uiviewcontroller {Int tickets;Nsthread * T1;Nsthread * t2;Nscondition * TC;}-(Void) dosomething :( ID) tname;@ End   The

IOS: popover

Basic Principles of popoverHttp:// This principle also applies to open source popover "wepover ". Basic usage: Http://

IOS: bundle name, bundle display name, bundle identifier...

When you create a project, you are required to enterProduct Name & Company identifier,The two property values shocould match the bundle identifier (not app ID) you created in the app IDs of the "provisioning Portal" of the apple developer member

IOS: Use libxml2 and hpple for HTML Parser.

This article uses hpple for HTML Parser. You can also choose to use the objective-c html Parser Or directly use the nsxmlparser

IOS: autosizing

If the app supports rotation, it will almost certainly involve the autosizing problem of uiview. There are two methods for autosize: First, set it in the Nb size inspectator property panel. First, use code to set the autoresizingmask attribute of

IOS: image with 2x

2 sets of images should be prepared One is for standard, format: . One is for HD: @2x. Where is optional, which can be "~ IPad "or "~ IPhone" When you use the following code: [button setImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"play.png"]

[IOS] iOS 6 Rotation

The rotation of iOS 6 has changed a lot. Let's take a look at the official description. Http:// Knowledge point: * The shouldautorotatetointerfaceorientation method of uiviewcontroller is

Changes in iOS 6 and screen rotation control

The new version does not support previous methods, so you need to update the Code:   # If 0  [Window addsubview: nav. View]; # Else// Add this part  If ([[uidevice currentdevice]. systemversion floatvalue]  {// Warning: addsubview doesn't work on

Three location structures for iOS development

For iOS development, we need to specify the position where controls, text, images, and so on are displayed in the view, so we will inevitably deal with the following three structures. Cgpoint Cgsize Cgrect Note: These three are structures, not

IOS 5 Programming-2-preparations.

1.1 hardware and software requirements IPhone and Android are the two mainstream operating systems of mobile phones and the two camps where developers work. According to the existing data in China, the number of Android Developers is several times

Introduction to iOS MVC learning basics

I wanted to write an article on this topic by myself, but I saw it on the Internet, so I will repost it for your reference. Original post address: IOS MVCThe learning base is the content to be introduced in

Complete research on the info. plist file in IOS Engineering

After creating a project, we will see a "project name-info. plist file, which is an important file for some runtime configuration of the project and cannot be deleted. If the file name of the project you downloaded online is info. plist,

IOS programming-xcode User Guide 1-xcode menu introduction-xcode

Before introducing the menu, we need to introduce the key corresponding to a shortcut key symbol, because using the shortcut key will be faster.1. shortcuts (CommandKey)-on some apple keyboards, this key may also contain the apple logo ()(Control

Illustration of the 24 secret functions of Apple iOS 5 (figure)

Address:   Techweb report: on October 11, October 18, according to foreign media reports, Apple's new operating system iOS 5 has hundreds of new features, but the company's website only shows

IOS study 15th: communication encryption

Communication encryption and decryption is basically a technology used by every client involving user information. Generally, we may do simple anti-tampering and ciphertext encryption. Most of the time, encryption is just a small psychological

What's more about IOs: the trivial aspects of development

I sorted out some minor issues during development over a month. Of course, there must be more problems, For example, some of the skills used by the category, some special characters in the Protocol format, Synchronous to Asynchronous Network

IOS 17th: Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) programming Basics

People with programming experience will basically be exposed to multithreading. In Java and Android development, a large number of background operations and asynchronous message queues are basically implemented using multithreading. Similarly, IOS

IOS interview question collection 1 (with basic answers)

This interview question contains 40 questions. It is a hot one that can be found online, but the answer is not very detailed and complete. The basic answer is cocoachina, and some of your own supplements. 1. Difference between shallow copy and deep

IOS learning 13: Use versions in code management

This week is a bit confusing. there are demands and designs for Android to discuss and remove. The iPhone development team is about to enter the real encoding phase in June. In addition to the simple design of the overall project process and

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