IOS Singleton Mode

1. Define a static global variable static settings * sharedsettings = nil; 2. Create a class method to return the class instance + (settings *) sharedinstance {@ synchronized (Self) {If (sharedsettings = nil) {sharedsettings = [[self alloc] init]; //

IOS learning 18: block programming for learning details

This is a detailed tutorial on iOS block. I have searched official documents and can understand them in poor English. Slow speed. Later, I found the translation of most of the above documents and thought it was quite good. For block learning.

IOS study 19th: several minor issues in real-machine debugging

In the last half-month, we began to deploy and debug the product. Then we will find many problems. First, it may be the memory of the Virtual Machine and the real machine itself, and many other factors may cause real-level flash push exceptions. The

IOS study 5: uitabbarcontroller preliminary

Uitabbarcontroller is a common control in the project architecture. Let's take a rough look at the effect of the control, so we can see why it is common. This is the simplest prototype. It is believed that the basic application interface structure

Append Text File Content in IOS

Recently, we need to collect some data logs in the simulator environment. The data recording and appending functions are also taken into account. The simple code is as follows: + (Void) appstring :( nsstring *) s {bool isexit = [nlcommonutil

IOS study tip 20: Archive and package applications and test and upload distribution to App Store

Distribution and upload of IOS apps. There are two main steps: first, enter the developer account to apply for and layout A new application material in iTunes connect; second, archive, package, and upload I. Apply for and layout A new application

IOS study 10: organize and share learning materials.

Today, I am idle, and I am going to organize my personal learning experience and materials over the past half month. I. First, let's talk about learning books: 1. OC tutorial The content of this book is really not much. It may have been completed

Bundle resource bundle for iOS

Bundle creation is actually a derivative of the previous static library creation. In the creation of static libraries, our static libraries often carry files, images, and multimedia resources. You can add the resource files of the plug-in to the

Simple implementation of navigation bar on both sides of IOS

The emergence of elements in the left-side Navigation Pane of a mobile app is probably the evolution of most apps from the top-down tab to the left-side menu in the middle of last year. The concept of the design in the left-side navigation bar is to

IOS 16th: XML parsing of Network Data

Data parsing in network applications, because recent applications, both Android and iOS platforms, have been using JSON parsing and are recommended, XML parsing is a bit forgotten. Then I am playing a small iOS app recently, involving Network Data

IOS development and learning 1: familiar with the cocoa environment and using xcode

The preparation for iOS development is a Mac host. I come here step by step. It may be skipped many times. I. Mac Basics 1. Check your current operating system. If you can upgrade your operating system, the system will be upgraded. 2. Many system

In iOS, cllocationmanager locates the problem that causes memory access errors multiple times.

I haven't written anything for several months. Today I have time to write something about IOs (I found myself very unfocused, and I didn't do a good job in Android, and I switched to iOS again ). In my program, the function of getting the user's

[IOS] How do I query the information of published apps from appstore?

If we need to automatically update the version of the app, we need to obtain the version information of the current running program and the latest version released in the appstore. The version information of the currently running program, which can

Design of IOS program icons

Analysis of IOS program icon design this article Reprinted from the | time: | 14,171 views Visual Design Program icons are mainly used to make the program more concrete and easier to understand. In addition to the

SMS mfmessagecomposeviewcontroller in IOS Program

Article reprint address: /? P = 63 Ios4.0 added mfmessagecomposeviewcontRoroller and mfmessagecomposeviewcontRollerdelegate provides an interface for sending text messages. You do not need to jump out of a program to send text

Nsfilemanager operations in IOS [Z]

1. File Creation   -(Ibaction) createfile{// For error messagesNserror * error;// Create a file managerNsfilemanager * filemgr = [nsfilemanager defaultmanager];// Point to the file directoryNsstring * documentsdirectory = [nshomedirectory ()

IOS uses cgcontextref to draw various images (text, circle, straight line, arc, rectangle, slice, elliptic, triangle, rounded rectangle, besell curve, and image)

First, let's take a look at cgcontextref: An opaque type that represents a quartz 2D drawing environment. Graphics context is a graphical context. It can be understood as a canvas. We can draw a canvas on it. After the painting is complete, place

IOS Mobile Phone number plate number regular verification

/* Verify the mobile phone number modified by helensong */bool validatemobile (nsstring * Mobile) {// the mobile phone number starts with 13, 15, and 18, eight \ D numeric characters nsstring * phoneregex = @ "^ (13 [0-9]) | (15 [^ 4, \ D]) | (18 [0,

Simple use of IOS third-party database fmdatabase

1. Get the path of the database file self. path = nshomedirectory (); self. path = [path stringbyappendingpathcomponent: @ "Documents/data. DB "]; 2. Get the database object and open the database. If the database does not exist, the fmdatabase * DB =

IOS-use of simple network nsurlconnection

# Import @ Class myconnection; // download protocol @ protocol myconnectiondelegate // download completed-(void) myconnectiondidfinish :( myconnection *) con data :( nsdata *) data; // download failed-(void) myconnectiondidfail :( myconnection *)

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