Record of IOS enterprise app Packaging Process

Notes for app enterprise Packaging Process Configure the environment and start Packaging 1. Change the device to the iOS device CLEAN project, 2. Click "product" and select "ARCHIVE, 3. Click "Distribute" and click "Save for enterprise or ad-hoc

IOS implements simple resumable download nsurlconnection

Reproduced from: Reload The key to implementing resumable data transfer through nsurlconnection is to customize the range field attribute of the HTTP request header. Range HeaderThe

How uiscrollview is displayed in iOS development UI

  Uiscrollview principle post: Tid = 40965 // Author: strong iPhone development license ****: 79190809 mailbox: post please keep in the rolling process, in fact, is modifying the origin

Simple sorting of IOS Arrays

The array is roughly an object in it, which is sorted by a field date in the object, and displayed on tableview Online Based on the date size. Code Array format: arry = [{Name: XXX, apply_date: 20121211}, {Name: XXX, apply_date: 20090815}, {Name:

How to Use block in IOS -- How to Use blocks with IOS

  Block helps us organize independent code segments and improve reusability and readability. Ios4 introduces this feature in uikit. Blocks are used for more than 100 Apple APIs, so this is a must-start knowledge. What is block? You can use^To

IOS development-Event Response

Events can appear on the iPhone in three main ways: Action, delegate event, and notification. The iPhone event response comes from the uiresponder object, while the iPhone notification comes from the nsicationicationcenter. You don't have to worry

IOS multi-threaded image loading and caching

Reprinted from Use nsoperationqueue to load images in multiple threads and cache Images Create a class CC #import @interface CC : NSOperation{ NSString *url; NSString *imageName;

Understanding of IOS Delegation

Reprinted: This evening, I finally figured out the agreement and commissioned it. In fact, protocols and delegation are inseparable. If there is an agreement, there must be a

IOS array Traversal

Http:// array created using an array object is very powerful. The array defined in Java or C must be of the same type as each element in the array. The objective-C language can put any type

IOS animation implementation

Reproduced You need to add quartzcore in frameworks. framework adds the header file # import /* many animation effects */catransition * transition = [catransition animation];

Cache Mechanism for iOS development-memory cache mechanism

In IOS application development, in order to reduce the number of interactions with the server and speed up user response, a cache mechanism is usually added to the iOS device. This article describes how to cache content on iOS devices. This article

How to Create a distributed enterprise application for iOS devices?

Http:// Users can purchase, download, and install commercial applications through the App Store. However, if your enterprise application is only available to your employees, the application service must be

IOS: a simple method for keyboard occlusion

1. Use uiscrollview settings to move the whole up Place the controls on the scrollview, and then set cgpointmake (scroll. contentoffset. X, Y + 100) of scrollview when the user clicks to achieve the effect-(void)

Simple settings of IOS tabbarviewcontroll

One is to set tabbarviewcontroller in appdelegate and then use self. View controllers add another view conThe two types are inherited from the tabbarviewcontroller class, and then the VC class is added to it,A simple tabbar background color, as well

IOS simple countdown verification code several seconds

timer = [NSTimer scheduledTimerWithTimeInterval:1.0 target:self selector:@selector(timerFireMethod:) userInfo:nil repeats:YES]; // Countdown method: the verification code is countdown to 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, the button changes and starts to

IOS animation effects-implement pushviewcontroller default animation Effects

During development, view switching is often encountered. Sometimes we do not switch based on the navigation controller. However, in actual development, sometimes we need to implement the push effect, the following code example shows how to implement

Implementation of IOS barcode scanning technology

When we develop IOS applications, especially e-commerce applications, we often encounter bar code scanning business needs. Fortunately, we already have open-source sdks for us-bar code sdks for iOS, the following describes how to use this

IOS Mobile Phone number plate number regular verification

/* Verify the mobile phone number modified by helensong */bool validatemobile (nsstring * Mobile) {// the mobile phone number starts with 13, 15, and 18, eight \ D numeric characters nsstring * phoneregex = @ "^ (13 [0-9]) | (15 [^ 4, \ D]) | (18 [0,

Uilabel for iOS

// Create uilabel * label1 = [[uilabel alloc] initwithframe: cgrectmake (20, 40,280, 80)]; // set the background color label1.backgroundcolor = [uicolor graycolor]; // set tag label1.tag = 91; // set tag text label1.text = @ "Hello world! "; // Set

Add a custom library for iOS

1. Add the required library XXX. TTF to the project. Note that it must exist in copy bundle resources. If it is not added 2. Add fonts provided by application to the info. plist file. The default value is array. You can also use dictionary to add

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